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Skyrim legendary difficulty glitchless 1:31:26 speedrun

Skyrim legendary difficulty glitchless 1:31:26 speedrun NEW RECORD (WR): youtu.be/kgY8MlS4Wa0 . Sie-segment speen of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim played on the hardest difficulty on 27.3.2015 by quho aka knifechamber. Timing starts when you gain control of character and ends when Alduin is defeated in Sovngarde.

So many places where I made small mistakes :D. Many of those made me want to reset, such as missing dragonrend on Alduin 1 and using wait too early while whirlwind sprinting (especially at Ustengrav).. But in the end then turned out to be really good.
Also Thalmor Embassy didnt go the way I had planned and thats why I kinda ran out of health at Alduin 1.

Glitchless means toplete the game without using anyitches. This is (to list some):
-No OOB and any kind of clipping
-No object jumping (bucket jump, yolo bucket)
-No use of quicksave/quickload for skipping dialogs
-No use of unlimited stamina (torch/qs&qlitch)

For this reason for example I didnt get Throat of the world waypoint early on horse as it is quite impossible to get up there without clipping.

I use OBS for streaming at Twitch and Livesplit for splits. Game was played on the latest Steam version and no mods, cheats or console was used (aka Vanilla gameplay).
tags: any% wr walkthrough playthrough guide speedn HD no moditch exploit

Что за? - SKSE

Что за? - SKSE Рассказы о программах для Скайрима не закончатся, так что подпишись, чтобы узнать еще что-нибудь полезное.
Скачать утилиту: skse.silverlock.org/
Полезные ссылки:
Вопросы: formspring.me/GKalian
Форумы: fm.tesall/user/95-kalian/
Твиттер: twitter/gkalian
Блог: fm.tesall/fm/319-sumasshedshaja-virtualnost/

Como baixar e Instalar o UPDATE 13 (Patch Version TESV:Skyrim [LAST UPDATE] PARA WINDOWS

Como baixar e Instalar o UPDATE 13 (Patch Version TESV:Skyrim [LAST UPDATE] PARA WINDOWS LEMBRANDO QUE NO PRECISA DOS UPDATES ANTERIORES E ANTES DA INSTALAO NO PODE CONTER MODS OU A TRADUO OK E O UPDATE NO CONTM VRUS, OS ARQUIVOS DE CRACK DA STEAM QUE O SEU ANTIVIRUS CONTA COMO VRUSFala a pessoal tudo bem?Enfim trago pra vocs o Update 13 do TESV:Skyrim,que serve muito bem pra instalar as DLCs e o SKSE e alguns outros Mods,espero que gostem e no esqueam de dar um like + fav se eu te ajudei,me ajude =P

Quer deixar sugesto de srie,tutorial ou uma simples mensagem? Acesse is.gd/Hq7kHG

Download : mega.nz/#28MkGIBAs7DShQV6_jDdoHeOlwGUonNadR_XfPjD5GMthUGfxic

Download 2: solidfiles/d/7c9fd4a440/Extra Tags(no precisa ler)
baixar e colocar update 13 update 13 superprimido update 13 skyrim download torrent update 13 skyrim download youtube download torrent update skyrimo dar update no skyrimo instalar dlcs no skyrim update 13 instalando update 13 update 13primido em torrent download grtis 200- super update por hurt soulprimido em .exe semplicaes download skyrim patch1. version reloaded update 13 reloaded patch update patch patch free download last updated patch skyrim last update skyrim patch update skyrim

Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) : Installing and running on Skyrim 1.6 or later

Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) : Installing and running on Skyrim 1.6 or later UPDATE Yes there is an installer now. But NO I do not rmend using it. Please stop asking me to update this because I still rmend installing this way :)

This is a introduction to the Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE). It is aimed at people who are fairly new to modding or have never installed SKSE before, or at people who have installed SKSE before but wish to know about the new steps to install. It will covers following:

1. What SKSE is.
2. Why we use it.
3. How to install (3:55).
4. How to launch the game with SKSEnning (11:45).
5. How to un-install SKSE (16:17).

