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Incredible and diverse grass mod. In my opinion it would've been the best if it didn't deliver such a huge impact on performance. Definitely a mod to have on a lookout for the updates.


Mods used:

►►See fourth part of my 'Complete Mod List' 121 - 150 (v4.0):

►►See third part of my 'Complete Mod List' 81 - 120 (v3.0):

►►See second part of my 'Complete Mod List' 41 - 80 (v2.0):

►►See first part of my 'Complete Mod List' 1 - 40 (v1.0):

Viscous Foliage- a T H I C C grass mod:


►►Download my Skyrim LE ENB:

►►Download my Skyrim SE ENB and Reshade:

►►Download my Witcher 3 Reshade:

System specs:

- Intel i7 4 Gen 4770K 3,5GHz Quad Core
- 2x8 GB DDR3 2400MHz Dual Channel
- Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 8GB GDDR5X 1607MHz
- Samsung EVO 840 250GB SSD (550MB/s R/W) - for OS
- Kingston 120GB SSD (500MB/s R/W) - for recording

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    Has Skyrim SE surpassed original Skyrim in regards to best looking (with mods of course)? Its looking pretty close. Thank you for your videos, keep em coming!

  • Kynareth6

    I am definitely going to use that mod!

  • Nejibam

    I think I'm the only one who love the nativ grass. Why ? Because it's look like more diversified. Here this is a field of 3 or 4 different grass.

  • RoyalUT

    Are you playing the original skyrim in your videos or the special edition? Im getting a PC soon and I want to mod it heavily like yours so which one should I get?

  • Serx1979

    Its good but its more like Oblivion

  • Romilos Fronimides

    Veydosebrom and Verdant gives the same great visual, but SUPER LESS fps drops.

  • Ultimate Immersion

    Hey guys! I LOVE this grass mod and I'd put it on my next mod list but it was killing my performance like no other mod. Keep an eye out on the updates though, I definitely will ;) Speaking of the new mod list I have huge announcement to make soon and it was one of the reasons I was quiet for the past few weeks, stay tuned!Join my notification squad by ringing the bell button next to the subscribe button.I'll see you in another one, stay awesome guys! (•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑Let's talk about mods on Discord live! Join:

  • Kappaccino

    Beautiful. Imagine showing this to the Skyrim developers back when they were making the game.

  • Exanimalus

    hmm no real difference in the grass textures etc? doesnt make it very good looking/appealing

  • David Shields

    3:52 looks weird...symmetrically growing grass in the water?

  • BrosisJK - Skyrim Content

    Suck it real life... we have verdant and SFO!

  • Ö _

    The deeper I dive into modding the more I realise that Skyrim would need to be in a different engine to get the visuals I dream about. Another good showcase nonetheless UI!

  • Isucc The Binding Of Isucc

    For some reason it looks odd for the SSE port.It’s much better on oldrim. I️ tried removing some of the grasses from other areas and it completely I did some of the other grasses in the wilds. Trying verdants fixes and it seems to clear up roads much.

  • dagoelius

    Tell you though when critter come at you, makes it damn hard to spot them with this mod.

  • Armour King

    I wish someone could mod it to where if you walk on the grass it pushes down on to the ground like in reality.

  • Anja Vale Golouh

    Wow.. looks beautiful :)

  • Oceato

    Verdant is still best

  • Adrian Blue

    Hi! I've just started playing skyrim again and I really like your channel! I've completely started overhauling it with mods that you specify and I really want to know what mods you used for the water, climate, mountains and what enb/lighting/reshade at 1:40Thanks in advance!PC specs:i7 3rd genGTX980m 4GB16GB ram1TB HDD

  • PC 23 This is the best grass mod......It's not even close

  • VectoR

    In some places this mod looks really nice,but for my opinion this is too heavy,and i like verdant more :D Stay awesome! Its great that you're back!

  • Ewan Whitford

    How Tf has your computer not exploded


    Anyword on when SKSE is officially out for all? Just curious maybe someone more into the scene knows more then me :)

  • Isaiah Seno

    good lord how many frames were you getting with this mod?

  • It'sMatthew YT

    Auriel's Ascension...Love that piece from Oblivion <3

  • Fabricio Siqueira

    Is a very good grass mod, but there is only one problem for me: the tundra grass........  =/

  • Jeremy Alexander

    It is a very nice mod, but I still have to give the edge to Veydosebroom. It looks a little more realistic in terms of color and variety than this mod. Still pretty stunning though when compared to vanilla.

  • The Grape

    my answer is yes, but I still can't probably use it bc of fps

  • Lodbrok

    If my pc showing 50-60fps with "verdent grass" and "3d trees", after this grass showin 27-35fps

  • skurr

    Veydosebrom and Verdant look better imo.

  • David Y

    Since I started using Veydosebrom I don't know if I could ever go back.


    How can you like Chromatic Aberration, my man? :)

  • Penzalo

    after many a year of thinking nop dis is not ze best skyrim grass mod, vanilla is the best skyrim grass for skyrim, what if someone make a improuved reselution if the vanilla skyrim grass, that would be great

  • FlightFollowing

    Your videos are like therapy.

  • Adecius

    Hi there :) I am still looking for a grass mod with shorter grass. Even with the standard grass i often have the problem to "find" killed enemies for looting;) In my opinion the grass is always to "thick" and too high, over 1m. It is maybe technicaly not possible in skyrim, but it would be cool if the grass would react to bodys etc. If a dead npc falls into grass, the grass gets pushed to the ground. My english is not the best sorry, but a video to demonstrate what exactly i mean from Zudomon who makes his own minecraft like game. It has very great grass simulation.

  • Chris

    Heya UI, I also use this mod and I'm not really taking much of a performance hit. That's not to say that grass mods don't impose a FPS hit, they certainly do. But it also depends on a given load order as well. I use the performance version of this grass mod, the one with the 512 textures alongside Revenant ENB. For the most part, I still retain between 57 - 60 FPS outdoors.

  • visual notte

    But this is game? Which engine you have used, unreal engine?

  • Jonathan Shulman

    it is very good but i still think verdant is the best

  • choatus

    Looks out of place, very repetitive and kills fps really badly, so the answer to your question "Is this the best grass mod for Skyrim?" is a resounding NO from me.

  • Spas Delev

    Dunno whats that about fps killing. I swapped verdant for that and i lost about 2-3 frames outside. Same ini settings.

  • william horn

    Love your work man. Keep it up!!!!💪 With my current rig I had no fps drop what so ever using this mod and I think it came here to stay. Best looking one out there so far. Thanks for showcasing it man.

  • Alessandro Timpone

    it looks god damn GPU killer...

  • Pandalumpa King

    In some places it's stunning but in some places it clashes with the environment 🤔

  • Samphaa7

    What ini settings are you using for this? 60 and 15?

  • Sentinel X

    Will this be ported to Xbox??

  • James Gordley

    Fantastic.Still no mod that does tundra grass proper justice.

  • Lord Nytris

    That's not how you do grass in 3D art.

  • samuel adkins

    Thanks for showcasing the mod! As for performance, I personally didn't see a difference from verdant, however I was using the grass settings of iMaxGrassTypesPerTexure=15 and iMinGrassSize=60, and you seem to be using different values (although that may just be my imagination). Thanks again for the awesome showcase!

  • Noahisagamer

    Dude this is an awesome mod!

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