Skyrim: 5 More Unobtainable Items That You're Not Allowed to Use - The Elder Scrolls 5 Secrets

Skyrim is a game loaded with hundreds (Thousands?) of unique items and spells, all waiting for the player to use them, some rare, some common. However, there are some weapons, armors and spells in TES 5, that the player is unable to access. Most of these items are cut content, or only usable by NPCs (without console commands). However, today we open Skyrim up, and take a look at 5 of these unobtainable items in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.
  • Jerry Nemiro

    on a list of armor made by bethesda they add the crown

  • TheEpicNate315

    In today's edition of 'What Nate said incorrectly' - "Fus Do Rah' is not a thing. "Cyclone" is also available as a shout added in with the Dragonborn DLC, so it's a good thing we had an honorable mention. Anyway, stay safe and always have a healthy supply of cough medicine!

  • Nicholas Jensen

    wait what, I have the crown of the falmer tho

  • Morning Rebel

    There's a Cyclone Dragon Shout that has the same effect as the unobtainable spell.

  • Shadow Nightmare

    What if the Greybeard robes were actually obtainable at one point? Example. You can obtain the Blades armor and Lead the Blades. What if you were originally had a choice to become leader of the Blades or Leader of the Greybeards? And maybe Arngeir(probably butchered his name) makes you robes of being the leader of the Greybeards?

  • zGrizzlyZombiez

    I like using the aetherial crown with the falmer armor.

  • Sam Jones

    I will never understand why they decided to take a lot of really cool stuff out

  • Jebus33

    Why does nobody talk about the: Test Vorpal Sword?

  • CelticDragon0

    Actually, Alduin's Meteor Storm shout can be seen when you fight him at the Throat of the World and in Sovngarde and can be canceled with the Clear Skies shout

  • Michael Sharaiha

    Don't know if you covered the Test Vorpal Sword yet or not

  • Heyitsme0

    F E M A L E G R E Y B E A R D

  • Natalia Davis

    Fus do rah? TRIGGERED

  • Eddie Lee

    The Dragon Storm Shout should be obtainable. I would love to call down meteors on people lol

  • Xaveston

    Ha, I always tinker in the CS to give my characters the non playable items they were never meant to use (The Snow Elf crown etc for starters). There are some stuff, like certain shouts that only Dragons can use that will crash the game if you use it I have noticed, but easily fixed by removing it. I have never seen Astrid's burnt body in the Ck, but I just might have to haha. Much as I love the character, it would be interesting wearing a suit of burned skin on my character XD/

  • Demokratischer Nationalsozialismus ohne Rassismus

    Fun Fact: In Skyrim SE the Crown is obtainable.

  • Germán 998

    can you put headlees armor id plz?

  • Dancing Dragon

    in my game i could get the crown then again i was using SSE

  • Cool Person

    Who else hates it when YouTubers say Fus Doh Rah? Learn the dang pronunciation, am I right?

  • Abuyin ibn Djadir

    Fus Do Rah... I'm speechless...

  • Mini Prokk

    The fus doh ra shout

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