Skyrim Civil Star Wars mod Alpha build test 2

Boom yeah i'd forget Vader

Disclamer **I've tested this mod extensively but bugs may occur especially with mods, i always have the civil mod overhaul running.. i made none of the armours and as such the esp needs alot of masters to run
mods needed

Download my mod

Download my mod , place both the esp and the bsa file in your Skyrim/Data/

then activate your esp either in nexus manager or skyrims own mod manager on steam.

please do not upload this mod to nexus or steam please.It is illegal to make any profit on any content wherein due to copyright. but is free to download and share. if anyone is having issues check this link out. all the mods that are used as required files are in this list. theres also alot of other cool starwars themed mods that will go great with the themed star civil war quest.
  • Conor Lemon

    will this ever come out on the xb9x one?

  • Riley Butler

    Does the Empire and Rebels use the Blasters?

  • Luisvelosa77

    This mod looks really cool!

  • Gabe Guzman

    Feel so left out, cuz iam on console

  • neumannben17

    0:32 hadvars penis is poking out the armor, that's a true man

  • Commander leon Shepard

    this is what i see when i play skyrim anyway so i don't need a mod

  • MRebes

    i want this mod is awesome :D

  • It'sameHugo!

    Can you change their swords to lightsabers please, that would be so awesome.

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