Skyrim Mod: Clean Up Your Corpses

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Clean Up Your Corpses

Intro/Outro Music:
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  • Simon The Best

    "Burning them is especially satisfying, as they scream while their body gets thrown around by the pain"

  • Harry Watson

    1:17 went from 0 - 10000000.

  • MilkToast

    Why was this stuff not added to the game???

  • Night Fang

    how do i bury them idk how to do it

  • Yukari Hina

    Finally I can fuxking murder that bitch Braith with stranger danger and this

  • Carlos Marques NEW LINK TO THIS MOD :)

  • BulletKingIsHere

    can someone please import this

  • The Nightwalker

    Xbox anytime soon?, hunterborn made it lol

  • Churro Memer link in the description doesn't work anymore, so here's one that does

  • Gary Triano

    Lmao the mod is no more you weirdos

  • Scott Stampp

    Can you turn off the thing with the vampires being not actually dead. I just wanted something to people able to give the ebony warrior certain npcs warrior burials

  • SomeKindaSpy

    Awww. The mod was removed. :(

  • Robert Corbell

    You had me at post-mortem crucifixion... XD

  • Kavinth Amirthanathar

    1:18 you must really love JoJo

  • Shandon Olmos

    I wish this mod didn't have dependencies on all of the DLC, I'm editing skyrim's game settings to allow more corpses in complex scenes and I was hoping to find a mod that allowed a lore friendly way to remove and honor the dead after large battles.

  • Comp Engineering Is My Life

    Stewards won't talk with me

  • Turmoil Turmoil

    Cremate Ebony Warrior, nail Nazeem

  • Jacob Duchesne

    Anyone know if this is on Xbox se yet??

  • Quinn The Wolf

    But we already have an honorable way to get disposed of corpse! The dead body cleanup cell!!! XDJust joking xDThe mod looks very realistic :DI think im going to try itIt will enable me to hang more trophys in the trophy roomAnd lydia and alot if imperials will end up on the wallAlso i hope i can put heads on spikes xDAnd yes its sadistic :P

  • Mary Ann Fournier

    That kills people Carl!

  • I'm really angry x98372

    3:30 I’ve never heard such a sadistic sentence spoken so calmly before.

  • Kastal Dremora Lord Warrior King

    Is it a mod for your Xbox One if not I'm going to get really angry I will be complaining I'll be saying you should put all these mods on Xbox One and PS4 not PC

  • Danica Jones

    I can imagine someone killing Nazeem then hammering him in the cloud district...

  • Grelod The kind

    I know you're all thinking of me right now.....

  • Arcy VonOwl

    I usually kill all the imperial and talmor soldiers i find if no one is around to increase my bounty then i nail the to trees most of the time.

  • Soldier4USA2005

    As cool as this is, it's kinda pointless unless the NPC's interact/respond.Then there's the problem of save bloating. I don't care what mod you're using. Eventually your saves will get huge because the game is trying to remember every grave or burned body you created.

  • Conspiracy Mapper

    now i know what to do with Nazeem.....

  • His Holiness

    Id kill for this mod to be on SSE no pun intended

  • CmeCrazyCow

    this needs to be on xbox

  • jordan h

    Can someone port this onto special edition

  • TrygveBlackTiger Media

    Gonna use it for my modded Witch hunter build. You know to warn people from doing heresy.

  • nottheonlysinner

    The link is broken. Here is the new one.

  • Alexander Rüffer

    Clean up your Corpses

  • Lloyd Nix

    I'm going to go back to that cavern and bury that guys body.

  • salah ramone

    ''......manipulate corpses in a bunch of different fun and immersive ways. '' o.o deam...

  • Line Ark Industries

    In the future, for anyone who may have issues with crafting certain things in this game: many items require firewood, like the clout shovel or grappling hook. They won't show up in the crafting menu UNLESS YOU HAVE THE REQUIRED CRAFTING MATERIALS.

  • Sher Shah

    You may find this mod here-

  • Andrew White

    Re-upload, for those who want to check it out!

  • Jackalack313 M

    brilliant for roleplay

  • Ingenious Iron

    someone needs to make the roads to solitude lined with imperials

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