Top 5 Skyrim UI Mods

Skyrim Mods - Top 5 Skyrim UI Mods

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5 Even Better Quest Objectives ::
4 moreHUD ::
3 A Quality World Map with Roads ::
2 iHUD ::
1 SkyUI ::
Bonus: Compass Mod - Immersive Undiscovered Locations ::


ModdingForge - Skyrim: My guide to modding Skyrim!

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  • Raphael Haurin

    i cant find moreHUD was it removed?

  • Plox

    SkyUI is awesome with the features but i really dislike how it looks -.-

  • InstrucTube

    I honestly was surprised when I saw iHUD, moreHUD, and SkyUI on here, because in my mind they are a part of the game. I literally will not play it without them.

  • dpetersz

    Nice video, keep it up

  • Nick Morris

    Love your videos InsanO - keep making 'em please!

  • Nathanael Moonsilver

    I completely agree. Couldn't imagine playing the game without these 5 anymore.

  • SuperTN A

    The more HUD mod should've been in the vanilla game as Bethesda did use it in Morrowind

  • contaire03

    try "Atlas Map Markers for Skyrim Blackreach Dawnguard and Dragonborn" it has almost over 9000 endorsements.& from step ini tweaks:[MapMenu]bWorldMapNoSkyDepthBlur=1fWorldMapNearDepthBlurScale=0fWorldMapDepthBlurScale=0fWorldMapMaximumDepthBlur=0fMapWorldYawRange=400uLockedObjectMapLOD=8

  • cvc

    God the original UI sucks so hard. playing SE now, looking for a reoplacement.

  • LIGHT x45

    Am I the only one who wants a mod to change the eye icon which appears when you're spotted during sneak to something more subtle? When using a bow it really obstructs vision if you dont want to exit sneak and re position the crosshair to fire another shot..? i get that its quite neash but if it exists can someone let me know

  • Mu'izz Siddique

    So this is how I found moreHUD? Hmm.

  • MrAlfaman55

    I've played skyrim with skyUI for a few months and I was at a friends place and played skyrim on their console and it took me so long to work out how to use the vanilla hud

  • Jan Šinkovec

    Ive played with SkyUI for so long i honestly dont remember what the original UI looks like

  • Fredrik Jonasson Music

    insane0hflex + Skyrim video = instant watch.

  • Eric Reyes

    I agree with all your choices here. Please continue showcasing your top mods, and I'll continue to watch them. Thank you for your hard w

  • VPChannel

    What visual mods are you using? I find your game very simple and very beautiful, like enhanced vanila.

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