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  • MiYeon Kim


  • Kurt Russel Banihit

    I cringed when he is trying to summon durnehviir on the sky

  • CubularCreeper

    lmao the green dragon told you to say "Rii" (pretty damn close to Reeee) to tear away your enemy's soul...

  • Wilhil Ingreso

    Hi Sam what mod do you use "Stormcloak dragon"

  • Jesse Milligan

    why don't you waitwhore it? you make all these saves you're never going back to, just turn auto save off for everything except wait and wait then exit immediately and it'll auto save then just save whenever you feel like you're happy with how the game is going and you want a hard save to come back to

  • mr fister

    point at the ground then shout to summon

  • dark lord

    summon him 3 times and get the 3 words

  • martin similä

    holy fuck this was 2015where the fuck did the time go?`????

  • Mr. Tur_tle

    I'm with the imperial

  • Jesse Braswell

    You got mods and stuff Ifinesed war suff at lvl 20-27 killed alduin around lvl 30 stoped asspown around lvl 50 took out muirack around lvl 60 and finished the dawngord dlc around lvl 63 all an the base fricking deficity

  • raging caigun 596

    What mod did he use to make the graphics so beautiful

  • jackson brahmer

    it doesn't need to be in an open space he will spawn in flight if there is not enough room

  • Angelo Reynolds

    Dude dont hold it down

  • NaMe Of A pErSoN

    I accidentally spawned him when I first started playing xD. Scared the shit outta me.

  • Ahmed Mansi

    What's the name of the map mod?


    When UR Playing Skyrim And ur parents walk in while ur streaming YOU: MOM DAD!!!!!

  • Rexxy6

    That shout is weird to summon.. You have to be in a big open area, it also must be flat. Then summon him on the ground.

  • Jordan Spencer

    "Belrand, you sneaky bitch. No one's ever gonna see you." I laughed way too hard at that.

  • dark lord

    summon him 3 times and get the three words

  • MinniMaster

    What's the theme at the start? It's pretty damn cool.

  • Dovahkiin HU3BR

    Gonna make the empire weaker and help the Thalmor in some degree huh?Despite that, nice mods bruh. Do not give a crap about the mod hatters in the comments

  • Dj Glitch

    You have to be in a open area.. lmao

  • Juan Mil

    You need room for the summon

  • jason yoder

    you ready to pass I'm ready to jump on your ass

  • Here Now

    I have mixed feeling about this channel i only like it because he plays skyrim

  • hunter hartman

    What animation mod do you use??

  • Bronana99/// ///BronanaArmy

    Where did he get the wings/Which mod Is that.

  • lightninboy2000

    a tiny spider? thats about a cat size spider

  • Jesse Sessions

    Belrand 15Foot Tall Giant Wearing Bright Blue Armor Good At Sneaking.

  • BlackPanthers

    You're hilarious... that dragon is the Soul Cairn dragon NOT the Stormcloak one... nice try though.

  • Allianne Love

    am I the only one here who has xbox one s...

  • Walid Taylor

    you have to point it at the ground

  • Northern Kai

    That intro music by Vindsvept tho..

  • The Wonderer

    Do these mods work on Xbox one?

  • chitanedidi

    whish vinderspt ost is this ?

  • Todd Tully

    I like the way you tell the story when you play

  • William Lillevik

    Durnehviir wouldt spawn because he counts as a atronach or other conjured/summoned creatures and you were aiming too far away from yourself

  • Ted Y

    These mods lmao were fucking triggering me

  • Skyrimlover1987 Faz

    Hold the button down

  • steel58836

    Where can I find what mods he uses! They look amazing!

  • DrawTorials

    First vid i watch, already subbed

  • Deus EX

    ugh watching you trying to summon durnavir is really driving me nuts. To summon you need SPACE because it's a dragon duh! I recommend a flat surface and plenty of space (Shrine of Azura, Throat of the world, in between your mom's legs) guess I made my point.

  • KatEternity 2

    What what in the butt!

  • Julian Amador

    for the remaster i found him out side the castle u go that is owned by vampires but this also helps

  • Jordan S

    I summon him all the time. he's my main man

  • Daniil Harshkou

    you need to hold the botton for shouting

  • DuffinThe Muffin

    when your game is so modded that it's not even skyrim anymore

  • Dragon Slayer

    You have to summon him on flat land

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