Skyrim Mod Sanctuary 63 : Werewolves 2

Skyrim Mod Sanctuary 63 : Werewolves 2 - Bloodmoon Rising, Werewolf Perks Expanded and Werewolf Mastery

Mods covered in this video:
1. Werewolf Perks Expanded - Dawnguard (0:32) :
2. Bloodmoon Rising - Dawnguard Werewolf Overhaul (7:04) :
3. Werewolf Mastery (10:58) :

Thumbnail image for this video is 'Lalatia' courtesy of stormdrooper1.

Visit the Heart of the Beasts mod authors YouTube channel :

Mods used in taking this video:
1. Immersive HUD - iHUD :
2. SkyUI (with MCM) :

Visual Mods used in this video:
1. Project Reality - Climates Of Tamriel - Weather - Lighting :
2. DYNAVISION - Dynamic Depth of Field :
3. Realistic Lighting Overhaul :
4. Pure Waters :
5. Static Mesh Improvement Mod - SMIM :

Skyrim Mod Sanctuary - Nexus page for posting images:

The music playing is the Sons of Skyrim from the official trailer.

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  • Tumblr CAT

    are at least on of these perks on the PS4

  • david Vogelpohl

    great mods I  made a combination of mods killer helpful thanks bro great vids try a vampire lord one I know some great vampire lord mods that will help

  • Oliver Holm

    I have blood moon rising, but I can't advance in the skill tree. I still get the werewolf perk available pop-up, but I don't get any perks or skill progression. The same happened when I used Werewolf perks expanded. Does someone know a way to fix this, or command give myself the perks?

  • Golden Bilbo

    help me i press R and Z to open Werewolf menu and he is shout... What i need to do?

  • Dank Memelord

    How in the name of god do you use the totem for the ice wolf? I have no clue what buttons there are.

  • Kiera Muir

    So I downloaded the Werewolf Mastery mod and crafted the ring, put it on and everything, but the customization option doesn't come up in the power section. Help please!!

  • ApExX RaVeNgEr The Dragonborn Hero

    this mod is absolutely terrible. the guy who made this did way too fuckin much. there's a difference between being a werewolf and being the god of war or death. the guy who made this mod was too retarded to know the difference.

  • Cordarius Clayton

    so if I have all of these mods downloaded on my laptop, could I use them all on the same profile for my xbox360...or would I need a different profile for EACH mod?

  • Wakko Sick

    you didn't show moonlight tales. this was a real waste of time.

  • Alex Lester

    Without a doubt THE BEST MODS I'VE EVER SEEN since werewolves are something Bethesda didn't really focus on obviously they were more focused on vampires. So the fact that i don't have to constantly be looking for life to feed on only to prolong my limited werewolf experience brings a perfect balance! Also i was wondering if this mod would be available on console with the skyrim remastered edition?

  • Logan Davis

    Is anyone here experiencing conflict issues with Werewolf Mastery? I'm having such a problem and I'd like to know how to fix it.

  • Toby Hatrick

    when he said the mod was cald Werewolf perks Enhanced, he ment Werewolf perks Expanded. Right?

  • Jacob Lewis

    Isn't Fury Swipes a move in Pokemon?

  • Lemmings-Gaming

    Talking to people in werewolf form????&)....thats how I do the unlimited armor glitch

  • tedious305

    what console commands did you use to unlock all the perks for bloodmoon and werewolf perks expanded?

  • Fenrir Ratwolf

    can you playas werewolf with Dawguard quest line as a vampir hunter?

  • wolf cundy

    Are these mods available for the Skyrim special edition on pc?

  • McBobbish

    for some reason, beast mode menu doesnt work. when I press sheath, the power button still triggers the howl.

  • Leonnia Watkins

    is there a mod for making the werewolf hairier

  • felicie mike

    bethesda shooting down mods let everyone no....

  • Ubsefor !

    Not able to cheat your way into it? C'mon, maan:placeatme <whatever Edda's ID is> 100Here you go... If your game survives it without crashing...

  • Ankhu

    I really enjoy Blood Moon Rising's werewolf "aging" system-- made me feel as if my character was really progressing through their lycanthropy and earning their place at the top of the food chain.

  • Shadirah Cerulean ProdoPictures

    alright quick question how the helll can you find a cape in skyrim xbox 360 i been trying to find a cape ever since i reached level 19

  • heckovi najjaci

    Are the 1st and 3rd mods compatible ?

  • AyElCee

    Playing again after about a year and still have no idea how you changed your skill tree visuals. The green light is so awesome looking. If anyone can help (unless it's been deleted or just completely out of date) it would be a great help!

  • Dark Umbra Gaming

    Werewolf mastery sounds pretty op if you think about it.

  • Joshua Seagondollar

    Umm Gopher? Richard apparently had a white-hot piece of metal grafted into his arm without telling you again.

  • Darcy Dettmann Junior

    11:37 Richard, what the fucking are you doing?

  • DkXboxer

    I'd like to combine these mods so you earn these bonuses and give explanations like the "word" is your blood of dovah or your ability of dovahkiin to add words to your howl, or using your knowledge of magic to upgrade your armor into your hide so you get shades of glass, fur, daedric and so on on your skin as a werewolf after you have mastered your Ability as a werewolf. Also capes can be added as an extended mane on your back based on color and your hair could be interwoven into your beast based on length and color as well. As you tame and master the beast within, you should be able to access abilities in human form and further hone your abilities in beast form, even being able to talk and loot (with looting being apart of melding armor into your beast form, creating a pocket to put your stuff in.)

  • Alpha WolfSRS3

    plz tell me these mods are available for the xbox 360 version of skyrim!!!!!

  • nick71223

    is this mod on Xbox one

  • EvilNecroid

    dammit werewolf mastery doesnt work with moonlight tales anymore.i really wanted the looting part of it


    if i add mods to my current game, will it mess it up at all? i worked hard to get my guy where he is now so i need to know this.

  • GameAllDay

    I can't change back to human the menu in werewolf can some one plz help

  • James Parker

    The only thing I didn't like about Werewolf perks expanded is the "Beast Nature" perk. It's really overpowered. Other than that the mod is great.

  • Shock

    werewolfs are the best , vampire sucks....literaly:)))

  • Azrael Selvmord

    I like how useless the "Werewolf Mastery" I made the ring, altered my options. Not results. I can't even have no hostile NPCs or infinite werewolf. Garbage mod...

  • Omarian Taylor

    can u do all this on xbox


    i need the mod that allows me to make followers drink my beast blood. anyone know the name of the mod?

  • abb criss

    The silver ring thing isn't all that odd. In a lot of werewolf lore silver rings are used to control or suppress the werewolf aspect. So mods using it to control the settings is actually fitting.

  • Drew Hamilton

    Will these mods be on Xbox one with special edition?

  • BioCapsule

    Just a note... it's not strange to use silver. Silver is associate with the moon.

  • UntitledSpy

    Finally got back into Skyrim and enhancing the game via these mods. Thank you for sharing with us these awesome mods (including some of the previous ones). You are very good at explaining everything in great detail. :D

  • mema uzamaki

    so i could change me eye color to red

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