From Paid Mods to Creation Club (THE WHOLE THING) | Skyrim Special Edition: Paid Survival Mod

I'm going to be an extreme jackass in this video. I'm going to start off with Valve's original Paid Mods system for NOT SKYRIM and work our way to the Creation Club Microtransactions we have now; as well as opinions on the new Survival Mode that is in Beta for 800 Bethesda Bucks. We'll be discussing internal politics inside of Bethesda Softworks, as well as the Tarshana vs MxR Lawsuit, and people in the modding community such as Chesko, Shezrie, and Arthmoor. Another warning, I will be a jackass about all this, and mean too, because reality isn't nice and this is a dirty, disguising road we are walking.

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  • WhiteWolf16

    I couldn't agree with you more on the point that companies aren't your friends. I have no idea why people think that a big name, for profit company miles upon miles away gives a rat's ass about your feelings. They aren't here to wipe away your tears and bring joy, they are here to make money off a media that has grown unbelievably lucrative over time. There are good companies that make quality products and try as best they can to provide for their fans while trying to maintain a profit, and bad ones that nickle and dime their customers every chance they get. We are still CUSTOMERS to both of them regardless. Wish people would understand that.

  • YoRHa Unit 2B

    Unrelated to all of this Zaric, the auto-captions put "Skyrim Special Edition" to "Scam Special Edition"Thought that was hilarious.

  • Dovah Kaaz

    i agree with all that . that being saidlooks like SKSE is moving forward there is version for modders in alpha stage nowso maybe maybe we get MCM menu soon and some off the mods for Skyrim SE that need script extender

  • Mr Reign

    Easy fix for mod makes make your own fucking vids .

  • Kain Blooden

    I'm going to wait for the complete bundle to be less then £20. Plenty of other stuff to play till then.

  • madscientistshusta

    Im surprised bethesda hasnt hired zaric as public consultant, they could make bethesda have public love like CDRP. Btw iv never purchased anything other than official dlc on my ps4.

  • JJ Therone

    Are you blind? Pls answer in braille if need be

  • Nickname863

    40:00 I just want to see the text go from blue to red. That's all :P

  • KJ L

    are you a human or an altmer ,dat knowledge

  • svord00

    Fuck that, the fifth column must be held responsible for further development of things like this.

  • Leo

    Vampire Seduction ---> ME: BETSHEDA IS NOT MY FRIEND! I MUST OBEY!

  • Ryan Larivee

    Its a sad truth. It sucks to see this developer move to this business model. Its like watching a car crash in slow motion. I just hope another indie dev steps up and gives us the Elder Scrolls type game we all want.

  • kingoftrolls

    I got banned from elianoras page for calling her a sellout for her creation club content

  • Jake Hayes

    Hey thanks for going over the whole thing. I can't keep up with vidya like I used to and it's cool to be able understand the whole thing.

  • John Doe

    I don't understand why so many people are upset at the creation club. The majority of the good mods are on the regular mod section. The only ones I've seen on the creation club are shitty weapon packs and a few gameplay changes. I have yet to spend any money in the creation club. Let the whales boost their credit card charges, it doesn't matter in the slightest.

  • Matthew Mahs

    Well said Zaric, you are definitely right about all this and you're not a jackass you are just making a point on everything my friend that is what I like about you Keep up the good work.

  • Pastahunter

    Cant they see their mistakes? The fools!. Leaving their supporters to drown while they sail on payment given by Bethesda. Sounds safe on paper but little to these pretentious pomps know that the big fish eat the little ones out in the water. When the contract ends, your usefulness expended and are thrown overboard with all the fruits of your toil and labor property of the architect where do you go? Who do you swim to? Are you going to bitch to? The community? When Sky UI gets updated and they don't contact you ever again because "They've got it from here."? The corporate learning curve is no joke.

  • Callumunga

    What about Nexus running ads on download pages, with a cut from the ads going to whoever's mod was being downloaded.Nexus has some reason to do it, and modders get some monetary reward for their long service.

