Skyrim how to make serana

"Skyrim how to make serana" no description available.
  • David Helisch

    At least i found finally a good tutorial _

  • Reece Davies

    It's a good attempt but in my opinion it doesn't look anything like Serana. She is one of a kind.

  • Frederik Bruun

    trying to count allong with him is killing me! he makes me loose my place everytime xD

  • Jasmine soulard

    Thanks, it was really helpfull, I love also your other videos. How do you know the numbers? Is there a site that tells you or is it experience?

  • Katie Brown

    Umm followed directions perfectly and she looked like a snob not Serena

  • alex mercer

    um can you send me all the numbers for all parts please from race to hair

  • sophie mcgilvray

    add me on ps4 sophiarosita

  • James Quinn

    Just tried to follow this on the special edition of skyrim for xbone and my female character looks nothing like serana :(

  • Paramyx

    Can you show us how to make Lord Harkon

  • Scarlett Wolf

    Can you show us how to make Senna (Dibella Priestess) please?

  • Metsän Herra Mikael

    I left the Eyeliner on :-D

  • Rosy The Chicken

    When I made Serana I changed the eye hight, eye liner, eye color, hair color, and lip color, and named her Rosy Blossom! She looked super Cute!

  • Klondykk

    i'm not trying to be rude, but seranas eye color is green.

  • Lone Samurai

    This video proved to help me. Though the skin tone could have been a little darker. But over all it was helpful.

  • Hailey Scott

    Can you send me the numbers also? Thank you.

  • Satans Fetus Legs

    At first I was confused. "WTF? it doesn't look like serana at all" but then I got vampirism and it looked pretty close, good job.

  • Butch DeLoria

    Do you think you could make a guide for how to make the Character Ancano The High Elf Thalmor found at the college of winterhold.

  • Carlos Paladin satan

    Hey can you dend me the numberd please


    You got it from a website, don't lie then less people want to sub

  • Vayne

    i have a question Could you make Sylgja plssssssss?

  • Simen Lunden

    Just download seranas hair mod it works on consol to

  • Sensei Skyrim

    Fantastic job, my only critic is that Serana has black lipstick on, not gray.

  • Addison ann

    True, she is a nord eh? That's why she's a lot taller then me and I'm Breton. I love her so much ❤️.

  • Andrea Ravaioli

    I set all the numbers right everything match but dont look like yours in the video (i got ps3)

  • JS Mods

    your my number 1 youtuber for character creation

  • Diana Kotikova

    This is cool! Thank you, Like)

  • Vayne

    i think nomber 17 on hair is suitabel

  • AnimalsTryGaming

    Only if they had her original hair it would look almost excactly like her

  • crazy cello lover .13

    um.... you sure this is serana? she looks like maven black-briar.....

  • Bailey forsyth

    no offence but she looks like maven black-briar

  • Luis González

    Can u helpme to make ingun black-briar?

  • Alison Peterson

    What would a Breton look like if you did the exact same thing? I wish did nord/:

  • Reese Freedman

    Dude can you try to do General Tullius? And Arngier? Just for fun. Or Tolfdir? Or the Ebony warrior, or Miraak?

  • James Quinn

    ok correction i just did another female character following this guide and BY GOD she looks even more like serana on the xbox one version then the ps3 and 360 version (i had a mod on that changed the appearance of female characters haha)

  • Sparkle AJ

    Overall overview of the character selections:Race: Nord Skintone: 1Weight: 2Head (everything): 0Nose Type: 1Nose Height: 11Nose length: 10 Jaw Width: 16Jaw Height: 6Jaw Forward: 10Cheekbone Height: 13Cheekbone Width: 12Cheek color: 0(All of the rest options in "Face" are 0)Eye Shape: 3Eye Color: 1Eye Height: 11Eye Width: 10Eye Depth: 6Eyeliner color: 0Eye Shadow: 1Eye Tint: 4Brow Type: 6 Brow Height: 7Brow Width: 8Brow Forward: 10Mouth Shape: 14Mouth Height: 12Mouth Forward: 10Chin Width: 14Chin Length: 10Chin Forward: 10Lip Color: 4Hair Style: 11 (But like he said you can make it whatever you think suits her)Hair color: 9 (Black)See what the full character looks at 8:33, hoped this helped!

  • Bostonzo B

    She has green eyes, but yes, accurate

  • pathogenofdecay

    I'd like to request Angi if and when you start this series again. I may have to be Serana now. :D

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