14 Greatest Skyrim Secrets That Will Make You Wanna Replay It Immediately

Skyrim is a massive open world, with so many tiny details that you may never discover them all. With the recent release of Skyrim Special Edition, there are still plenty of secrets to jump in and find. Here are the 14 greatest Skyrim secrets that will make you wanna replay it immediately.

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  • James Kinstle

    Who plays special edition?

  • Will L

    Nothing could get me to play that pile of shit

  • jake campbell

    just saying when you pull up the map you know it freezes the games time right? so how can i see a dragons fire breath flicker on the map if its not moving.... just saying im calling b.s. on that one

  • TheNotoriousCheeto

    I hate to be THAT dick, but I think at 6:09 you meant the mammoths' tusks are ivory, not ebony. An understandable mistake, given that ebony and ivory live together in perfect harmony.

  • Frydroponics

    A reason to replay the game is that there's ants.... okay bud

  • Chaos Curez

    All you have to do is mention Skyrim and I already want to play it again.

  • Liberty Prime

    Really fuckin useless...

  • anonymous Thomas

    I seen the headless horseman in the game yesterday I was like what the fuck

  • 88 88

    Skyrim Together will make me replay the game with the boys IMMEDIATELY.

  • KayleeDaGamer

    just started a new character...


    Yes because I want to come back to the game because of ants 👌

  • james leroy

    Aren't the mammoth tusks ivory not ebony cus it's white

  • QuakerxD

    #12 minecraft pickaxe, now i wanna play skyrim again...i instaled skyrim again some hours ago, modded it, didnt even get out of helgen before i deleted it again...its skyrim...just skyrim, fun for the kids tho.

  • PuRely RaNDOm UpLoADs

    Best Game Ever Made!.. FACT!.

  • XxTeamwolfRulesxX

    i have seen and done all of them -_-

  • wietse sinnaeve

    Huh? I never ever watched a Skyrim video on youtube, bought the game yesterday, just installed it and now i see this video... is this destiny?

  • Qopiq q

    15 abour the burger king fungus was my favorite.

  • brandon gravitt

    Tusks are Ivory bro, not ebony.

  • MrTACOpinata

    I already knew ALL this stuff. ...I am a bitch nerd

  • Jeremy Kiahsobyk

    Ebonyyy and ivoryyyy...

  • redskinsboy09

    What bullshit clickbait

  • Gaven Foist

    I love all these great Skyrim videos from awhile ago there soo great Skyrim is defintly the best game ever!!!

  • Grammar Jesus

    The music is a little too loud, just saying.

  • Jeremy King

    the headless horse man I think it is the stromcloak who got his head cut off in the beginning

  • Rapture28

    Yeeeeep, im gona replay skyrim immediately so that I can see that empty book.....

  • wietse sinnaeve

    I found out the headless horseman myself lmao

  • Stanley Jordan

    I’m drunk but there are definitely doger outside the gate that the claw opens

  • Alexander Black

    I knew all of these already, get rekt

  • Devjerovf

    with a 1000+ hrs under my belt i can assure you i knew all of these already, but it's as good as any excuse to replay!

  • ISIS is not NICEIS

    I knew them all. I'm a seasoned Skyrim veteran

  • LTDominator

    in 800+ hours i never spoted ants in skyrim lol

  • Handi Yahya

    You forget dwarven ruins :(, y know that steampunk tech is amazing

  • HoseTheBeast

    Oh.. mammoths tusks are ebony now?Ivory must be too mainstream for them.

  • Douglas Dishman

    The best way to kill fish is lightning cloak.

  • CobaltBomber

    i wouldnt really say those secrets would make me wanna play thru the game again immediately...

  • Memer_ Swag

    I think that the Paragons should have been in this

  • Agent Shibe

    WoahAntsThat's 100% gonna make me revisit the game

  • FiredGnu


  • Jamesytheonly1

    What about the weird glove undee winterhold...

  • Thomas dutch

    Lol i just killed ulfr the blind when you talked about him 😂

  • gudboijim teamrocket27

    and wut bout the book of the horny argonian?

  • Orka DRLJAČA

    Kinda underwhelming video


    Plain white ebony protrusions? That makes no sense what so ever.

  • Edward Elric

    This actually does make me want to play Skyrim again

  • Peyton Davis

    í ɑӀɾҽɑժվ Ƙղօա ԵհíՏ ҍմԵ ցɾҽɑԵ ѵíժҽօ

  • zg32e9

    I want my afterlife in Skyrim as the main character.

  • Darius Brown

    I kill Giants and all

  • jimmymustard 24

    this title is not clickbait

  • Olivia Plays

    Number 3 is the only one I didn't know

  • The DarkTiger

    Skyrim is dogshit, no matter how many mods you put in it, say to ONE remarkable bossfight alduin? is just a re-skined dragon kaarstag? just a giant with frost powers.the worst think about skyrim is it oversimplified combat which just hit hit hit heal hit hit hitgo play dark souls 1 GIT GUD YOUR N00BZ

  • Noregian Tobz

    Sovnegard, not sovangard

  • Azooz Hasan

    #13, i saw that man without head riding the horse... i tried to kill him but he NEVER dies...

  • Eric Johnston

    Think you meant ivery on the tusks

  • merkabah47

    Ivory tusks, not ebony. Lol

  • DS Ted Roach

    You see those warriors from Hammerfell, they have curved swords.  ...curved ...swords.

  • Christopher Huddleston

    This is crazy... not in the aspect that I want to jump back in though... why would ants be something that would make you want to go and start a new playthrough? Or Ulfr’s book? In my opinion not a good enough reason to jump back in? Pretty pointless if you ask me.

  • Ethan Cha

    Lol have you even played Skyrim if you don't know these things?

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