Forsworn Army VS Imperial Army! - Skyrim Remastered NPC Battle

In this Skyrim Remastered NPC Battle we see a group of Forsworn Savages ambush an Imperial Legion patrol.
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  • Battlecry Eden

    half naked dudes with stone and bone weapons wiped out the imperial legion...

  • HolyMolyOllyPolly

    2:03 "Ah, shit. All my guys are dead."2:08 "Yeah, I'm just gonna go. To Oblivion with thi-"2:12 "AH, CRAP! HOW'D YOU GET HERE SO QUICKLY?! OH GOD!"

  • Maarten Allegaert

    I saw the title and was like: 'Those imperials are done for...'

  • Justin Jemas

    ok we get it you don't like the imperials

  • Finn Driessen

    Where is Alduin from the Imperials ?

  • Elliott Gaming

    How the hell did the forsworn win? Their gear is shit. Only won cause of their magic

  • iAresFPS

    The reach belong to the forsworn


    What's the difference between Remastered and Normal??

  • Alpha BloodMoon

    Stormcloaks and Imperials VS Forsworn Army*

  • Dwemero

    have save for download?

  • Drake Fire

    Forsworn-Hit and run tactics, they know the terrain, alongside better use of magic.Imperial Legion-Mostly better armor and weapons, especially in the bow department.

  • Legend-gamer- 147

    the army of Imperials then there's that one Stormcloak soldier in the middle

  • Aj Schultz

    the empire is weak because of a the great wasr and the imperials are weak so the forsworn took advantage of that and outmatched the imperials.

  • Drone Guy

    The imperial soldier's army is almost like the Roman Legionnaires armor

  • Jedd Rowbotham

    heart of thorn, bones of the wild!

  • Jetsi Games

    Wiseman I think I saw a stormcloak in the imperial army

  • Sloth2K3

    How do you fly and make the npcs not kill u

  • Aj Schultz

    the only reason the forsworn attack is because long ago the king of markarth asked the stormcloaks to get rid of the reach men aka the forsworn who owned the city before jarl igmund owned it so now the forsworn are trying to blend in with the population to infiltrate the Nord's and are trying to rebel in which they do at one part of the game and its because the forsworn have gathered in strength and the forsworn are just really strong in general to an extent and during the civil war the empire got creamed so now the empire sucks

  • Alan Espinoza

    spaniards vs aztecs!

  • Dave Weis

    bruh u said imperials why tf do i see a stormcloak solider fighting beside imperials 0:50 into the video?

  • Toby Spencer

    how do you make these NPC battles?

  • Courier 6

    Imperial dogs, Ulfric Stormcloak is the true High King

  • Adam Case

    see that's why we need the stormcloaks and Ulfric, he beat the Forsworn savages out of Markarth.

  • Cirrus Coelum

    I hate imperials so much

  • The really bad Animation show

    This is why I wanted to FULLY join these people!Have ALL their camps be friendly if we join them in that quest!Actually there is probably a mod for that...

  • Retierashia

    Lol The Imperials always lose in these NPC battles.

  • The Darksoul

    Who saw the imperial spit out acid?

  • Wisemen - NPC Battles

    Thanks for watching guys! Be sure to watch some of my Fallout 4 Battles:

  • Cl0wn striker

    I'm a stormcloak so fuck those two

  • SocialScience Inc.

    So hard to choose because I hate both of them!

  • Blade The Bear

    That old Witch though!

  • Aj Schultz

    the empire is weak because of a the great wasr and the imperials are weak so the forsworn took advantage of that and outmatched the imperials.

  • olddirtymongrrel

    One thing missing from Skyrim, Imperial Battlemages.

  • Milos Talic

    How do you make those battles?

  • Metal xMulisha

    wish Skyrim was more like dynasty warriors for big battles

  • Dark Angel Overlord

    1:49 did... did he just pewk

  • Dat Boi

    Damn imperial invaders!

  • .:TheWalkerInmortal:.

    0:50 Stormcloack detected xD

  • Some Random White Supremacist

    That moment when you notice two stormcloaks with the imperials

  • Ded Lee

    Anyone else think once we develop some decent AI robots someone will use them to create arena battles like all those npc battles but in real life ?

  • Austin Dean

    If Skyrim had battles like this, I'd play it more often

  • senseicrank

    Well of course the Forsworn won. They had 100 fuckin briarhearts in there while the imperials barely had any chiefs.

  • Andres Mihail Vargas rios

    the empire always loose it's battles, if it wasn't for the dragonborn they would never win the civil war.

  • Draconis Wolfenstien

    all hail the imperial legion!!

  • iLyes Vile Beggar

    1:22 what that stormcloak doin there

  • Nelson der 101er

    Please make a battle between imperials and Thalmor!

  • Giordano Daniel Cordero Mejia

    good video bad finall!

  • Rojan Jalili

    That troll face at 3:01 after one shotting that little brat

  • Tristan Bernek

    What are you npc codes, really would like em :D

  • Kayden Appleton

    Hey come someone tell me how to make these types of video I have the game and all the mods

  • Puddin 32

    why are there stormcloaks fighting along side the imperials?

  • Jake the Snake

    Dawnguard and Vigilants against an army of Vampires

  • Cheesycurve 54

    very good opeing shot

  • Fragonus

    I got a request! How about the Dawnguard vs Vampires?

  • Byzantine Phoenix

    Long live the Empire !

  • Action ia

    Oh please the Forsworn would win no contest. The Imperials and their army in Elder Scrolls are so weak it's just laughable.

  • RavenHolm

    honestly this should have been against the stormcloaks it fits in better with the lore

  • fukbox ramjas

    why is there a storm cloak in the imperial army?

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