Skyrim: Into the Void [Fan Film]

Dovahkiin, the noble dragonborn hero, is cursed in a fight with a vampire. He spends a considerable time wandering the realm before being captured by the Dark Brotherhood, who offer him a deal. Dovahkiin agrees to help the Brotherhood save a captured member from the Necromancers, in exchange for a cure to his vampirism.

Check out the credits for Skryim: Into the Void here:

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  • Vita Medelyte

    This is EPIC! I have never seen a Fan Made film executed so well. Plus the Dovahkiin is hot as hell!

  • Toxari

    That's really awesome guys I love it

  • Deplorable Me

    MAKE PART 2!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yaz Khan

    I gotta get that armor somehow!!! it rocks! Show up to work wearing that on a monday will make the place lively for sure...

  • Luke Kline

    That's... That's just blackface isn't it? Oh... Oh boy...

  • Merciless24 XD

    The best choreographed fan film I've ever seen

  • diazepam rogue

    OKAY! I love Skyrim I mean do and I have played this game over and over and the dark brother hod start is. All.wrong if your gonna make a seen make it right and "Astrid" downtown have assistance with her and

  • Varghest

    Woah, this is good. Better than any other TES fanfilm at least. If you can, PLEASE make one about the Dragonborn DLC or The Ebony Warrior vs Dovahkiin.

  • Kid With A Crappy Camera

    And this, kids, is why you should always carry a Cure Disease potion with you.

  • Anonymous

    15:31 My favourite killmove.

  • falsedeath1

    LOL the last guy Putting up a spell ward when he's fighting a guy with a sword.. NOOB!

  • minecraft tfarcenim minecraft tfarcenim

    The tornado is the vampire lord...

  • ButterSteel

    They actually made Mehrunes Razor!? Holy Frick!

  • MC_Pablo

    Stuck in Level 5..... :P

  • tye blackburn

    17:26, What .The. F**k

  • LillyTheHerosAngel AFounderOfTheGOVOFHEROS

    can u finish the story i want to know if he got cured or not so plz finish the story plz thanks

  • Hero Games

    They should make a real movie would be freaking awesome and this movie was cool 2

  • LeadTheElite


  • Pürpłė Fłüffÿ Påñčâkēš

    Yes my dark-brother hood peeps have done there quest as for I’m the leader of the dark-brother hood

  • Kenny Gills

    Love how they managed to get Sean Connery for the voice over

  • tye blackburn

    "A disease for which there is no cure".............. OOOOH MY GAWD. This guy needs to go to Morthal

  • flaming ferret :D

    17:27Everyone's reaction to 911

  • OTC Studios

    All of you Are complaining about the "skyrim franchise" but you can't even take a second to appreciate this.

  • Perihelion77

    Not a bad effort, really. But why are there no adults in Tamriel? Casting for these things are all from the local high school or junior college

  • Luis Gustavo

    Weak,dovahkiin is better than this

  • Requiem the Eternal

    That....Was more than kinda awesome.

  • Alivia Witzgall

    Everboby spAM FOR PART 2

  • Cookie Potato

    Only thing is that theres a cure for vampirism

  • diazepam rogue

    As said if your gonna make a seen make it right btw I just happened to stumble upon this video

  • Preston Tranum

    Whats up with all the hate on this video, and Skyrim in general. Personaly I loved the video and appreciate the work that went into it. Just shut up about the armor and skyrim vs morrowind and enjoy the video.

  • Ali Hasane

    this is brilliant :)

  • Corruption Gaming

    is that dunmer the guy who played that blue kid in that one x-men movie?

  • CtrlAltPhreak

    If only he went to Radiant Raiment and dropped 504 gold for a necklace of disease immunity, he could have avoided this whole thing.

  • Trent_Morgz

    Into the void 2 Please

  • enonsages

    And the main reason why he weak is becouse of the fact that he is a vampire , and he is fighting in the light . wow

  • Maggie

    Aw. All of the dark brotherhood is in shrouded robes instead of armor? I wanted to see booty.

  • Darrell Johnson

    needs more full movie necromancy in void

  • MrTea


  • minecraft tfarcenim minecraft tfarcenim

    The dark-brotherhood

  • Dead dude64

    This was the most amazing skyrim vid I've ever seen plz make more

  • Junis Niemann

    Really good actually :D !

  • Very fast Lució skating at incredibly high speeds

    Astrid is a traitor to the cause. Any and all dark brotherhood contracts must be fulfilled, regardless of payment. To shun a summoning is to invoke the wrath of Sithis! If not bound by your own tenants, you are but hired mercenaries!

  • Saulie Saul

    That Dark Brotherhood chick looked sexy in those tight pants....(One handed Skill Increased)

  • Steve 1281

    Wow, this was great!, well done

  • Shalom Merced Montes

    Make another one please


    Goosebumps here I come!

  • Kenny Lin

    4:13 hello Banff lol

  • Daniel Jones

    Name of the theme at 11:24?

  • Attack On Resident Evil

    These guys should make a full movie

  • Vasheska Aronsar

    A snack for Dragonborn :D Nice. Great work!

  • Pelinal Whitestrake

    >Necromancers>Serving DagonLEARN YOUR LORE

  • Ehrann Dealg

    Guess Falion had a backlog of clients

  • justin Harris

    that fast neck bite attack the vampire did in the beginning? love for that to be in the game.

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