VALENTINE ROMANCE MOD - Fallout 4 Mods - Week 74

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Outro Song by Vindsvept!

TheKite's Handmaiden
Weapon Jiggle Remover
Femshepping's Diamond City Overhaul
Backpacks of the Commonwealth
Nick Valentine Romance
  • Lago Lutz

    U sound like PewDiePie

  • Brainpuzzler

    Strong want Romance!

  • William Holzgartner

    We’re do you get thoughs outfits

  • E¡rikThaBoi

    Romance Dogmeat, no im not disturbed

  • Rotten Spice

    The Deathclaw, why not romance the deathclaw. Don`t be mean, they have feelings too. Look at all they've had to endure, the wasteland, the war, endless amounts of radiation. Say it's wrong and I'll accuse you of animal cruelty. ANIMAL CRUELTY! lol (also female character...just saying...nothing to read in there) snicker snicker

  • Holly Smith

    CONFESSION TIMEE: I ship valentine and hancock too much.

  • Rocksy Miguel Ronquillo Espinoza

    someone remembers the name of the skyrim mod that gave us the story of how they caught the dragonborn, it was a small quest

  • Matthew Awsum

    Someone should make an MxR companion mod. I would... eh hem, I mean, The Ladies... would smash the ** out of that companion, I'm sure. Great video bro. Lovin that Diamond City mod.

  • Ayuuk

    Where is the romance for Codsworth??? Robot discrimination.

  • Nacho

    OK guys I need the best recommendations I can get on what mods i should get to make fallout 4 look nice. I have a GTX 1080 btw

  • Brody Drew

    "what male companion do you want to romance?"D o g m e a t .

  • Taha Uchiha

    wtf happened to the last video?

  • J digerol0419

    great choice in background music mxr loving that l.a. noire

  • ViXo

    Nice addition of the L.A Noire's main theme. <3


    Jimmy's got a face now

  • vanheer_lorde

    I always got the feeling Nick and his assistant where kinda in the whole "I like you but too shy/awkward to tell you" thingy

  • Farcri

    Came to comment on dat ass

  • Vyacheslav Bychenko

    Return the video that video to skyrim! Why did you delete it?

  • Gwyneth Faelene

    Bruh, Deeks should be romancible.

  • Michael

    hey shithead why no skyim vid for more then a month?

  • Titan MasterXD

    Did anyone els notice the vid that went up a while ago it was taken down y

  • Don Kremer

    Og here. I watched your first video when it cum out and latest video today. Thanks mxr for turning up my immersion and atmospheric stats to 5000. To bringing me everything from more firepower to more juggled juggles. Thank you mxr for making videos and bringing enjoyment to my week. Keep making slow large batches of glaze. Keep your mushroom 🍄 happy and stay away from blue balls but green balls are still great. Cheers!

  • Pieslayer Person

    What happened to the latest Skyrim video? I'm guessing it got taken down for something.

  • Goy Ishah

    I 100% would let Nick smash...And then Bethesda had to go and give us a loading screen where we see a 2nd gen naked. They have no genitalia... Sex with Nick would be as awkward as rigorously humping a Ken doll. Why Bethesda? Why?

  • Laura Weston

    Deacon would be the best romance. I started a new game with a dude JUST because I found out that I couldn't romance Deacon...Still bitter.

  • E¡rikThaBoi

    But Didnt you do the backpacks in a early episode_

  • Anthony Barnett

    So MxR, about SMW this week?

  • Joseph Long

    Did anyone else see MXR's new Skyrim Mod post come up and then go away?

  • Joyce Turley

    okay mxr I hope this does not get back to you but I have a overactive imagination but it goes beyond the normal and you're not going to believe me I've seen it but when I sleep sometimes my brain takes all the information that it has gathered and received and gives an educated guess of what going to happen in the form of a dream but I only recall what I dreamed when it's about to happen and you're not going to believe me but after you finish reading this you're going to make a little joke then jenne will say I don't want to talk about this now then she will run out the door while you are repeatedly saying wait wait are you serious come back are you okay well you are chasing after her and she will be crying but anyways mxr I believe you are ready to get married but jennen is not at this point because she has a lot of repressed emotions from her child hood because she always felt that what ever she did her father would never approve of it eventually leading to her having self-esteem issues and from what I noticed by watching mxr kitchen she has a minor not major but minor alcohol problem and I think she's afraid to let you meet her father because she's afraid that he wouldn't approve of you and he would try to make her leave you or he would try to get you to leave her and she's afraid that she will be forced to decide between you or him which will tear her apart inside because she truly Love's and cares about you deeply and is afraid she will lose you also sorry for what's about to happen

  • Donyvin Nekola

    Did America kill him cuz it's been quite a while since I seen

  • Russel Ayerst

    the hisses of your "s" is retarded

  • MonSter Among Us

    are the mods on Xbox one better than ps4 because i might buy one if they are better plz reply

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