14 Greatest Skyrim Secrets That Will Make You Wanna Replay It Immediately

Skyrim is a massive open world, with so many tiny details that you may never discover them all. With the recent release of Skyrim Special Edition, there are still plenty of secrets to jump in and find. Here are the 14 greatest Skyrim secrets that will make you wanna replay it immediately.

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  • Toa vQ

    I’ve made 3or4 different Xbox accounts for this game and can never get bored of this game <3

  • Patriot Samurai

    Aw yes, Ulfr the Blind’s book is emptyI so want to replay this whole game now

  • Robbie Huggins

    Tusks are made of ivory...not ebony

  • Alexander Jeffs

    So played for roughly 400 before this. Knew them all. Sorry folks, I’m unimpressed.

  • Cornell Hamilton

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  • Jordan Cross

    I still play it on my xbox its soo good inspired my music Listen to 2 High by FATMAN (R.R)Its also on youtube if you search ithttps://soundcloud.com/jordan-cross-224048467/fatman-2-high

  • potato

    Droger are just undead nords if you look at there wepon it's called acient Nord sword they are nords that has been awaken to protect their kingdom so the acient nords swear a oaf to protect the world of Skyrim forever

  • liamevans1987

    You said "Ebony" when you meant "Ivory" for the tusks.

  • NotUsingMyName

    wtf these aren't secrets... ugh I hate your click-baiting ass.

  • ryan doyle

    Now that I know these 14 great things there’s no need to replay Skyrim :D

  • QzLz_OutLaW

    karstaag is easy to kill at level28

  • Nadir Ahmad

    I knew about the dragon, boss, it was actually a really cool thing, I didnt know why but I just wanted to shoot arrows at the thing the I used the unrelenting force by accident then got fucked over by the dragon

  • Gamer Singer

    Wow. I have to admit. Even after all the playtime I have had in the game, I never knew most of this stuff.

  • Friendly420Man

    You get the game thinking it'll be fun. Then you use glitches and it makes it instantly boring. Nice you just wasted $20. Lol

  • Scot San

    1:10 you couldn't find a crappier screenshot could you? You could have just loaded up the game and taken a better one yourself! Zero effort ffs

  • Trance Kuja

    Did you know there's character customization in this game?

  • Absolutely Solid

    Wow weeeeeaaaaak, I discovered more than half this shit the second time I played through the game and I’ve played through this amazing game about one hundred times maybe make another one with ACTUAL secrets bro

  • chadg12420

    Nothing that made me want to play again.... lol

  • Reality Rogue

    That moment when you did all of these by chance in your first play through....

  • Brandon R

    This all hold true for the switch version?

  • Clouds

    now that you have told me. i dont want to replay it

  • coonstor

    Thanks a lot now they're not secrets anymore

  • Risky Memes

    The Chill is actually just the city's jail

  • Fernando Figueiredo

    Skyrim is one of most entertaining games i've ever played.

  • SQU1DSN1P3R 61

    Lol he called mammoth tusks ebony

  • Kevin bask

    Beat it beat it on the hardest difficulty and maxed all levels now make a new better game with a huge open world in a magical place better than skyrim and bigger with more shit to do

  • Timmy Mclovin

    Ahh still cant bring myself to play sjyrim again lol

  • Evil Lord Jimmy

    Replay? I think we're all still playing skyrim

  • Linus

    Why would i wanna replay Skyrim because i know that mammoths have marked tusks when they are owned?

  • Gaamesso

    The dragon in blackreach i (i don't know how to say his name) but how did the dragon get down there in the first place?

  • RamboCreativity

    I found the pickaxe when I first bought the game a month after it was released.

  • Joshyjay Suan

    Already knew all this :/

  • Fink Skelton

    Google 'notched pickaxe on worlds tallest mountain' learn something about the real world.

  • Julie Hilton

    Ya cause a blank book is gna make me re-play the whole game

  • Cameron J

    Not everyone has the fucking special edition you dickhead

  • Paul Smith

    Isn't ebony black lol I think you mentioned ivory

  • Pink Glitter

    It's coming to nintendo switch and I'm so excited to play it for the first time!

  • Tapsalot

    I already knew all of this. I know so much about it that I ruined it for myself. I have every unique weapon, have done every guild quest, completed all dlc content, bought every home, made potions, explored, collected every daedric artifact, all unique armor, completed the story, unlocked every shout, and collected every dragon priest mask. The game is just so boring once you have everything. I effectively ruined my favorite game, and I regret it.

  • Francisco Cendejas

    ulfr the blinds book is not empty. You have to activate the third eye spell then open it. once you open and skip through all the pages you start the quest. It's a really good quest.

  • Richard Peterson

    don't know about replay. I am good at where I'm at on my profiles. level 1000 takes a bit too long to get to lol. aside that, I knew all this stuff allready

  • Real Immigrant

    Why would knowing a single persons irrelivant book make me want to replay skyrim

  • Maddie Haag

    i knew about Sovangarde long time ago plus my brother showed me it was so cool after beating Alduin

  • Aria Grill

    oh my god a skyrim video that has things I never heard of. You are amazing

  • soullessbaby99 tamashi

    Yep i thinl ive played this game too much.... I knew all of these

  • Chuck Topp

    this fucking sucked dick

  • Gabi

    I'll admit, I actually didn't know the map thing, even though I've been playing the game since it came out 😅 I knew it changed with the time of day and that was all I ever really paid attention to.

  • KaiHypnotiCry

    Hi, do u have any shoutout competitions or anything? I'm looking to jumpstart my channel a bit :)

  • Papa Emeritus III

    Omg there are ants in Skyrim? That's it I'm playing it again

  • Bunnyfufu 747

    This didn’t make me want to replay Skyrim because I already new all of this u dumb fucks

  • Never Mind

    Replay it .You mean for the 12th time !?

  • Crimson Light

    4:34 I have been summoned

  • kelerews

    replay? Im still on my first play through

  • Richard Peterson

    and those locks failed. I make drog hoards assault skyrim all the time lol. ritual stone on the antherium crown is fairly effective at this

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