The Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim - Rho Aias

Rho Aias by elysees
  • Hazard Hedgeling

    안녕하세요 Elysees2,당신이 다시 업로드 할 수 있습니다 elderscrolls7에서 "자유형 KATANA 애니메이션"?내가하지 않은 계정

  • xXRevokeranXx

    Another amazing mod!

  • master56236

    My favorite Modder strikes again. Keep doing what you're doing, you're the best!

  • Chi'yo Maomaki

    Did anyone else get heavy lag when they used it?And it sticks around until I load the game, any ideas?

  • Jesse Lansdown

    ..What are the monster mods used and stuff?

  • WithFireIDance

    You should make an Archer armor mod!

  • RoyalKnightofDestiny

    All my YES! Thank You so much for this mod!

  • Ryan Eley

    +elysees2 you are a god, this is once of my favorite spells, how did you manage to fire swords at yourself though?

  • Stanislav Polevskiy

    Wow, tho mods in few days, thats great.Also i have a quesion, you see, recently there was utility release by one of Russian modders. This utility can create xml. files from correctly filled text files, ans then will be converted to behavior with hkxcmd.exeSoooooo, can this help you with your work, or are you already using something like that ?

  • Richard Xyooj

    what is the song, playing in the background? It's super badass! :D

  • Izula

    The only mod you put on the Nexus and it's purely defensive

  • fbiuzz

    Only problem is that Rhos Aias is said to be as strong as seven fortress walls. Highly doubt even one petal should break that easily.

  • newgunz2008

    This is amazing!You are one of the best modders for Skyrim.Loved your Oblivion mods as well!

  • Kurt Lo

    +elysees2  What is the white trench coat mod your character is wearing in this video?

  • Wolf Strife

    I like your mods!!!!!!elysees 4ever!

  • MDKGunner

    This has made my day although you should make the look more like the actual Aias that Archer and Shirou use in the actual Visual Novel this one is lacking in colour and the petals should be in a line

  • Silversniper88

    OMG, I want the weapon she had at the start, in her left hand at 0:22!! Anyone know where to get it?

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