Top 10 Video Games of All Time

This is it, the list few of you thought we’d dare to do. Remember that in order to make this list, a game needs to have made at least Rank 4 or higher in our games per generation series. Join as we conclude our Top Video Game series with the Top 10 Video Games of All Time. Check us out at, and

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  • KalligTheGray

    I may be in an extreme minority here, but I personally think Ocarina of Time is a HUGELY over-rated game. I wouldn't even go so far as to call it the best Zelda game of all time, much less the best video game period, but that's just MY opinion. Honestly, I think Twilight Princess is a much better game with a better cast of characters, and arguably the best incarnation of Link to date. I'm not counting Breath of the Wild since I haven't played it and I'm avoiding doing research on it until I get a chance to pick it up for myself, but that's beside the point...I feel like a LOT of gamers speak so highly of Ocarina purely on the grounds of nostalgia, and are almost blinded to some very deal-breaking flaws in the experience such as needlessly-cryptic and maze-like level design, a first act that repeats lore to the point of tedium that you can't speed up in any way, and a helper character that was handled in such an irritating manner that she became the most famous joke about the franchise. Navi the Fairy was handled so poorly that she was ultimately wasted, and you can even make the argument that Midna's role throughout most of Twilight Princess was an attempt to take the concept of having a helper character alongside Link and actually give them a real importance to the story of their particular game, as well as contribute to gameplay in a unique way.I'm not saying Ocarina of Time is a bad game, cuz it's not, but it's not THE best video game of all time. Solid Top 10 material, but not the best. It has too many forgettable characters, one of which being so badly mishandled that they're nothing but a joke to the fanbase now, and a deus ex machine ending that kinda makes the whole game feel unnecessary if you're willing to pick it apart like I am. I'm also not saying Twilight Princess is the best Zelda game, only that it's MY personal favorite, being the only Zelda game I've ever been able to beat without help or feeling like a lab rat being subjected to behavioral tests.I can't say for certain what the best video game of all time is, but I also doubt there CAN be said to be a true "best ever" video game, as every gamer has different tastes, as well as their own experiences with games that will affect their opinions, much like my frustration with Ocarina of Time compared to my relative easy time with Twilight Princess makes me favor the latter over the former. I think the original Painkiller would be a pretty good contender for the top spot for someone like me: Blowing away demons, undead, and all manner of unholy creatures while a kick-ass heavy metal soundtrack blasts through my speakers? Sign me right up!Trying to declare a definitive "Best Video Game of All Time" is simply not possible, as there will be no unanimous agreement between gamers and critics about which game deserves to sit atop the throne, but EVERY gamer has at least one that will forever hold a special place in their hearts. So, just for funzies, here's MY Top 10 Video Games, in no particular order:Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2Mass Effect 2Star Wars: The Old RepublicStar Wars Battlefront 2Devil May Cry 3Resident Evil 4Crysis 2The Elder Scrolls V: SkyrimDiablo 3The Legend of Zelda: Twilight PrincessAnd, hey, if you made it all the way down here and haven't written off everything I've said as gamer heresy, here's a bonus: I think Dragon's Dogma is a VERY under-rated game, and any fan of RPGs with lots of lore, an engaging world, and great combat should go check it out. The level of customization that goes into making your character is insane, and how the game handles the passage of time makes it feel more organic than a LOT of other RPGs I've played in the past that either feel too predictable and artificial, or never change unless the plot demands it. I haven't played ENOUGH of it to rank it among my Top 10, but I plan to rectify that if I can ever pull myself away from Diablo 3.I know this was long, and I thank you for your time and your patience.

  • Cha Boom

    How does super Mario world get 4 that's like the best game ever

  • Nick Axhorn

    I had mario for Nintendo that exact one and my Nintendo doesn't work

  • MrGamer HUN

    Mario is better than HL2? REALLY?

  • EmilTG

    Where is Minecraft ?!?! 🤔 o.O

  • Nessim Benhassen

    where is SUPER MARIO GALAXY 1&2 ?!?!?!?😭😭😭

  • Ajay Moore IV

    List is invalid if no Dark Souls. Sorry. And i love and played every game on this list. Also no FF7. I know ppl tend to say it’s overrated but in its time period it was a gaming legend. How do you not have arguably the best game on the best selling system ever ?

  • Kithro Games

    Ocarina of time is a terrible game I can't see how you could like it that game makes me want to kill everyone and it makes me hate Nintendo for ,asking it.

  • Shoha Kyu

    Where is sonic 06 and mass effect andromeda

  • ᗰEᗩTY

    I love seeing people whine and bitch on these videos.