The latest version of SKSE can be found at: skse.silverlock.org

You can find archive extraction programs at:

The thumbnail for this video is Aftermath by graphiccore.

The music playing is the Sons of Skyrim from the official trailer.

This video is in no way associated or approved by Bethesda and is intended for nonmercial educational purposes only.

Как установить FNIS для Скайрима и для чего она нужна

Как установить FNIS для Скайрима и для чего она нужна FNIS это программа, которая позволяет добавлять в Скайрим новые анимации из сторонних модов. Если впервые с ней сталкиваетесь - внимательно слушайте о чем говорится в ролике. Не выставляйте галочки на пункты внизу. Не забывайте обновлять анимации после установки/удаления модов, использующих данную программу. Более подробно описано на сайте myskyrim/soft/18-fnis-behavior-v402-dlya-skayrima-193208.html

The Elder Scrolls 'Peace in Tamriel' (A Relaxing Music Compilation) (Morrowind, Oblivion & Skyrim)

The Elder Scrolls 'Peace in Tamriel' (A Relaxing Music Compilation) (Morrowind, Oblivion & Skyrim) This musicpilation includes music from The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim video games. Thepilation is great to have on in the background whilst studying or just relaxing to


Elder Scrolls III: MORROWIND

0:00 - Nerevar Rising (Morrowind Main Theme)
1:52 - Silt Sunrise
4:59 - Caprise
8:25 - The Road Most Travelled
11:35 - Over The Next Hill
14:38 - Peaceful Waters
17:42 - Blessing of Vivec
20:57 - Shed Your Trevails

Elder Scrolls IV: OBLIVION

24:08 - Harvest Dawn
26:54 - Sunrise of the Flutes
29:44 - Watchmans Ease
31:45 - Through the Valleys
35:54 - King and Country
39:52 - Wings of Kynareth
43:14 - Dusk at the Market
45:16 - Alls Well
47:36 - Minstrels Lament
52:11 - Peace of Akatosh

Elder Scrolls V: SKYRIM

56:15 - Awake
57:40 - Unbound
59:06 - Dawn
1:02:54 - Ancient Stones
1:07:26 - The White River
1:10:45 - From Past to Present
1:15:39 - The City Gates
1:19:19 - The Streets of Whitn
1:23:15 - Far Horizons
1:28:35 - Under an Ancient Sun
1:32:03 - Wind Guide You
1:40:41 - Aurora
1:47:52 - Tundra
1:51:29 - Kynes Peace
1:55:06 - Seven Thousand Steps
1:56:05 - Frostfall
1:59:20 - Solitude
2:01:26 - Secunda
2:03:23 - Masser
2:09:20 - The Jerall Mountains
2:12:26 - Exploring 8 (Dragonborn DLC)
2:16:48 - Exploring 9 (Dragonborn DLC)
2:23:47 - Exploring 11 (Dragonborn DLC)
2:27:16 - Journeys End


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DISCLAIMER: I do not own any music used in the video. All credit goes to its respective (and highly deserving) owners.

Sonic Generations Glitches - Son Of A Glitch - Episode 49

Sonic Generations Glitches - Son Of A Glitch - Episode 49 In this episode we check out some of theitches in Sonics 20th anniversary celebration Sonic Generations.

