14 Greatest Skyrim Secrets That Will Make You Wanna Replay It Immediately

Skyrim is a massive open world, with so many tiny details that you may never discover them all. With the recent release of Skyrim Special Edition, there are still plenty of secrets to jump in and find. Here are the 14 greatest Skyrim secrets that will make you wanna replay it immediately.

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  • Whiterun Gaurd

    Stop!, you have committed crimes against skyrim and her people what do you say in you defence!

  • ViperishZeus

    The notched pick ace is not a reference to minecraft. It's a reference to one of the people who climbed Mount Everest with a pick axe that had a notch is the handle.

  • Jeremy Smith

    Kinda repeated that mammoth thing there huh?

  • Devin Cote

    Actually the notched pickaxe is a reference to the Notch brother who were the first ones to reach the peak of Mt. Everest(tallest Mt. in the world) hence why its at the very top of the tallest mountain in skyrim.

  • KoRn Fan On Ketamine

    Skyrim was shit even when it came out. Stop promoting this boring shitty game

  • Blacklight Gaming

    I wouldn't necessarily say it made me want to replay the game, just some cool fscts.

  • Nova Sniperr

    wow, the real time map totally makes me want to restart my game

  • Foxy The Pirate

    Video) hidden potions in solitudeMe) HA not going back there! Im part of the dark brotherhood... My bountys quite high............

  • Dionelkis Soler

    I have the feeling that this is gonna be a veeeeeeeery long game, i've never play skyrim before so, my first attempt will be the switch version of the game, wich i expect will be way better than expected. I think there are a lot of fans there feeling envy for new players in this game, since i feel the same for those playing any zelda game for the first time. If i could, i would erase my memories to start over new any game i've enjoied most.

  • hans hansen

    I like the oblivion music in this skyrim video

  • Nathan Drake

    This title ain't lyin. Played it all day

  • dawn mathieson

    Its the nothern lights you see from myth and science.

  • Tyler Kriesel

    Number 3 is false. It is NOT in real time. Idk why this guy just pulled this out of his ass.

  • Albert Suriñach

    I have never replayed skyrim... Because I never left, noobs

  • Lewis Ebdon

    Found all of these the first time I played it!

  • Spooder Man

    Still waiting for an Ants Spell

  • NoNamedBoy

    5:24 What mod to make map like that?

  • Limpowitch

    Fantastic information! Not some horrible clickbait. That was worth my like and favorite-mark.

  • MatthieuAmherst

    It's not so much finding a reason it's the moral dropping game freeze after playing for 2 hours

  • Mark Evans

    These comments give me hope... lol.. ants. A blank book and an easily accessable dungeon under the mages college... im sold. In fact im quitting my job so i can re experience all of these wonders

  • Bong Me

    somehow I start to suspect that many of these videos haven't rly played the game themselves. :/

  • T3rryyy__

    The reason why skyrim is such a great game is because you can play it over and over and over and over and over and over I'm currently on my first PS4 walkthough

  • Adrian Aten

    On skyrim I'm level 100 I have dedric armor

  • EnderGaming

    I've never stopped.The reaper is shit tho.

  • HadesObsidian

    Ory-cal-cum ore? Fucking. Kill your self.

  • Evan Ireland

    At one point it sounded like he said "DragonPorn DLC😂😂

  • Rob M

    Nothing special or secret here

  • nukeman1303

    1:50 he's blind. You can walk straight up to him and he will ask who you are

  • Brodini Got Magic

    Ok! I watched it! Now GTFO of my Recommendations!

  • Zoe Miller

    If u look at the light u know the one that's was a hell of coincidence u will see the shape of a dovakin if u pause the video at the part

  • Narwhal Jawshh

    These mountains are easy to climb. Just get a horse

  • midastheturtle axb

    I found the notched pick axe without hints and i thought nothing of it until now lol

  • Maxim Wiśniewski

    I fucked a 10 year old

  • Beast MK

    I should buy Skyrim again...

  • Francisco Juan

    3:38 looks like the twin princes boss in ds3

  • EJ S6UTH

    If you like funny skyrim stuff watch this https://youtu.be/7dUkKMjs2Hk 😭

  • CKKGamer04

    i just said to ulfr hes dead and ur next lol

  • Alberto Cruz

    arcwind point has drougr on the outside

  • Lille John

    This was shit on so many levels

  • jt247380

    Does nobody else realize that notched pickaxe is not a reference to minecraft it only means the pickaxe has notches

  • Kentoaky

    I knew all of these....... still gonna play it again...

  • Dacify

    The thing that makes me want to replay it is the theme songs lol

  • Nathan Drake

    I knew about headless horseman but did not know ragnar the read was dedicated to him..... Interesting.

  • sean hetzel hetzel

    Didnt make me want to replay it but still interesting !

  • Bradley Kideckel

    Yuppp going to play rn on Xbox one ya hearddddd

  • Hawk


  • Don't Sow

    i actually learned something new! unrelenting force in the water - that's pretty cool!

  • Ender 342

    I think it is called the notched pickaxe because its notched in the mountain

  • hellspawn 16

    i've played this game so much that i know it better than my own back yard

  • Nirvana Paradox

    Haters gonna hateHaters gonna hateBitches gonna hateYour momma gonna hate

  • rico pool

    In my Skyrim for some reason wene I walk on a empty feild like eny feild I always find Giants lol

  • mail2ted

    I think the Shout you need in Black Reach to unleash the Dragon is Firebreath, not Unrelenting Force.

  • Shantana Killingbeck

    ... "replay" e.e when did I stop?

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