  • Agustín Pereira

    Skyrim? Portal2? both or them are a good games but wtf is this list? Metal gear solid and gta sa an honorable mentions? Cmon

  • Mohamad Olleik

    Donkey Kong of all times.

  • SuperMarioRock 47

    My personal favorite game of all time is super Mario world, it was the first game I ever played

  • Thresh God :3

    i agree with legend of zelda oot but to be honest i got stuck on so much part of the game :(

  • Random Aussie

    Skyrim only 8 come on it could of being 9

  • Meme Machine


  • Mobi Adam

    Legend of Zelda most overrated game of all time

  • Solarat 1701

    A Half-Life game only gets #3?!?! SHAME ON YOU!!!

  • Greg Holman

    Don't forget about some of the Final Fantasy games, perhaps.

  • shan bhatti

    what about last of us

  • burrencrawler

    you forgot minecraft

  • Kithro Games

    The best game in my mind is assassins creed 4 I don't care about child hood or any of that nothing comes close except maybe 1 or 2 Mario games. This list is terrible I don't like 99% of this list no wait 100% of this list

  • 60 FPS Or Bust

    My list: (Worst to best)10. Super Meat Boy9. The Binding of Isaac8. The End is Nigh7. Fallout: New Vegas6. Call of Duty: Black Ops 25. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas 4. Ratchet and Clank 23. Grand Theft Auto IV2. Bully1. Half-Life 2

  • abcd efgh

    Thanks for putting my fav game on this list: Half Life 2!

  • Smegal Baggins

    Just because a game is old and iconic doesn't make it one of the best. There are much better games out there.

  • Zacimus Prime

    Where the hell is halo on this list 😡😡😡!!!!

  • Noah Murrells

    Halo 3 should have been 1

  • Ben Chamberlain

    Where is halo 1 and halo reach not only that you are ranking Skyrim at 8 when it should be in the top 3 and the best game ever is either halo reach or destiny 1 destiny 2 was a let down but halo reach and destiny 1 should be in there

  • open it up

    Skyrim is for the nords

  • Cadecta Gaming and Vlogs


  • Cassie Mavis

    where is red dead redemption ?

  • Ivan Gale

    What about mafia 2 thats not fair the game would've been great if it wasnr cut :,(

  • snes for life

    Top 10 solo experience:1. Zelda A link to the Past2. Super Mario World3. Super Metroid4. Zelda Ocarina of time5. Super Mario 646. Chrono Trigger7. Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy Kong Quest8. Metal Gear Solid 29. Resident Evil 410. Red dead Redemption

  • adithya am

    where is Halo combat evolved and Minecraft..............................

  • ThreeRingLebron

    No red dead redemption?

  • arash yadegary

    Really? Gta sa and mgs 1 were honorable mentions?

  • RCool B

    They should keep updating the list. I think now Breath of the Wild would take up the spot

  • Ivan Gutierrez

    Good I got resident evil 4 on ps4 bringing memories back

  • Abdo Rizk

    World of Warcraft and The Last of Us belong on this list

  • Jack Rios

    Red dead redemption? Any call of duty game? Assassins creed? Battlefield? This list isnt faulted you just cant make a list like that. There are so many video games

  • Nonsense


  • Ryu Hayabusa

    should have put tetris on #1 so no one would complain

  • Caleb Rausch

    How is the last of us not on this list at all or even in honorable mentions?!?!

  • O. M.

    Where the f**k Is Spyro Prince of persia and Assassins creed??????

  • Thaghost32

    The last of us didn’t even make an honorable mention....

  • Kevin Erives

    MGS only an honorable mention? When I was a child I though OoT was the best but now I think MGS 2 is the best

  • Owen Riley

    if any halo game should be on the Honourable mentions it should be halo 3


    Where is Sonic 3 and knuckles ????

  • Dead Chicken

    My list (Personal):10- Splinter Cell Blacklist (or chaos theory)9- Red Dead Redemption8- Plants vs Zombies 7- GTA V6- Assassin's Creed II5- Portal 24- Skyrim3- Uncharted 4 A thief`s end2- Half-Life 2Honorable mentions: Halo Combat EvolvedUncharted 3CS 1.6GTA Vice city storiesTest Drive UnlimitedMirrors EdgeMinecraftBioshock1- Bully

  • Angel Cisneros

    BioShock sweetie I am so sorry...

  • Nonsense

    Gta san andreas will go down in history HANDS DOWN!

  • Al Deliss

    They need to do this again

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