Skyrim- How to Get Lydia Back

Lost Lydia in skyrim? Cant find Lydia in skyrim? well this video will help you find LYDIA in skyrim if you lost her killed her or miss placed her.

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Steps in order.
1.Check if she is still alive.
2. Check the WhiteRun Catacombs. If she is there than she is dead.
Talk to another companion/follower/mecenary for hire or a free one to see if they can follow you If they can then follow the next steps to see where she could be.
3. If she is not dead proceed to Dragonsreach and check the main dinning area. (Only if you do not own a house.)
IF you own a house please go to your home and check in the rooms.
Last and final step--- If none of the above work/she is not dead.
Start the quest in the Companions area of white run. Directly in the corner left of the stair case after leave dragonsbreach. Begin the quest line to join the champions. When you do so you will be given a follower that replaces Lydia When you complete the Companion quest line you will be able to go to your house or Dragonsreach (Where she normally is) and have her follow you again :)

push ' or ~, which will open the console

Now just write player.moveto 00A2C94

You'll be teleported to the place where she is

A2C94.moveto player

will bring her to you, loot her


To obtain my mace-
The quest above is how you get it. Molag bal i think is the name.
  • Richard Peterson

    all that said, I tend to make my characters into God killing monstrosities, and find the base starter followers simply can't keep up. think my ebony blade, which is the dadriac artifact that looks like an over grown katana, and can't be improved at a smithy, is dealing some 400 million damage. and if you are lost on how this is possible you may never understand why lidea is all but useless at my level of play lol. just because you can't enchant a weopon, or improve it at a smithy, don't mean your shit out of luck. you can still make it a one hit kill wonder.for most that don't have this option, lidea, at least at entry level, is pretty helpful. just know when to leave her at home.

  • stonerspalace 420

    he said jarl wrong and he kept saying champion instead of companions

  • Tarek Abd


  • swag cat

    My Lydia is dead but she is not in the catacombs

  • texasdee slinglead

    she had 2000 worth of your stuff. she's got near 15- 20,000 worth of mine .


    thank you so much dude you helped me she had my blades armor

  • Zill3r - axc

    Was early in the game Lydia got one shot from the Snow trolls, SHE HAD MY DRAGON BONES WAMAN

  • Frosty Craft

    I just killed her and didn't realize until i was 17 i had lost her when i was 12 and long gone she was thanks for this 👍

  • Nasir_The_Might Productions

    WTF that's companion not champion!

  • The Enderkidd

    Companions not champions XD

  • Dolphin dude99

    she wasnt in dragonsreach and she isnt dead and i dont own a house

  • Richard Peterson

    for one lidea is one of the less than optimal followers. second, if she died, ritual stone works well. then she becomes more viable, if she dies, simply bring her back. but honestly serana is better, as she tends to not die. ever. and has more utility. not exactly sure why everybody is head over hills for lidea. I killed her to fully upgrade my ebony blade. ritual stone works wonders. but I can use it as many times a day as I want. but as a follower, she isn't great lol. I can think of many others that are better. dadria tend to be my favorite. there is a way to summon them from oblivion, kill them, and use dead thrall. and they wreck face.other good followers are from the dark brotherhood. when you complete that the initiates are also immortal. both them and serana will go to their home by default if lost. but I really don't invest in lidea personally, and I think I have killed her on every account lol.

  • Wise_FIN

    Today i forgot where i left her so i tried to find her for like 2 hours but then i got a message "Your follower got tired and decided to leave"... What do i do i don't have a house yet?

  • Gordon Montroy

    Hahaha fucking hilarious!!!!

  • unkown unknown

    ow there are no more people in dragonsreach i disabled them all now i cant buy a house

  • Benjamin Wolfgang

    problem is still happening 7 years later lol. my lydia died, i saw her dead body. she hasn't been moved into the catacombs and it's been over a month of in-game time. i even checked everywhere to make sure she somehow got brought back to life, but she's not in dragonsreach or breezehome. i can have other companions with me.

