Skyrim Mod Sanctuary 95 - Chasing the Dragon

Mods covered in this video:
1. Chasing the Dragon - Toxicity and Addiction :
2. Skycutter by Favoredsoul :
3. Nameless Light by FavoredSoul :
4. Kolb and the Dragon :

Mods used in taking this video:
1. Immersive HUD - iHUD :
2. SkyUI (with MCM) :

Visual Mods used in this video:
1. Seasons of Skyrim ENB True HDR :
2. Enhanced Lights and FX :
3. Skyrim HD - 2K Textures :
4. Static Mesh Improvement Mod - SMIM :
5. Dynavision

Thumbnail is 'Vlad faces the sun' courtesy of Isselac

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  • DiaborMagics Gametag

    With playable kolb and the dragon i kind of expected an actual quest where you roleplay Kolb and make various choices hehehe.

  • Keyblade Viking - Tobias

    It would be cool with a mod that made potions much stronger but required more ingredients to make, maybe keep the rarer ingredients like they are so you only need 1 deadra heart if you gonna use that but might require 10 Chaurus Eggs or those blue flowers that grow everywhere. Just be sure to keep the price tag of the potions because they can get quite huge anyway.

  • Lee z

    more SKyrim Mod Sanctuary Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • arousedgrandma

    With your voice and accent, you could have totally gotten away with naming this, "Captain Veleth Skyrim Mod Review." Missed opportunity

  • ReggietheMoron

    finally a use for the cure poison potion

  • Blackspectre

    Stunned me since i was listening to a song called Chasing the Dragon by Dream Evil

  • Blaze The Artist

    Anybody have an idea where i can find a how of making npcs to look better all together in skyrim or how to customize them individually any help would be appreciated

  • Jonathan Klein

    Skycutter is from Diablo 3 it is used by the angel Tyrael

  • Milan Sretenovic

    God I love your accent... :3

  • Milan Vlach

    I would like so much the return of Skyrim mod sanctuary :(

  • FizzyG

    Please bring back table of contents in the description!What I mean is like the time stamps for each mod, it makes the video a lot easier to watch! Thanks.

  • Luke Brown

    I mixed wheat and blue Mountain flowers and now I'm an addict begging on the streets for enough coin to get my next fix of potions of minor health. Medicine. Not even once.

  • Bartosz B

    I think this might not be working with requiem... I read it bases it's toxicity on potion names. Requiem changes them afaik ;/

  • William Craven

    Chasing the Dragon is a drug reference, you know like the song the magic dragon

  • EvilNecroid

    Perkus Maximus video plz

  • Logan Sniper

    Gopher Can you please TRy out My mod Rusheeda It's like no other Wolf Follower you'll Find on the nexus. As a Follower go's she is as good as Sofia the funny Follower.

  • Yiglic Persfactious

    This mod seems pointless.

  • TheSimplier

    Gopher, why did you not add the time where the mods are covered to the description? You always do :( :P

  • Khanrage

    LOL - Reminds me of the books back in the day called "Choose your Adventures" I read them all back then.Cool idea for book worms.

  • Milan Sretenovic

    God I love your accent 

  • RedSauce

    hey can anyone help, i have this mod (Chasing the Dragon)  but everytime i pop a potion it just says somthing like the toxins in your blood are relinquished, no matter the potion im using. any ideas?

  • Some Damn Author

    ...I was thinking they'd let you snort some stuff, with 'Chasing The Dragon'

  • Butane Boss

    Phrase to start a Skyrim mod video:Brodual: "Hello and welcome to Brodual"Gopher: "Hai gais"

  • Whitedragonking Ocola

    100 thumbs up :), it took 4 months but it happen. Thank you ^^

  • Romain Dubray

    Damn it ... I now want to have a playthrough as a Khajiit ... intentionnally addicted to skooma while not allowing myself to use shrines or curing the addiction.

  • kyleegeep

    in oblivion the game would say you can not drink any more potions why they did not ad that to skyrim I will never know

  • revan21

    How does this work with Requiem?

  • Domagoj Kersun

    Well I think Skooma Whore is the best addiction mod, lol!!!XD

  • TheMonyarm

    Well now i have 2 more mods to merge into my Merged Weapon & Armor Mods.esp

  • Young Cash Register AKA Lil Broomstick

    like if ur watching on the last day of 2014

  • Sir Fury

    Old(ish) video I know, but you're recent video encouraged me to come back to some of these!Another mod(s) I find useful for both immersion's sake & preventing the abuse of potions especially in the midst of battle is the potion drinking animation mod. It will force the player to undergo a few seconds animation which can really make someone think twice about using potions when someone is about to swing that battle-axe at you!

  • J Dawg

    Chasing the dragon means smoking heroine, so that was beautifully named, credit to the mod author

  • Liberty Prime

    gods the toxicity mods with deadly dragons makes the fights a pain in the ass.

  • The Crimson Fucker

    They should make it that Cure Poison has a chance of becoming addictive, like Cure Disease increases toxicity. Also, Shrines shouldn't cure addiction, instead, they should cure toxicity.

  • Shade

    The Skycutter sword is the same model as Tyrael's sword in Diablo II and III...

  • Alex Mashkin

    Nameless Light looks pretty much like Aribeth's sword :-)

  • Galentw

    This mod should let the player vomit out all the potions in the last stage of addiction. There is a vomit-animation for the afflicted.

  • Young Cash Register AKA Lil Broomstick

    please do a new lets play using perkus maximus!!!!

  • Galentw

    Of course I'm an immersion-junkie. I'm fucking addicted to immersion. I can't go a day without any immersion or I'll go crazy. I've already sold my couch to afford good immersion

  • ShoutsWillEcho1

    Its a bit unfortunate that most potions fall off during the late game, the only potions I use (lvl 115) are fortfify marksmanship/1hand/2hand but I dont even need those because my weapons are too good. 

  • Jarl Balgruuf

    They should make Kolb and the Dragon into an actual quest.

  • No soy gay amigos lo juro

    Potions cause Toxicity, but you can cure Toxicity using Potions, very immersive

  • GhostPlayZ

    Can u please do some mods from steam workshop

  • Bricex17

    Gopher! I got a Great Mod you should review, or at least put in your load order. It's called Helgen Reborn. I don't know if you have heard of it but it brings Helgen back to live. A guy comes to you and wants you to help him rebuild Helgen. It has a pretty good quest-line and I personally love it.

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