Skyrim Mod: Clean Up Your Corpses

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Clean Up Your Corpses

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  • MilkToast

    Why was this stuff not added to the game???

  • Cody Johnson

    I hope this mod comes to xbox1

  • Jackalack313 M

    brilliant for roleplay

  • nottheonlysinner

    The link is broken. Here is the new one.

  • Kakashi Hayate

    how do i bury them idk how to do it

  • Grant Walter

    I REALLY WANT THIS MOD!!! I want to nail Thalmor people to walls and strip their bodies! I want to bury my allies and the guy who sacrificed himself so you could defeat miraak. I want to get rid of the corpese in riverwood because they are really annoying..... But IT ISNT FUCKING AVAILIBLE FOR THE FUCKING XBOX ONE!!! SCREW THIS SHIT!!!!

  • Honeysmile13

    woooh a mod for psychological warfare, me likey aloooot

  • Arcy VonOwl

    I usually kill all the imperial and talmor soldiers i find if no one is around to increase my bounty then i nail the to trees most of the time.

  • Turmoil Turmoil

    Cremate Ebony Warrior, nail Nazeem

  • SomeKindaSpy

    Awww. The mod was removed. :(

  • Danica Jones

    I can imagine someone killing Nazeem then hammering him in the cloud district...

  • Soldier4USA2005

    As cool as this is, it's kinda pointless unless the NPC's interact/respond.Then there's the problem of save bloating. I don't care what mod you're using. Eventually your saves will get huge because the game is trying to remember every grave or burned body you created.

  • Calvin Chan

    I install this mod, but it keeps crashing my game, even when I remove some useless mods. I've tampered with it and still crashes on me.

  • The Nightwalker

    Xbox anytime soon?, hunterborn made it lol

  • shadowslayer205

    The mod should have included a wooden stake as an option to finish off defeated vampires.Also, the mod has a new link:

  • Harry Watson

    1:17 went from 0 - 10000000.

  • I'm really angry x98372

    3:30 I’ve never heard such a sadistic sentence spoken so calmly before.

  • Ingenious Iron

    someone needs to make the roads to solitude lined with imperials

  • His Holiness

    Id kill for this mod to be on SSE no pun intended

  • Artyom A Tarkov

    I'll eat nazem now 👹(this mod has been removed from the nuxes)you can download it by this URL👇'm not sure if the URL is right I wrote it with my fingers.

  • Shandon Olmos

    I wish this mod didn't have dependencies on all of the DLC, I'm editing skyrim's game settings to allow more corpses in complex scenes and I was hoping to find a mod that allowed a lore friendly way to remove and honor the dead after large battles.

  • Nikolaj Aleksandrovitj Romanov

    When i click on the link, nexus tells me thatthis file could not be found in their database. Can someone help me?

  • Simon The Best

    "Burning them is especially satisfying, as they scream while their body gets thrown around by the pain"

  • Carlos Marques NEW LINK TO THIS MOD :)

  • Mary Ann Fournier

    That kills people Carl!

  • Sky Rider

    now i know what to do with Nazeem.....

  • Wexley Yarway

    ill give the old orc the best death he can ask for

  • Lloyd Nix

    I'm going to go back to that cavern and bury that guys body.

  • Churro Memer link in the description doesn't work anymore, so here's one that does

  • Yukari Hina

    Finally I can fuxking murder that bitch Braith with stranger danger and this

  • D3ADLY v4

    Ffs why aren't these type of mods on xb1

  • Comp Engineering Is My Life

    Stewards won't talk with me

  • Hellwarz

    link does not work and I can't find it on the nexus

  • Zero60133

    What a time to be alive. This game has best community.

  • CmeCrazyCow

    this needs to be on xbox

  • salah ramone

    ''......manipulate corpses in a bunch of different fun and immersive ways. '' o.o deam...

  • Gamer's International Agency (G.I.A)

    Killed Nazeem and impaled him on his own fuckin' house. Then, I went to kill the Ebony Warrior, used the Dead Thrall spell and burried him near mansion (Heartfire DLC) along with Lydia, Faendal and my wife. House got attacked by bandits and she decided to fight them with an iron dagger. She just got rekt in front of my own eyes. Thanks to the iNeed mod, I fell to the lowest healthiness by drinking too much. Who should I marry now?

  • noah jariett

    um...does steam have this to??? and is it gone

  • Grelod The kind

    I know you're all thinking of me right now.....

  • Robert Corbell

    You had me at post-mortem crucifixion... XD

  • Your-fucking-god

    please tell me this is on ps4

  • Red Warrior

    Я единственный русский смотревший это видео?

  • Zoobeamer

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