  • OS da bije

    i lost lydia at lvl4 at a dongeon vs a drough whith a ebony bow n ebony greadsword n i kinda fus ro dah her XD

  • Savannah Coppersmith

    Does this work for kharjo

  • CamzillaGaming

    I accidentally killed her as a werewolf

  • D3L74 GL17CH

    When u sed da best thing to do is wait she was walking to me

  • stevie and katty

    My Lydia killed herself

  • Hector Nadamas

    dudee thank you so much i find her in dragonsreach just waiting and there she was in the table waiting


    hey Adrianne avenicci died for me and her coffin is in the crypts can I bring her back

  • Chell In a Shell

    I became even more high with my High Elf when I try to destroy Malkoran with a Blizzard but I injured Lydia instead and then Malkoran killed her and then summoned her back to life and then I destroyed Malkoran and by that Lydia died :cmyh englush veri bäst

  • Patrick OGrady

    I was fighting a really tough dragur he kept on taking my weapons so i took him on he inflicted heavy damage on me he then completelyh blew away lydia with a shout then i finished him with four big blows from a axe she died buying me time to kill him

  • Greanwolf Gaming

    Yes she not dead thank you

  • Andrew Williamson

    I know this vid is like 6+ years old but I am wondering where you found that "Mace of Molag-Bal". Would love to hear from you. I just subscribed to your channel and look forward to watching some of your vids. I know I could easily Google my inquiry on the Mace and find it, but I wouldn't mind a little conversation as a sort of introduction on meeting you. Here's to peace ☮️ and gaming!!!😁🐕

  • kristof1018

    lydia died somewhere in Saarthal and i didnt give that much of a shit. well i did feel kinda bad.

  • Manuel III Peralta

    I once accidentally killed lydia in one of my playthroughs because the bandit bailed out of my power attack and lydia took the power attack.

  • Carter Gehosky

    I miss Lydia the one story quest to get the elderscroll she fell down those wierd stairs and when I got to the bottom she was dead

  • Cindy Bronkhorst

    she died infront of me, and i dont see her in the catacombs

  • Clayton Ward

    I had to kill val the necromancer in the tombs and lydia died in front of me what should i do then 😭

  • Scree72 Carpe Diem

    COMPANIONS Not Champions!

  • NoHuddleNoMercy

    So I checked the grave and she wasn't dead, checked Dragonsreach and she wasn't there, I do have a house and she never came. Any ideas what else I can try?

  • kickboxx

    I told her to wait near my horse so I could go handle a short quest, but fast traveled over to another land, and forgot about her(this was during the civil war quest line). checked the whole area, but I'm getting really anxious. i dunno what to do. lydia is my bbg

  • Jasper TheGreat

    What if you want her to follow you but you cannot find her?

  • Dolphin dude99

    i bought a house and she wasnt in it

  • SOAP Bar

    I waited a day and she's back thanks dude ur the best and I'm subscribing.

  • R8t10 Music

    oh, where did you get your mace of molag bal?

  • Jason Saghbini

    will this work for me? i was playing the dawn guard DLC and i found serana so she became my follower after i went to the vamp's castle lydia was still following me but after becoming a vamp she left since she was no longer my follower would these methods work?


    It worked I kept waiting in game over and over again for 2 hrs real time and it worked! I have no life

  • The Wild Wiggler

    My Lydia isn't in the catacombs so that means she isn't dead, but I was able to get a second companion, what's this about

  • Monica Soare

    Once i did a dwarven cave and i got out and fast travel. And Lydia wasn't with me. Then i did go back to the cave and found her stuck in a rock. IN A ROCK! This is why i never take Lydia with me anymore 😊

  • Opal- Zen

    One year on game has passed and I’m still waiting for her to come back

  • Shin_Gojira

    I've seen Lydia kill frost trolls and ancient dragons and never died. I accidentally ice spike and then she dieswhile I fight 3 dauger death lords

  • Evan Tootle

    to dud but I saw her die and she's wasn't there wtf

  • Pre-teen Cunt

    I just went for the brawl

  • Satans Fetus Legs

    "king"IT'S JARL, NIGGA

  • Pera Peric

    What happened to just loading saves?

  • Brett Kurtz

    Lydia had all my daedric armor and I was so scared

  • mark Estrada

    Wtf thw same thing happened

  • Genesis

    im a terrible person. Lydia got stuck somewhere and wouldn't follow me. I killed her. to find her in the hall of the dead

  • Argonian Angel

    who is better, Jordis or Lydia?

  • Jonathan Nix

    During my playthrough, Lydia get killed in Riverwood by some cultists. I was devastated.Also, The word Jarl is pronounced like this (Yarl)


    do some more Skyrim videos

  • Overload Gaming

    Really helpful who's watching in 2017


    BRUH so many times you forgot names

  • John Truth

    idiot you blew my ear off !

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