1.White Space In The Wall 0:14
2. White Space Camera Glitch 0:34
3.Green Hill Challenge 5 Camera Glitch 0:45
4. Green Hill Slope Glitch 1:22
5. Rewind Mega Chopper 1:43
6. Invisible Green Hill Zone 2:01
7. Super Sonic Transformation Glitch 2:30
8. Super Sonic Block Glitch 2:46
9. Super Sonic Drowning Glitch 2:55
10. Super Sonic Slope Glitch 3:05
11. Super Sonic Walks On Air 3:18
12. Chemical Plant Out Of bounds 3:27
13. 3D In 2D - Sky Sanctuary Classic 3:38
14. Ring Physics Glitch 4:10
15. Amy Stuck In The Ground 4:17
16. Death Egg Robot Glitches 4:28
17. Stuck In A Loop - Speed Highway 5;11
18. Air Drift 5:30
19. No G.U.N ck 6:07
20. Behind The G.U.N ck 6:46
21. 3D Camera In 2D - City Escape Act 2 6:57
22. Super Sonic Skateboard Glitch 7:25
23. Invisible Seaside Hill Act 1 7:41
24. Behind Seaside Hill 8:02
25. Ramp Drift Boost Glitch 8:25
26. Seaside Hill Camera Glitch 8:44
27. Shadows Broken 9:09
28. Flung Into Space 9:34
29. 3D In 2D Rooftop Run Act 1 9:46
30. Rooftop Run Board Glitch 10:32
31. Speed Glitch 10:54
32. Rocket Wisp Glitch 11:49
33. Rocket Wisp Crash 12:29

Cool Sonic People -
Paraxade0 - youtube/user/Paraxade0
Darkspinessonic - youtube/user/DarkspinesSonic

A+Start with Andy
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The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Soundtrack (Full)

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Soundtrack (Full) The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind OST.
Composed by Jeremy Soule.

(0:00) Nerevar Rising (Morrowind Title Song)
(1:55) Peaceful Waters
(5:03) Knights Charge
(7:10) Over the Next Hill
(10:17) Bright Spears, Dark Blood
(12:26) The Road Most Travelled
(15:44) Dance of Swords
(17:59) Blessing of Vivec
(21:18) Ambush
(23:53) Silt Sunrise
(27:07) Hunters Pursuit
(29:27) Shed Your Travails
(32:42) Stormclouds on the Battlefield
(34:56) Caprice
(38:26) mbeat of the Dunmer
(40:32) Darkened Depths
(41:25) The Prophecy Fulfilled
(42:39) Triumphant
(42:56) Introduction
(43:57) Fates Quickening
(44:17) Nerevar Rising (Reprise)

How to update cracked Skyrim to 1.9 (Update 13)

How to update cracked Skyrim to 1.9 (Update 13) I would just like to mention that this video is grossly outdated, and there are a few reasons why this video will never be updated.

1. I no longer have a cracked copy, since the Special Edition ising soon, I bought the game on Steam.
2. My ISP recently started cracking down on torrents and this makes it a lot harder to pirate games, therefore I cant verify files I link anymore.
3. I would take this video down, but due to a contract that I cant go into detail about, Im no longer allowed to edit this video in any way, hence thisment rather than an annotation.

P.S. I will delete the description of the video and post thisment there, however, with Skyrim Special Edition releasing soon, and it being free to anyone who already owns Skyrim on Steam, I would highly rmend buying the Legendary Edition on Steam and youd never have to worry about finding these updates yourself.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim 'Sleep in Skyrim' (A Relaxing Music Compilation)

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim 'Sleep in Skyrim' (A Relaxing Music Compilation) This musicpilation includes music from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (and its expansions) video game. Thepilation is great to have on in the background whilst studying or just relaxing to


0:00 - Awake
1:24 - Unbound
2:48 - The White River
6:06 - Ancient Stones
10:39 - From Past to Present
15:32 - City Gates
19:11 - The Streets of Whitn
23:07 - Sky Above, Voice Within
26:54 - Wind Guide You
35:46 - Seven Thousand Steps
36:46 - Masser
42:36 - Far Horizons
47:55 - Aurora
55:06 - Dawn
58:53 - Under an Ancient Sun
1:02:20 - Solitude
1:04:25 - Kynes Peace
1:08:03 - Frostfall
1:11:19 - Beneath the Ice
1:15:22 - Tundra
1:19:01 - Distant Horizons
1:22:46 - The Jerall Mountains
1:25:53 - Before the Storm
1:26:53 - Secunda
1:28:49 - The Gathering Storm
1:31:32 - Journeys End
1:35:29 - Forgotten Vale (Dawnguard)
1:39:45 - Exploring 11 (Dragonborn)
1:43:12 - Exploring 9 (Dragonborn)
1:50:10 - Exploring 10 (Dragonborn)
1:55:40 - Exploring 8 (Dragonborn)


