Skyrim Mod: Populated Dungeons Caves Ruins

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Populated Dungeons Caves Ruins

Populated Forts:

Populated Lands:

Populated Cities:

Intro/Outro Music:
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  • Bonnie Prince Charlie

    ATTENTION: The author was banned from the Nexus. You can find all of his mods at this website:

  • amanda martinez

    Ty been looking for something like this.

  • bobshunkweiler

    The spooky part of doing underground areas is...who has been going around lighting al of the candles, lanterns and braziers?

  • Pillbug14- Quality Gaming Videos  To get all populated mods.

  • James Field

    Now available for Special Edition THANKS :)

  • TheBoy Wonder

    Are there any mods for xbox one that improve visuals inside dungeons,caves, and ruins?

  • Uncle Slappy

    Um just a curious question but what happened to the mods? The author removed them for some reason 

  • Lord Moose

    Had the author not been such a douche then I might have downloaded this.

  • Razgriz 3

    I don't think iv ever seen a dungeon cave ruin. Perhaps you mean Dungeons,Caves,and Ruins?

  • TheKahunaLagoona

    This mod author was banned on the NexusStuff now found here:

  • Se5695

    Do the Npc's in the populated series respawn?

  • Wagner Nogueira

    I can't find the mod '-'

  • Elliott Gaming

    Will it work with immersive creatures?

  • e21big

    can't find it on nexus any more, any where else where I can get it?

  • shinypants

    I love this mod, I've been trying to find it for a couple of days now and just found out that it isn't on the nexus anymore, but if you're interested you can google the name of the populated mod series and find it on erkeilmods.

  • Discerning Daniel

    The time I take watching Skyrim mods I probably could have created at least 400 new enemies.

  • Cebi Korr

    If anyone wants to know what happened to these mods, basically Nexus admins banned the author of this mod after evidence of self-endorsement of his own mods, aka making multiple accounts and endorsing his mods with them. The Author requested his mods be taken off the site after he is banned. He came back under a different name and supposedly reuploaded his mods again only to be banned again permanently.He moved his mods to some site called Erkeil Team (basically a place for people who don't like or got banned from nexus at the moment), if you want to use the mods with Nexus Mod Manager, simply put the mods from this site into a zip file and click the add mod by file option at the top of the mods tab, select the zip and there you go, though it may not have the features of nexus mods  such as version checking though do not quote me)

  • LisDraconis22

    Help!I found out that with this mod the enemies are way too strong for my character so I decided to uninstall it. But When I do that, the draugr and other creatures wohn't have a naming and I can't loot them. I'm seaching for a conclusion since three days and I found out that this mod causes it.

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