9 Secrets You May Have Missed in Skyrim

The land of Skyrim is so big that beginners and veterans alike can always find new things. Here's 9 secrets you may have missed.
  • Jessica Carter

    I have frost dragon in skyrim

  • The perky Pickle

    Me but got dedric armour on the 4 mission

  • Akidachi

    finally we can use those damn gems for something usefull

  • WaffleMmann

    My friend found the headless horseman

  • Samanth Bharadwaj

    I didn't really think that we could ride odaving by our will

  • Sotiris Ktistis

    how you ride the dragon ?

  • 잠꾸러기

    Thanks to uploadIt must helpful for my new playing :) (after expire my military service :( )

  • ANIME NERD!!!!!!

    spiderman he does the spiderman stuff🎶🎶🎶😂😂

  • SkyGrasper 11

    ive been playing since it's release and i dont know about the horseman...

  • Svaden

    The 2nd one wasn't a secret more like an exploit

  • The Meta

    2:10 what arrows is he using ?

  • buster STIG

    why dint you out the spider location? I want that

  • Jeffery Witty

    I remember outside of windhelm around the ocean there is a little island with some basic weapons and I think 6-9 gold ingots.

  • Blake Davis

    Most pepole dont know about the uber wepon wind sheer

  • Carson Norwood

    I had no warm clothes in prison and little food so I am supposed to die in there

  • Mike Studios

    I chased the Headless Horseman i kept running but he was very fast

  • Mike Oxlong

    I'm here cause the IGN video player is trash.

  • VhitoGamerz

    Can you help me? How i can ride the dragon?

  • Michi L.

    You forgot the treasure, you can find in riverwood.

  • Angelina Henley

    the mannequins move....

  • Leumas

    u make me want to buy the dlc

  • TheyCallMeReach

    Casting the magelight spell on an animal or person makes the ball off light go above their head and follows them

  • Robert Siegfried

    Ok, I actually had no idea you could ride a Dragon. I beat the game long before the DLC but not longer had the Xbox with that saved game so I just ignored the DLC.


    i will not forget about the horseman that lead me to battle i found him at the outside the temple

  • the Shadow

    no secrets for me. played more than ya'll can imagine

  • ToxicCat Gamer

    5-9 i didn't know

  • eric whitlow

    I'm level 83 and don't remember the Ebony warrior visiting my home.

  • [BRO]subu

    Still playing this game! anyone else with me?

  • Greyhound Swag

    PLEASE HELP ME.So I have Skyrim on my Play Station 3, and I really want DLCs. (Like Dragonborn, Heathfire, etc) I looked around on the PSN store and found nothing. I clicked "Downloadable Content" on the Skyrim menu, found nothing, either. If someone would help it would mean so much!

  • Katelyn Hutchinson

    is that dragon mods? (btw who still plays Skyrim now? 2016)

  • Luna Gaia

    me,the oblivious newbie to skyrim says : WE CAN RIDE DRAGONS??!! 😲😄I'm so happy, yet sad about the spoils.....

  • Gijoemasters

    I've never run into the headless horseman

  • RandomAnatics

    Hey has anyone found out where hairs rest is?

  • madara uchiha

    #8 is bs I fast travled to whiterun on lvl 17 and the ebony warrior attacked me

  • KryptonicMatter

    I never killed Parthunaax.

  • Joe Bonaparte

    sleeping tree. bet know one knows that secret

  • Utalju Taylor

    I still play skyrim because I have no internet

  • arnold and melvin skittzlestein

    I died so many times fighting the ebony warrior

  • JoshuaPlaysGames 1

    You should put in "Blackreach Dragon"

  • Monkey D. Luffy

    You can't actually complete every quest. Even in the vanilla game (no DLC, no mods, etc.), there are an infinite number of quests in the game.

  • Xavkiller 2606

    there isa secret body of a big crab

  • bull face

    He takes me to the back of white run castle on the outside and stops and i was trying to see why did he so i stood beside him and aimed my camera like his forward and up because he was on a hill and he was looking at the window of the castle in the back.

  • reptile lover

    what shout did u use on odahviing?

  • Alexandre Du Bocage

    I disliked... The spider man song ...

  • Spiritual Gaming

    the headless horsemans final "destination" really was his last destination.

  • Carson Norwood

    the prison is not a secret .I thought.ha well they lost most of the town so no Prison.So i steal a sweat roll and i thought it was a joke to go to prison .Turns out they have one

  • Gavin Lyon

    you can glitch out of the map and see that one tower in cyirodile or whatever you call it (the province south of Skyrim)

  • Bernardo BR

    I'm prepared to watch this video again with the Skyrim Special Edition <3

  • Emir Musa Kibar

    i followed headless horseman for 20 minutes but guess what?i was already discovered that place


    Lol im a level 2 and so i was in fallkreeth i think its called the place in whiterun i was there there was some guards practice arrow shooting well started out with 0 steel arrows to 76

  • Mr Rager

    nobody asked for that spider man song....

  • TheHaunted2

    The ebony warrior approached me, i went his location for the duel, it glitched and wouldnt trigger the fight. So i attacked him and beheaded him in one shot. And i still got a completed quest. Happy days.

  • Sarah McIlnay

    I saw the headless horseman on my way to ivarstead.

  • Maximum Borkdrive


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