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  • raging caigun 596

    What mod did he use to make the graphics so beautiful

  • Bronana99 VisioniedStorm

    Where did he get the wings/Which mod Is that.

  • John Ferrari

    you're so awkward to listen to

  • John Hale


  • Allianne Love

    am I the only one here who has xbox one s...

  • AnyOneGotThe Bleach?

    when your game is so modded that it's not even skyrim anymore

  • Saeedkhalfan Almeawali

    my name saeedkhalfan from uae and I play skyrim

  • lightninboy 2000

    a tiny spider? thats about a cat size spider

  • Rexxy6

    That shout is weird to summon.. You have to be in a big open area, it also must be flat. Then summon him on the ground.

  • Ted Y

    These mods lmao were fucking triggering me

  • DrawTorials

    First vid i watch, already subbed

  • TechAnimeGames

    To summon him I look up and use it. If you listen to him when it there he even tells I that.My ex girlfriend had him

  • Ahmed Mansi

    What's the name of the map mod?

  • Deus EX

    ugh watching you trying to summon durnavir is really driving me nuts. To summon you need SPACE because it's a dragon duh! I recommend a flat surface and plenty of space (Shrine of Azura, Throat of the world, in between your mom's legs) guess I made my point.

  • Jordan S

    I summon him all the time. he's my main man

  • Juan Mil

    You need room for the summon

  • mr fister

    point at the ground then shout to summon

  • Dj Glitch

    You have to be in a open area.. lmao

  • BlackPanthers

    You're hilarious... that dragon is the Soul Cairn dragon NOT the Stormcloak one... nice try though.

  • steel58836

    Where can I find what mods he uses! They look amazing!

  • Joshua Kee

    you have go to a flat area

  • Douie Jordan

    wtf this guy on meth or something.

  • Jesse Sessions

    Belrand 15Foot Tall Giant Wearing Bright Blue Armor Good At Sneaking.

  • end me

    How Do you get that dragon

  • William Lillevik

    Durnehviir wouldt spawn because he counts as a atronach or other conjured/summoned creatures and you were aiming too far away from yourself

  • jason yoder

    you ready to pass I'm ready to jump on your ass

  • Here Now

    I have mixed feeling about this channel i only like it because he plays skyrim

  • Daryl

    im glad i found this channel. You're hilarious Sam

  • Daniil Harshkou

    you need to hold the botton for shouting

  • hunter hartman

    What animation mod do you use??

  • CoreOf Sirius

    wow you fucking raped the beauty of skyrim with all your mods. now it looks like every other edgelord free to play mmorpg.

  • MiYeon Kim


  • Todd Nagel

    wuv the vid btw your osume

  • MinniMaster

    What's the theme at the start? It's pretty damn cool.

  • dspsx

    I remember watching you ages ago I remember like in whiterun you made your followers big to me back then it was just some random dude who wasn't a good youtuber now I watch you everyday and seeing your giant belrand just reminded me of back then.

  • Robin Freestyler

    whats the intronsongs name?

  • Skyrimlover1987 Faz

    Hold the button down

  • martin similä

    holy fuck this was 2015where the fuck did the time go?`????

  • JmiTheGamer i

    my p** is 123,123 km long

  • Kurt Russel Banihit

    I cringed when he is trying to summon durnehviir on the sky

  • NaMe Of A pErSoN

    I accidentally spawned him when I first started playing xD. Scared the shit outta me.

  • Dragon Cerc

    nice to see you killing those imperial scumbag cowards

  • dark lord

    summon him 3 times and get the three words

  • dark lord

    summon him 3 times and get the 3 words

  • KatEternity 2

    What what in the butt!

  • chitanedidi

    whish vinderspt ost is this ?

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