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2 Hours of Celtic Music by Adrian von Ziegler

2 Hours of Celtic Music by Adrian von Ziegler Track list and more:

You can get all my music here:
You can also support me and my music directly on Patreon if you wish:

Facebook: facebook/AdrianvonZier
iTunes: itunes.apple/artist/adrian-von-zier/id445469270
Bandcamp: adrianvonzier.bandcamp/
Real CDs: cdbaby/Artist/AdrianvonZier
Twitter: twitter/#/AdrianVZierTrack list:

0:00 -- Prophecy
5:34 -- Song of Brotherhood
8:07 -- Land of the Free
12:30 -- Legend
16:17 -- A Celtic Lore
19:36 -- Gaelic Earth
21:43 -- Cliffs of Moher
24:40 -- Fear no Darkness
27:44 -- Crann Na Beatha
31:47 -- Ode to the Fallen
36:26 -- Wolf Blood
39:31 -- Myth
41:54 -- Breath of the Forest
44:54 -- Wee Home
48:32 -- Evocation
51:20 -- Kingdom of Bards
55:47 -- Circle of Life
59:17 -- Fairy Forest
1:01:52 -- Where I Belong
1:06:01 -- Spirits of the Wild
1:08:36 -- Ride
1:12:10 -- Beautiful Dreams
1:15:46 -- Dance with the Trees
1:19:00 -- Rune Magic
1:21:50 -- A Celtic Tale
1:25:24 -- Child of the Highlands
1:27:38 -- For the King
1:31:07 -- Wild Flower
1:34:19 -- Calls
1:36:40 -- Dreamtide
1:42:12 -- Spring Charm

Everyone is free to use my music if credits are given. Exceptions are if you want to use my music in something withmercial purpose because you can get into trouble with GEMA if there is no written permission from me, it already happened several times and people even got sued by GEMA without even my knowledge. So thats why you MUST request a written permission from me if your project ismercial, for your own safety. But as far as YouTube goes you can use my music for free even if you mize your videos, just give credits and you can use any song you want. =) All musicposed by Adrian von Zier.

The video artwork was made by Carina aka Aelathen:

TES 5 Skyrim MODS! [#6] (Моды на крутую графику)

TES 5 Skyrim  MODS! [#6] (Моды на крутую графику) -Информацию обо мне, о моем ПК и периферии можно прочитать в описании моего канала Твич twitch.tv/bullkozavrstream

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-Моя аудиокнига Рождённый в тумане (жанр фэнтези) youtube/watch?v=ygWGrHqEpoI

Номера кошельков платёжных систем, для тех, кто желает помочь, развитию канала, материал. Номера кошельков платёжных систем, если Вы хотите поддержать стримера:

YandexMoney 410 012 434 006 873

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В данном видео вам будут продемонстрированные некоторые красивые моды, а также показан способ как их установить, и сказано где скачать.

