Best Weapons in Skyrim смотреть онлайн в хорошем hd 720 качестве

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  • Eric Darny

    If your two hitting everything then turn up the difficulty...

  • maapata

    Adrianne is voiced by Claudia Christian from Babylon 5

  • Pigeon Beast

    Dragon bone is has more attack damage and daedric has the most defence :)

  • Lord Cody Proctor

    lol my name is Cody to XD

  • 〖Ŧyaคק〗 SNYPΣZhZh点燃

    Just get daedra hearts from meruhne dagons altar and kill the daedras there

  • Cole Kneer

    The funny thing is no one ask for this

  • Gabe Meyer

    A mace is a weapon that is exclusive to one handed use, but he says that a two handed mace is the best, does he mean warhammer or is he on crack?

  • Edward Pratt

    Guys he is a vampier level 1😜

  • rigbythekhajiit

    Damn I miss this...used to watch wiggy/Cody all the time but it's been a minute now

  • Leonardo Mito

    Chaos emchantment boosts the values of all other enchants... For me its the best honest way to create deadly weapons.

  • Devin Orvis

    I'll stick with my 15000dmg daggers...thats each

  • Samamah Neldon

    the wurthrad has 51 damage

  • cb7pwn

    you can be wearing a full array of enchanted armor to upgrade weapons and then be wearing enchanted armor whilst wielding the weapon to make, for example, a sword near 300 damage

  • xSwisher

    How did you get this gameplay in 2012??? If this game just barely came out 😟

  • Cee

    Who is your follower?

  • BlackJack 334

    That sword is more expensive then a house

  • constructive criticism

    Wabbajack is bae, personally.considering Im level 11. ;-;


    not trying to hate but this was not helpful

  • Lucas Huffman

    Deadra hearts are easy to get

  • sackbutt retard

    the best weapon THE WABAJACK

  • Vanilla Theis

    Daedra Hearts are easy to get. Enthir (who hangs out in his room on the top floor in the Hall of Attainment at the College of Winterhold) is a merchant who always carries 2 Daedra Hearts for sale for 750 septims a piece (without having any perks in the speech skill tree), and as it works w/ all merchants in the game his inventory respawns every 2 days, so you can literally get all the Daedra Hearts that you want by just fast waiting, and repeatedly buying his daedra hearts. There is also a respawnable Daedra Heart in Kodlac's living quarters in Jorrvaskar, but I'm not sure how long it takes to respawn prob anywhere from ten days in game to a month in game. Now go out there and craft some badass Daedra armor and weapons!

  • Mike Mason

    i could kick that dragonborns ass with a lesser weapon. my skills make noobs out of think-they-are warriors.Its like a true guitarist dosent need all sorts of effect pedals and just that damn good.Im also an expert troll... rarr!

  • nelcon grigg

    my best weapon is the orkish Warhammer that does 27 damage

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