NEW Skyrim - DLC Sized Mod - YOU NEED TO PLAY!

Skyrim Mods - Xbox One & PC (Not PS4)
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  • Senpopai

    Is you're full name really Eee Ess Ohh?

  • Amentallyillfemalegenitaliasadlybornwithout Aspine

    I’m pretty hard right now

  • ShaDow

    I mean it looks like a great mod but i have played dark souls 3 200 hours now and its one of the greatest games i have ever played but when i am playing skyrim i want that special feel

  • Bill Hensley

    He looks like Brad pitt

  • Arbiterstudio23

    This mod would be perfect with Skyrim together

  • blood, ink, and a hint of doutb

    how long (if at all) would it take after its release to have on xbox?

  • Angel ._.

    What mods would you recommend

  • jombalo13

    thanks sony for ruining all great skyrim opportunities like this

  • TheMAIZ z

    where the mod trailer?

  • Wulleee

    Me: OMG I finally got a PS4 so I can finally play Skyrim Remastered and try out the mods!Sony: External Assets are bannedMe: Fuck...

  • Arthur Haverkamp

    Did you just say; I am a big Dark Souls fan? No freaking way...DS1 is the best game ever. DS2 was weak because I thought it was too easy.Maybe because they made it more accessible to a wider public? But when I borrowed DS1 from a friend( who stopped playing it after a week because it was so hard), I told my friends on FB that I would be less online because I would be busy with a new game....Now I think it is easy ;-) But it is never easy. I tell friends who say that they are hardcore players to try DS1 but none of them keeps playing it...they don't like to die and die and die and die so much...but I did and finished the game. Best feeling ever!Will play this mod for sure. Still playing Skyrim daily...

  • ESO - Fallout & Elder Scrolls Guides

    I will be LIVE STREAMING more dauntless on the 2nd channel tonight:

  • LilJ3090

    I uses to be console peon once Nothing was getting me to move away from my playstation.Dont get me wrong consoles are nice to have cause theyre easy to transport and dont take up mucb space.However, you have to come to the realization that no console will ever be stronger than a built pc (really arent as expensive, no where near tbh, as ecpensive as people think.Nor is a proper monitor, mouse, and keyboard.PC has no limitations....just where tf do some of you think these mods are coming from?This is why I have both, but more importantly I made sure to invest into a computer that can run these things.I have almost 200 mods on my skyrim and no its not just weaons and armours. Those only make up like....30 of the mods.So about 170 are overhauls, animations, gameplay, etc.The only way you can tell that im playing skyrim is because I havent finished installing the landscape and texture mods.In the end Ill have around 210-230 mods installed.Idk what a CTD or low frame rates look like, bugs either.Trust me, if youre still a console peasant please quit cheating yourself and get a rig.Life is so much better, especially with steam.Also, we dont have a monthly subscription. Only ones that exist are due to the games developer.If not being able to get this mod because youre on console or the metric shit ton of other mods that exist isnt enough proof to you idk what is.(Btw, some people make my array of mods look mediocre asf, get yourself a gift)

  • camerer marsh

    Apotheosis is defined as the elevation of someone to divine status.You retrieve the heart of lorkhan. Sooo....

  • Tommy Carlin

    Sounds AWESOME! Also sounds like a mix of Skyrim and Shadow of the Colossus

  • shayne Lane

    I myself thought it was kind of a mix of oblivion, fable 2, and Dark souls mix.

  • William Stevens

    Thank you very much. Been with Skyrim since birth.

  • Karen Siemsen

    No one spends 4 years building a dlc to give it away for free what's the catch?

  • Axel Coppens

    cant find it on xbox

  • puteraslayer

    Sub from Malaysia wow Multiplayer in Skyrim is it pvp or coop game. Is it kinda like bordeland 2 with 4 player coop game so much better.

  • DarckdeatH

    ohh man i really apreciate your vid this is a quality content! ty so much if you dont make it i probably miss this info.XD

  • Christopher Mckiernan

    Looks epic. In the past I've always wanted to play an elder scrolls game where I can visit all the realms of oblivion and meet the princes. This also fits in well with the overall spirit of the elder scrolls games.

  • Harvey Lester

    With Bruma and now this...time for space management lol..I'm loving skyrim now lol..awsome and thanks to mod u guys!

  • Caelan Vargas

    When is this mod coming for Xbox one? I must know

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