Skyrim Exploration Suite

Credit goes to the composer of the incredible Skyrim soundtrack, Jeremy Soule.

I have been slowly working on this over the past few weeks as I realised not long ago how beautifully the atmospheric and ambient sounds of Skyrim flow with the calmer exploration pieces from the game's soundtrack. I thought it was about time that a large relaxing suite was created for Skyrim. And it seems like this is an appropriate celebration of Skyrim as the Special Edition was only just revealed. I hope you enjoy!

0:00 - Awake
4:07 - From Past to Present
13:49 - Kyne's Peace
17:24 - Dawn
27:08 - Under an Ancient Sun
33:36 - Ancient Stones
41:42 - White River
45:00 - Far Horizons
50:18 - Journey's End
57:48 - Secunda (My Extended Version)
1:03:07 - Frostfall
1:06:20 - Tundra
1:12:08 - Masser
1:17:52 - Standing Stones
1:27:42 - Aurora
1:34:52 - Wind Guide You
Skyrim Atmospheres (throughout)
(Note - not all calm/exploration tracks from the original soundtrack have been used in this suite, only a select few that I felt worked together well)

Artwork used: (Artist Michal Kus)

(No infringement of copyright is intended by the use of these tracks as they are intended as a homage to the video game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim)
  • borgimplant

    Pretty strong Fallout 3 exploration vibe at 1:03:30 and for about the next minute after

  • Django Fett

    I want to play skyrim again not the se version but i really dont want to fix my mods sitting at over 150

  • Murilo Zontur

    Awesome work, instant subscribe!

  • stoge100

    when you play this game in VR and these tracks are playing in the headphones, you feel part of skyrim, its like your living it. amazing game, yes, it has flaws, but its still amazing, VR is the only reason for a 3rd playthrough, its a totally different experience.

  • Ragey McRageface

    People under-appreciate how effective good music is to a game or film.It provides a HUGE sense of immersion. You wouldn't walk into an elf village to hear banjos playing. Much like you wouldn't walk into an orc encampment to hear harps.

  • Sándor Németh

    Wow, amazing. From Past to Present really gives you such an "Into the World" feeling. Can't describe it better.

  • Sándor Németh

    Standing Stones is full with LOTR vibes, which I love truly.

  • Elestro Air-soft

    Listening to this during the Swedish winter <3

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