Список используемых модов
Ruins_Clutter_Improved_2-8 NMM Installation-14227-2-8
Cinematic Fire FX 2-2692-2-3
SMIM 1-72-8655-1-72
Skyrim HD v1_5 FULL - Dungeons-607
Skyrim HD v1_5 FULL - Landscape-607
Skyrim HD v1_5 FULL - Misc-607
Skyrim HD v1_5 FULL - Towns-607
Skyrim HD v1_6 FULL - Riften-607-1-6
Vivid Landscapes - Dungeons and Ruins - for ENB - 2048-39874-2-6
SMIM Compatibility patch-39874-2-0
aMidianBorn Caves and Mines 2k-39190-3
Vivid Landscapes - Volcanic Area for ENB 2048 -41198-1-9
SFO 2dot0 Alpha 2-141-2-0c
Dragonborn addon v02-141-v0-2
Glorious Grass- The Grass-9185-4
Grass on Steroids SFO Edition-33582-1-3b
Unique Grasses and Groundcovers All-in-One-42370-2-0-0
HD Ivy - 2014 EDITION - 2K-30971-3-0-0
Realistic Water Two v1_11-41076-1-11
Realistic Water Two - ENB Textures-41076-1-11
Watercolor for ENB and Realistic Water Two-48938-1-0-1
PW landscape textures-1111-1-5
AOF Detailed Mountains 2_1-4805-2-1
Vivid Landscapes - Cliffs and Creeks 2048 FOR ENB-38497-2-6
Moss Rocks 1-4-31856-1-4
Moss Rocks 4096x4096 Textures-31856-1-3
Vivid Landscapes - Tundra Moss Revised - yellow 1024-43221-1-4
SMIMpatibility patch-43221-1-4
Dust Effects v1_0-44201-1-0
RSE High v1_4-836
Climates Of Tamriel - V3-1-17802-3-1
Climates Of Tamriel - Dragonborn Patch-17802-3-1
Climates Of Tamriel - Weather Patch-39799-16
Realistic Lighting Overhaul 4_0_8_01 NMM-BAINWizard Installer-30450-4-0-8-01

Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Soundtrack

Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Soundtrack By Jeremy Soule

Track List:

1. Reign of the Septims
2. Through the Valleys 1:53
3. Death Knell 6:14
4. Harvest Dawn 7:25
5. Wind from the Depths 10:19
6. King & Country 12:03
7. Fall of the Hammer 16:10
8. Wings of Kynareth 17:28
9. Alls Well 21:00
10. Tension 23:27
11. March of the Marauders 26:01
12. Watchmans Ease 28:12
13. Glory of Cyrodiil 30:19
14. Defending the Gate 32:50
15. Bloody Blades 34:13
16. Minstrels Lament 35:29
17. Ancient Sorrow 40:13
18. Auriels Ascension 41:20
19. Daedra In Flight 44:27
20. Unmarked Stone 45:31
21. Bloodlust 46:39
22. Sunrise of Flutes 47:46
23. Churls Revenge 50:45
24. Deep Waters 51:55
25. Dusk at the Market 53:08
26. Peace of Akatosh 55:19

Game Secrets You Were Never Supposed To Discover

Game Secrets You Were Never Supposed To Discover If youre new, Subscribe bit.ly/Subscribe-to-Looper

As long as developers have made video games, theyve hidden secret Easter eggs in them for their own entertainment, or as a practical joke. Most of the time, these Easter eggs are intended to be found, but sometimes features in a game may be scrapped before the title hits the shelves, or unfinished content is left inside for anyone smart enough to find it. Heres a look at some video game secrets you were never supposed to discover...

The mysterious dam in Shadow of the Colossus 0:22
All Bonds mode in Goldeneye 0:46
South Park pilot in Tiger Woods 99 PGA Tour 1:23
The hidden mountain observatory in BioShock Infinite 2:00
The unused worlds in Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep 2:33
Adult minigame in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas 2:58
Dismemberment mode in Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy 4:08
Minus World in Super Mario Bros. 4:43
MissingNo. in Pokemon Red and Blue 5:21
Unfinished world in Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae 5:56
Nightmare sequence in Freddi Fish 6:44
Lord of the Pies in Dragon Age: Inquisition 7:11
Developer test level in Sonic Adventure 2 7:37
The secret brothel in Final Fantasy VII 8:04
The Netherspace in World of Warcraft 8:32
The secret treasure trove in Fallout 4 9:09
Equipment room in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim 9:34

Read more here looper/36179/video-game-secrets-gamers-supposed-find/

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8 Video Game Records That Will Never Be Broken

