Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Dawnguard DLC How to fix Serana no follow bug (PC)

Just showing how to fix the problem so people like me had with Serena from Dawnguard DLC. hope this solvers your problem and please rate comment and do subscribe!
  • Charmano Das Quebrada

    Man i love u OMFG <3

  • Yoshua Egar Prasetyo

    Thanks for the tutorial mate. I think you should write more details in the description. the console command is "setpqv DLC1NPCMentalModel LockedIn_var False" (without ") and for LockedIn the letter before n is I not L.

  • yoman299mw2

    what if you turned console comands off when you picked your game options so cheats dont work. will this still work ? or am i fucked

  • MrPijus123

    Danm... still doesnt work

  • Caroline Bertoni

    You saved my life, thank yoooooooooou <3

  • McFlame XD

    OH THANK GOD! I've been looking for this tutorial for like 2 Hours..and here it is!

  • Foxythefoxx 87

    I was annoyed I gave her daedric armour and legendary it and every thing

  • mazen lewaa

    thanks brother u are the man....u earned a sub

  • Brock Schowalter

    I'm on Xbox One so i assume I'm fucked

  • LowRig Gamer

    It reseted serana the AI to first timed meet. Bad Idea for it might conflict to other quest and AI's.

  • Armin Arlert

    time to own miraak alongside serana thanks man !

  • TonyVerotti

    Do you know how to fix this problem in PS3? Thanks

  • Rodolfo Alvim

    worked, but others dialogues are gone...

  • The Great Metalman

    Thank you so much for this vid!

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