Best Weapons in Skyrim смотреть онлайн в хорошем hd 720 качестве

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  • sackbutt retard

    the best weapon THE WABAJACK

  • Leonardo Mito

    Chaos emchantment boosts the values of all other enchants... For me its the best honest way to create deadly weapons.

  • Sleepy Ninja

    Just get daedra hearts from meruhne dagons altar and kill the daedras there

  • Richard Peterson

    lot of mixed opinions on this, but I found for me the zepher bow is the best bow available with the right archer build. bow itself is a relitivly fast bow, plus has 30% fire rate boost, plus the 30% in the skill tree, it is a seriously fast fireing bow. dps is pretty high. and it's dwarven so after ancient knowledge, and good smithing skills, it can get upgraded pretty damn high. this all without glitches. I personally don't use potion loop on gear, mainly use it only to power level. don't want to try getting to level 1000 without it lol. but bound bow is great to a point, then you will want to grab the zepher bow, which is found in the anterium wars quest I believe, copy of the book is found in castle volkahar or dawngaurd tower. other wise, an alternative that can be gained before level 30,ironbind mine has firy soul trap, and solsime, go past that first town, find a guard getting attacked by ash spawn. save him then follow that quest. you will get a hammer with chaos damage, disinchant that and enchant your favorite bow. if enchantment skill is 100 and you got the last perk, add both. firy soul trap somewhat boosts chaos. if you need to keep from recharging that, I beleive you need fortify destruction and conjuration. get both to 100% and you will never loose charge on those two enchantments.

  • Lord Cody Proctor

    lol my name is Cody to XD

  • Vanilla Theis

    Daedra Hearts are easy to get. Enthir (who hangs out in his room on the top floor in the Hall of Attainment at the College of Winterhold) is a merchant who always carries 2 Daedra Hearts for sale for 750 septims a piece (without having any perks in the speech skill tree), and as it works w/ all merchants in the game his inventory respawns every 2 days, so you can literally get all the Daedra Hearts that you want by just fast waiting, and repeatedly buying his daedra hearts. There is also a respawnable Daedra Heart in Kodlac's living quarters in Jorrvaskar, but I'm not sure how long it takes to respawn prob anywhere from ten days in game to a month in game. Now go out there and craft some badass Daedra armor and weapons!

  • Cee

    Who is your follower?

  • Ninja Droid

    I went a bit overboard and got a daedric war hammer that does 111 damage

  • Cole Kneer

    The funny thing is no one ask for this

  • Chip Doogie

    I still use my 5 damage wooden sword with 4080 absorb health enchantment. Gives a satisfying clunk when I smack some heads

  • rigbythekhajiit

    Damn I miss this...used to watch wiggy/Cody all the time but it's been a minute now

  • nelcon grigg

    my best weapon is the orkish Warhammer that does 27 damage

  • Pigeon Beast

    Dragon bone is has more attack damage and daedric has the most defence :)

  • cb7pwn

    you can be wearing a full array of enchanted armor to upgrade weapons and then be wearing enchanted armor whilst wielding the weapon to make, for example, a sword near 300 damage

  • Mike Mason

    i could kick that dragonborns ass with a lesser weapon. my skills make noobs out of think-they-are warriors.Its like a true guitarist dosent need all sorts of effect pedals and just that damn good.Im also an expert troll... rarr!

  • Lucas Huffman

    Deadra hearts are easy to get


    not trying to hate but this was not helpful

  • constructive criticism

    Wabbajack is bae, personally.considering Im level 11. ;-;

  • Samamah Neldon

    the wurthrad has 51 damage

  • Eric Darny

    If your two hitting everything then turn up the difficulty...

  • Gabe Meyer

    A mace is a weapon that is exclusive to one handed use, but he says that a two handed mace is the best, does he mean warhammer or is he on crack?

  • maapata

    Adrianne is voiced by Claudia Christian from Babylon 5

  • BlackJack 334

    That sword is more expensive then a house

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