Overhyped Games That Ended Up Being Terrible

7 Gaming Easter Eggs Not Discovered For Years

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Video Games That Killed People In Real Life

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Skyrim: Stones of Barenziah (unusual gems) & No Stone Unturned quest

Skyrim: Stones of Barenziah (unusual gems) & No Stone Unturned quest IMPORTANT NOTE: Proudspire Manor is no longer accessible with the Fletchers Key. Unfortunately it got patched in patch 1.9. Now you have to buy the house from Falk Firebeard for 25k septims (the steward in The Blue Palace), afterpleting quests The Man Who Cried Wolf and Elisifs Tribute.
Stones of Barenziah and the quest No Stone Unturned in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.
The locations of all the 24 stones, and the Crown of Barenziah.
The reward is Prowlers Profit effect, which will increase the amount of gems found in all loot.

Time list of locations in the video:
1. 0:25 - Whitn - Dragonsreach
2. 2:04 - Solitude - Dainty Sload (ship)
3. 2:49 - Solitude - Reeking Cave (under Thalmor Embassy)
4. 3:33 - Solitude - Blue Palace
5. 3:50 - Solitude - Proudspire Manor (the keyitch wont work anymore, buy the house, link for info: elderscrolls.wikia/wiki/Proudspire_Manor)
6. 4:30 - Markarth - Understone Keep (Dwemer Museum)
7. 4:58 - Markarth - Treasury House
8. 5:17 - Markarth - Dead Crone Rock
9. 6:28 - Falkreath - Sunderstone Gorge
10. 7:44 - Falkreath - Pinewatch
11. 8:32 - Falkreath - Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary (requires starting the DB questline)
12. 10:12 - Windhelm - Palace of the Kings
13. 10:30 - Windhelm - House of Clan Shatter-Shield
14. 10:49 - Windhelm - Stony Creek Cave
15. 11:36 - Windhelm - Ansilvund
16. 14:03 - Riften - Black-Briar Lodge
17. 14:42 - Riften - Mistveil Keep
18. 15:04 - Morthal - Rannveigs Fast
19. 16:08 - Whitn - Felow Keep
20. 16:32 - Whitn - Jorrvaskr (Companions headquarters)
21. 16:57 - Whitn - Hall of the Dead
22. 17:17 - College of Winterhold - Arch-Mages Quarters (requires playing the 2 first quests)
23. 17:40 - Winterhold - Hobs Fall Cave
24. 18:18 - Winterhold - Yngvild
The Crown of Barenziah - 20:22

- do not obtain all the 24 stones before talking to Vex about the unusual gem. Leave at least one stone unobtained and start the quest. Otherwise the quest willitch and you can notplete it.
- sometimes the quest will count that you have found more gems than you actually have. For example the quest reports that you have collected 15 stones, even tho you have collected only 13. This will not affect the quest in a negative way, since when its counted to 24 by the quest, you canplete it, even if you havent collected all the 24 stones.
- I rmend not to go to the Tolvads Cave before this quest sends you there. Otherwise you might not be able to enter the required parts of the cave.
- as a small trivia, theplete crown has 25 stones in it..
Guides for all Dragon shouts here:
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skyrim ep 1

skyrim ep 1 Pessoal o primeiro vidio da nossa serie de skyrim ele vai tar saindo 2 episodios por semana.
Pessoal o link da pagina do face:facebook/gamerslayerbr?ref=hl e ai pessoal ta o link para baixar o skyrim edio legendary todas dlc:kickass.to/the-elder-scrolls-v-skyrim-legendary-edition-v1-9-32-0-8-2011-repack-by-rg-mechanics-t7664202.html

Tutorial: Skyrim Edição Lendária

Tutorial: Skyrim Edição Lendária LEIA:

---- LINKS ------

Skyrim - Ep.6 : La estrella de Azura



Mods usados en la serie : k61.kn3/A/9/1/0/8/1/386.png


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