  • Crimson Cavalier

    I have an issue with something you said. I would like to know where you are getting your information regarding that "the average console gamer" spends money on microtransactions. That seems a really out-there statement, and I can't help but think that this is simply your PC-Master Race bias showing. Obviously I have no way of knowing, but I've a feeling that your subsequent comment, the one about whales, is far more accurate than your "the average console gamer" comment. I would be very surprised if your average console gamer spends money on microtrans.Otherwise, great video as is the norm (minus your ridiculous Nintendo video). Keep up the great work.

  • Batshine

    Hit the nail on the head. Put out a pretty product, make it look and play well enough so they can get as much money as possible.

  • Christoph Hofland

    Your not wrong about allot but you are wrong about one thing.They wont take what your worth, just what you'll give them.I dunno why anyone would bother with creation club mods if they aren't expansive nice fat overhauls and modes we don't already have. what else is the point exactly? the nexus exists and those mods are free.And most of those are stupid amounts better then what they are selling. sorry Playstation users, life kinda sucks for ya.

  • deeliriyum

    The most sinister thing about CC is, now that it's set up and existing, it will eventually kill off free mods. It will cause the "brain drain" so the best and highest quality mods will be only available there and we will be left only with work of less capable and less talented people. Bethesda will be satisfied if this little project of theirs brings 0 money but does not cause financial loss at first. Earned money will be reinvested into funding more and more modders until the free modding scene is desolate place and all we are left with are paid mods. Then they will start raking in some phat cash.Yes, it's a slow and very gradual process but like torturer's poison it will eventually work it's way to the heart. Corporations are in it for a long haul and won't mind waiting till free mods fade out of collective memory.

  • Luciano

    follow. the. trajectory.Business practices in 2017 btw. that's it boys.

  • Zach T


  • Aname Goeshere

    Ahhh. . if only Beth could just. . .ohhh I dunno. . . make a more compelling Elderscrolls title. Look at the popular mods. What people want in their ES title. Shit that was roughed out in Daggerfall.They have direct insight into what people want and ignore it.Mods are great, but you have to put in some time and work to have fun.This biggest bit of bullshit is the pricing model -- them leftover points -- the fact you can't just buy precisely what you want for the price it actually is. You have to buy some stupid currency. The price per value is also skewed quite high.

  • V chive

    i got scared at 19:15

  • madscientistshusta

    Bethesda BucksHah! Hey but for real the only reason i cant stand the new survival mod because of the weight carry it takes away, i cant stand that if i could turn that off id do it, maybe you can but im not going to buy it to find out and i dont want to dl the free beta because i dont want it to get attention lol.

  • Titus

    This guy is horribly underrated, sure he a nerd (we all play skyrim here, so what does that make us) but he a passionate nerd (that's something?)

  • Spas Delev

    Can you tell me how is Skyrim looking soo blurry and foggy in the distance in your video?

  • beru56mlg

    MONEY ! (I'll still buy TES6 and F5 tough)

  • deane truelove

    @Zaric Zhakaron honestly, Bethseda NOW is on my ShitList. and fuck spending money on companies that Nickel and Dime us. I've kept my boycott of 1 company, now comes another.

  • Brian Gronberg

    What are your thoughts about premium currency?

  • Cody Polak

    what a fucking great video.

  • dead1yassasinn

    What happened to your mod reviews of Falskaar Wyrmstooth and Undeath?

  • Alejandro Moreno

    Neat explanation. Is all about money!

  • myles samonset

    I love the 90s cartoons at the end lol

  • Josh Giles

    At this point, I hope the entire video game industry implodes under its own greed

  • MCPunk55

    I'm not buying them. I'll pirate the heck out of them. Until Bethesda changes its policies, I will not bother paying them for any product.

  • SMBComix

    They dropped the price to 500 credits, Zaric.

  • poisonsquid37

    You should do a video on the Daedric Princes, their planes of Oblivion, their different weapons, and their histories.

  • Dichotomy

    Zhak Aron..... Jewish Bulgarian.Now I see.

