Game Theory: Skyrim, On the Subject of Arrows and Knees

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The knees of Skyrim are facing a crisis and only Game Theory knows who is behind the arrow attacks. We're looking at Viking culture, law, and medicine, the history of archery, and knee anatomy to finally put a stop to this overused meme.

Game Theory: Presented to you until SOPA/PIPA passes, at which point I may be considered a felon. So help keep me out of jail by supporting the movement to stop these bills.
  • Frischifrisch

    Taking an arrow to the knee is actually Nordic slang for getting married. They didn't all get injured, they all just have a family ;-)

  • Gabriel Tilley

    matpat they put that in Skyrim to become more relatalbe to the player

  • Nils Robert Hughes 7A

    I used to be a theorist like you Then I took a arow to the knee Wait why did that stop me

  • OPGAMMERYT51 Games-outdoors fun-coolnes

    My mom got her whole knee replaced with metal bones

  • LaserRazer

    What is the end song?

  • Falling Reaction None

    I used to be a kneeI took a arrow to me

  • Corvo the mustache master

    lol ny1 else coming back in late 2017

  • Andrew Carmichael

    It actually means they got married. (Look it up.)

  • Kjell Thomsen

    I have a scar on both of my knees

  • Erica Thach

    9,000.000 millon subscribers

  • Dorian Causley

    Or they kneeled down on their knee to propose to someone for marage boom mind blown

  • Alex Lanphere

    It means they fell in love

  • Daggon Burst

    So much has Changed ITS 2017 MY GOD

  • Edgy 88

    Not to be rude but all ‘An arrow to the knee’ means is that you got engaged. Hence, men getting down on one knee to propose.

  • Yuria Hope

    Who's watching in 2017?

  • Alex The Outcast

    Old game theory. Huh

  • Trinity Ries

    arrow in the knee means getting married... you can look it up

  • Chris Biebel

    Arrow in the knee is Norse slang for getting married. It's why guys get on one knee to propose.

  • Ariana Hunter

    It actually means : I took an arrow to the knee- I got married

  • james colm lll

    .Omg ewwwww his hair and voice

  • Micah Stoerzinger

    Taking an arrow to the knee means you got married

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