Skyrim Serana Glitch 1.9

This happens when you finish Dawn guard quests before doing anything for the companions.
  • ieffectgaming HD

    Started new character yesterday finish dawnguard went to get Lydia she will not follow me, went to read up on dawnguard doesn't mention anything about be able to recruit additional follower. So what the hell are you talking about?

  • ieffectgaming HD

    The quest after that is to look for the Elder Scroll the Dragon one still cannot ask another follower to come if you bring Serana next quest to look for a mother if you have a follow up with you the quest will not start because she doesn't feel right showing an outsider the secret passage next quest is the last and you have to bring Sorana with you and if you ask a follower to come they will not so I'll ask you again what the hell are you talking about?

  • AwakenPlayers


  • George Mcunly

    Can you marry her now?

  • ToothpikcOriginal

    Hey, you're alive! :)

  • ieffectgaming HD

    Serana quest start off by going to look for her in the ruins you can bring your companion with you there when you get out you can bring Sorana with you anyway you want to go by not taking her back home but if you look at the video carefully Serana does not have the Elder Scroll on her back secondly after you take her home she goes her only for one mission next mission is to look for the moth priest you can take her along and you can not asj another follower to come

  • alice lyssa

    Press "~" to open the console and type "set playerfollowercount to 0"

  • James Norman

    I have her and I can trade her stuff I also have Cicero and I can trade him stuff too

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