Game Theory: Skyrim, On the Subject of Arrows and Knees

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The knees of Skyrim are facing a crisis and only Game Theory knows who is behind the arrow attacks. We're looking at Viking culture, law, and medicine, the history of archery, and knee anatomy to finally put a stop to this overused meme.

Game Theory: Presented to you until SOPA/PIPA passes, at which point I may be considered a felon. So help keep me out of jail by supporting the movement to stop these bills.
  • Ivan Tomic

    I liked only becasue of song at the end :)

  • Shadow and Yu

    (putting Arrow to the Knee out of Phrasing) "I used to Be an Adventure like You but then I got Married and Have to stay and take care of my Children and Wife/Husband"

  • Cords

    Arrow in the knee means marriage

  • Infurno the Gaming Fennekin

    Ok I'm gonna be the one to just shatter this whole theory, all the "I used to be an adventurer like you but then I took an arrow to the knee", all this means is that The person has been engaged, theory debunked, the end

  • Hey Celest

    I've never seen these old game theory videos... and wow is the quality different.

  • Kachiba My Nibba

    I haven't watched the video yet. But isn't it a guy in another game that says he's always aiming for the knee?

  • The o

    I used to be an adventurer till I started watching game and film theory

  • Alethea Passy-Crow

    The "arrow in the knee" quote is probably just one of many recycled quotes used randomly for the NPCsKind of like how the smiths always say that they have "the finest weapons and armor" when asked what is for sale

  • Harrison Leeds

    Or it could just be a reference to a common Nordic colloquialism for getting married... one of the two.

  • Mr.phantomcat


  • Geeky Galaxy

    Arrow in the knee means married... •_•

  • Skyler West

    But an arrow to the knee is just a reference to marriage

  • Batman Fan

    I hope you all realise that "arrow to the knee"means got a wife

  • Tyler Burke

    You mixed up Donovan McCnab and daunte caulpepper

  • Liam Dyer

    The elder scrolls has its own world and history so your theory is flawed massively

  • Firethrower06

    I thought the thumbnail was a arrow in the butt...


    historical viking helmet didn't have "horns" they where a metal cap with a nose guard. some idiot, like you started a big thing about it, but they didn't. Scandinavians might have, in not actually sure. but vikings didn't, and the "skyrim iron helmet" isn't even close to being historically correct

  • Nicktonyous

    An arrow to the knee means to get married.

  • Inter Nauta

    potion and knee repaired

  • DeathMinion11

    HEY! An "arrow to the knee" is what people said because they got married. You see, they were embarrassed because they stopped being a baller because they met some girl/guy. And that one is what people actually said. Google it.

  • KoleGaming

    Lol half of the comments are pointing out that an arrow to the knee means getting married

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