Top 5 Star Wars Mods for Skyrim

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Ever wanted to add a little bit of Star Wars to your Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim experience? Now you can with these 5 mods we found to make Tamriel feel a bit more like a galaxy far far away.

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Top 5 Star Wars Mods for Skyrim
  • GrantDoesMinecraft

    I used all of the mods to be a sith dress in cool robes and to attack the "rebel bace"  while shooting lightning out of my hands and hacking and slashing away with my lightsaber under the death star moon

  • Hououin Kyouma!

    Magicka sabers seem somewhat lore friendly. I mean if you can summon a blade from another plane and a lot of other crazy things, then why wouldn't you be able to make a magic blade? It's a little redundant, and I think that's why something like lightsabers weren't included, but it's nice to have the option.

  • Garrus Vakarian

    I know it's not star wars but the cybertron moon replacer looks badass

  • Roger Moss

    "Oh, guys look! I'm a nerd, I like Skyrim and Star Wars! Hahaha, look at me! LOOK AT ME!"

  • Michael Douglas

    Wait so we can get a lightsaber free

  • henrik jonassen

    you forgot "Skyrim: The Old Republic"

  • julio lopez

    How could you look at your characters eyes while youre swinging your sword? The camera angle wouldnt allow for it! Ign this no logics!

  • Colin Montgomery

    Darth Maul is a Zabrak, not a Sith Pureblood.

  • Sharon Alderson

    Ign you missed that they have a force mod for skyrim and when you use it its awesome

  • david alexanjan

    They forgot the Darth Vader Mod...

  • Gryphonix

    Gets a battle born add


    where the jedi powers mod?

  • Lycan

    Skyrim: best old game ever..Skyrim will just not go down in 2011 history :)

  • Joe Xnsa

    You missed a freakin X Wing fighter How did you miss that?

  • Cody Carson

    telekinesis force mod throw people and giants around

  • juiced012

    Look guys! i'm a nerd! XD Check out this reference, see I LOVE star wars!!!!

  • Maple Knights Gaming

    At 2:26 my friend and I are highly offended by the ADD comment, so please don't try and hurt people's feelings in later videos, thanks.

  • Joey's BANANA & MAYO Sandwich REVIEW

    and I thought nerds just like to study

  • Uykucu Koala.Tv

    Why you didn't show the swords' draw animation? Is it buggy? If so it cant be good.

  • Nguyen Dung

    U guys forgot the x-wing fighter mod

  • Roy Hartman

    Are the star wars mods for Xbox one, I came across the sabers but not these, I'd like to know I'm wanting a Sith monk character build?, I bought the game and signed in to the Bethesda mod site but I'd like too also know if I need anything more I just the game set up and played with the mods I've been lacking some fun in this game I'd like too change that, thoughts??

  • Logan Moir

    I couldn't get any of those mods

  • Matthew Milliken

    jedi robes.look way different in xbox....nothing like that. honestly looks like I'm wearing a sack and it's craft able through leather so this mod in video probably isn't available to us on xbox for some reason unless it was updated in which case, holy shit I hate you op, change it back.

  • EMERALDEther

    it would be a hit & miss if Elder scrolls Remastered version didn't have these type of mods

  • DoraTheDestroya OCE

    They should make a star wars game like skyrim :O

  • Dublom Stone

    how do u make the hood hide the face? :O

  • Canada Ball

    That's no moon... THAT'S A SPACE STATION!!!

  • Lincoln HerrDur

    Why must I suffer through a thirty second ad for this?

  • Combat Boots

    ... not a single light saber...

  • Joseph Shipman

    Darth Vader mod were you have a two lightsabers together and you can use the force I'm shotgunred1997

  • Primedragoon

    You should feature the Saberlight rings mod, and then for extra flavor, disenchant the ring and put it on the lightsaber. Muwahaha.

  • Floating Mammoth

    Skyrim's Star Wars mods are the reason why I switched from console to PC

  • Ghillie in the Mist

    Mod 1 = thats no moon!

  • bacon 1298

    are they for only Xbox one

  • Mr Qwhat

    the jedi robes make you look like a jawa

  • Jay Large

    the light saber looks great. and how you can make them is sooo cool 

  • AJG 123

    there's a better race mod that features many star wars races including sith and jedi. it also adds the force and other jedi abilities!!they are really coolLink: it out if you want to be admiral ackbar

  • EndyVane /// The Ender Vane

    "Use the force mods" - Obi wan kenobi

  • tim rodriguez

    Can someone make star wars mod on ps4 plzzzz !!!!!

  • BytemeVV -

    I find your lack of immersion disturbing...

  • Collin Music

    the magicka sabers mod and the ancient jedi ancient sith mod

  • Shane Woods

    "Alderon had it coming"

  • Kebab Man

    where is bnob lenon mod ????????????

  • Funkadelic Blood Shugah

    Screw Alderon? Screw you!

  • Monkeyjesus23

    But....Mal wasn't the sith race.....ahhh!

  • Fenrir

    Jedi Academy link pls?

  • Rico cheez

    Bethesda should make a star wars game with the same engine as skyrim and fallout.

  • Conroy100

    I named my next character Anakin Skyrim

  • warejax101

    well i will be cool if they made a mod when you could have a ship and star wars caritors and a force spell to let you pick up some thing a few miles away

  • David Mittelsteadt

    we need a Ahsoka Tano mop.

  • Sirius Gaming

    "i dont think this is the same sith that got the best of liam neeson"Nope, Darth Maul is a Zabrak, thats his race, he is also a Sith in the sense of the order of the sith.Whereas the Sith here is the Pure-blood Sith race which the foundations of the well known Sith empire.

  • Picklechu Pokéman

    May the "Fus" be with you

  • Dovahkiin

    10/10 IGN but what about force powers? Like the biggest part of a Jedi or a Sith. Even though they never use them in the films.

  • fired up gamers beast hunter

    holy shit are these on ps4?

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