Game Theory: Skyrim, On the Subject of Arrows and Knees

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The knees of Skyrim are facing a crisis and only Game Theory knows who is behind the arrow attacks. We're looking at Viking culture, law, and medicine, the history of archery, and knee anatomy to finally put a stop to this overused meme.

Game Theory: Presented to you until SOPA/PIPA passes, at which point I may be considered a felon. So help keep me out of jail by supporting the movement to stop these bills.
  • Diamond Knight

    Yo an arrow to the knee means they got married

  • Benyuhb Bock

    that fact about the helmet triggered me.

  • matheus marques Vieira

    arrow in the knee is nordic expression for marrege .The guards of Skyrim Just build a family and can no longer seek for adventures because they mitgh die at any moment but fitgh is something that they know how to do, so they seek guard dutty.

  • God of All Sayins

    I almost killed myself when I saw the thumbnail

  • Rose Wolf

    Did someone steal your sweet roll? 😂😂😂

  • Qwerty Bear.

    Botw bokoblin: I used to be standing like you then I took an arrow to the face.

  • ????? ?????

    I knew it I told people that Vikings never had horns on their helmets but nobody believed me 😑

  • Dark Angel Gaming

    arrow in the knee is a expression meaning got married

  • The Chaotic Phoenixx

    Coming back to watch this again as i finally played Bethesda ES games and actually know what this all means now.

  • Anaquix Fire

    i thought that it meant they god married

  • Andrew Thompson

    "taking an arrow to the knee" means you got married.

  • Queen Wolf

    how about the someone stole your sweet roll one!!?

  • Pastel Gamer

    smartest show in gaming everybodyDidn't even know that it's a saying

  • Tapetalraindog 9

    Ummmm it's a default guard quote...TALK ABOUT A CHEAP CASH GRAB

  • Jewbacco's tobacco

    Late as I may be... In Viking culture, "an arrow to the Knee" also meant getting married. So... I used to be an adventurer like you until I got married and had a family to think about, so I took a job as a guard in order to still have some excitement in my life, but make a steady wage and be close to my family.

  • Billy Smith

    Baring actual magic healing there would have been almost nothing that a "doctor" from the time period in which Sky Rim is set could actually do other than hack off your leg.

  • ToxicShark

    one wordmagicka there's healing spells

  • Stingray Gaming

    How old is this video xD

  • Robert Cajucom

    Great theory, but the phrase arrow to the knee was not literal. It was a phrase meaning that a person fell in love. Arrow as in Cupid's arrows. Stuck in one place because of it. Makes sense?

  • Clo 321

    what if it means you got married

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