  • Angus Jameson

    I will argue that not all companies just see us as dollar signs. I think your not far off in claiming the gamer publishers (whose sole purpose is to maximize profit) aren't our friends, but I think that there are plenty of game development studios that still operate with the players/fans best interests in mind. For example take 343 Industries (the company responsible for Halo 4 & 5). The Halo community was furious about the bad story and unfamiliar artstyle that Halo 5 had, but in the aftermath of game bashing by fans, they pretty much came out and fully admitted that they messed up. Not just in a damage control PR message, but also in person conversations with community members. They fully acknowledged they upset their fans, and instead just hand-waving the criticisms and catering only to the cod style of fans that didn't care about all that stuff, they listened actively worked to right there wrongs their next game (Halo Wars 2). That game (at least in the artstyle and story department) was basically an apology letter to fans for their previous mistake. Beyond that the company frequently has community spot lights for fan projects and even fan mods for other games. Yes they put micro-transactions in both Halo 5 and Halo Wars 2, and no I can't defend that. Maybe it was Microsoft Studio's (their publisher) idea, but even if it wasn't there's too much evidence to the contrary to claim the company cares only about making a profit. 343i and many other studios like i (CD Project Red for instance)t care about pleasing fans, making good games AND making money as a byproduct of that.

  • Titus

    People mention that this guy should be hired by bethesda, I fucking agree, this guy certainly knows more about ES lore than the actual developers (who may or may not be the makers of the lore themselves idk)But he's like the no.1 critic of bethesda's way of doing things so that's probably why he's not

  • The Ideots

    At uh 15:00 What's uh, what's going on with that little dark elf harem you got going there Zaric?

  • John Adams

    Bethesda is not your friend!

  • MF Shogan

    Zaric please cum on my thigh

  • Gabriel Hage

    For these reasons I keep playing Morrowind and Daggerfall when I miss TES games...

  • [SP] SaeniOnline

    44:55 Ive always appreciated Zaric Zhakaron's honesty... I mean, who doesnt like getting money?

  • Kenpatchi Ramasama

    Yo, can you give me a link to that pop up mod joke modI'd look but I don't know how to properly spell it because I'm sorta deaf

  • n1ch1jou

    Oh hell yeah i will boycott them. The update of F4 that brought creation club to the game broke my mod setup. And i had no choice but restore the mirror of the game folder from my archive and crack the game to play without updates.I had to crack the game i have already bought.This was the last time i bought a bethesda game. Next games from bethesda - i will be waiting for them on torrents.

  • Zaric Zhakaron

    LEARN THE WHOLE STORY:Tarshana vs MxR Lawsuit - NEXUS PROBLEM - for relation but for ACCURACY sake, please re-rate the NEW version of these games that now contain Microtransactions, as the release version did not:Rate Skyrim PC on Steam - Skyrim PC on Metacritic - Skyrim Xbox on Metacritic - Skyrim PS4 on Metacritic - Fallout 4 PC on Steam - Fallout 4 PC on Metacritic - Fallout 4 Xbox on Metacritic - Fallout 4 PS4 on Metacritic - you want to support my channel you can donate here: check out my live-streams at:

  • Landon Perry

    I broke my foot today, but your videos are the best kind if painkiller.

  • Angus Jameson

    You can have your cynical view that allows you to see how sad and disappointing every aspect of human existence is. Meanwhile I'll just be here with the optimistic view, living in the intoxicating bliss of ignorance. Love your content by the way.

  • Hr1s7i

    What Bethsoft are doing is pretty much the reason why people pirate games. Douchebaggery never ends well for companies.

  • madscientistshusta

    Your really sold on es6 being valenwood?I think it will be highrock.

  • Vile Slanders

    I can't tell if the "Pay Zaric via Patreon" pitches were deliberately placed at the later intervals that involved corporate transactions to imply satirical hypocrisy; or if they are genuinely poorly timed attempts at promoting self interest, but..."Capitalist interests are not your friends," "Everyone deserves to get paid for their work," and "Pay me (Zaric) for my work" leads me to the conclusion that Zaric isn't my friend.That's not true, is it, Zaric? I'm not just a potential supplemental income provider to you, am I? Tell me what I want to hear! I'll throw money at you if you do!

  • Nokah

    I wonder, will we ever see a game with similar character customization like morrowind or oblivion coming from AAA titles? Or has the "casual gamer" bandwagon gone so far that we will never see anything comperative again.

  • K22 N34_Dingowarrior

    so what I gathered from this is this. We need someone to go out and start Killing Cooperate heads whom perform these shitty practices... in order to really change anything? good to know.

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