Skyrim- How to Get Lydia Back

Lost Lydia in skyrim? Cant find Lydia in skyrim? well this video will help you find LYDIA in skyrim if you lost her killed her or miss placed her.

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Steps in order.
1.Check if she is still alive.
2. Check the WhiteRun Catacombs. If she is there than she is dead.
Talk to another companion/follower/mecenary for hire or a free one to see if they can follow you If they can then follow the next steps to see where she could be.
3. If she is not dead proceed to Dragonsreach and check the main dinning area. (Only if you do not own a house.)
IF you own a house please go to your home and check in the rooms.
Last and final step--- If none of the above work/she is not dead.
Start the quest in the Companions area of white run. Directly in the corner left of the stair case after leave dragonsbreach. Begin the quest line to join the champions. When you do so you will be given a follower that replaces Lydia When you complete the Companion quest line you will be able to go to your house or Dragonsreach (Where she normally is) and have her follow you again :)

push ' or ~, which will open the console

Now just write player.moveto 00A2C94

You'll be teleported to the place where she is

A2C94.moveto player

will bring her to you, loot her


To obtain my mace-
The quest above is how you get it. Molag bal i think is the name.
  • lvl3OD00m wizard

    lydia was not dead in the crypts but uthgerd would follow me and she is no where else to be found


    I lost her against 2 bears and a dragon attack while being level 15 or 20 or something, idk, I just know I was weak and getting murdered, tried to get her to fall back w me and draw our bows.........I guess she didn't like that idea so she kept fighting hand to hand and got killed. at the time I wasn't sure what had happened , I just knew I didn't see her and I didn't know the lay of the land so iwasnt sure wtf happened........then a month or two later, now like level 60 or something I literally stumble over her corpse in the forest near iverstad or whatever while fighting a couple cultists or vampires or some shit.. I was excited I finally knew where she was, but sad she was dead. and by then the gear and lot I gave her to carry weren't worth shit. lost bennor the same kinda way but I still haven't found his corpse.......and why did I type this much cuz I dont really care by now

  • William Mande

    My god you are annoying and retarded.

  • Rodogg 2000

    Lydia wasn't in hall of the dead dragonsreach my house and I waited a whole 2 months and she's still missing

  • C- Maker

    When Lydia died by the hands of a Fornsworn, i just sat there. Staring at her for five minutes. Then, i said my last goodbyes and threw her body into the river, watching it slowly go away.I just... can't understand. Did i really mourn the death of a videogame character?

  • TheCryoSheep

    Champion champion champion COMPANION COM-PAN-ION companion not champion

  • Wise_FIN

    Today i forgot where i left her so i tried to find her for like 2 hours but then i got a message "Your follower got tired and decided to leave"... What do i do i don't have a house yet?

  • WACKY Austin

    my lydia is dead nut not in the hall of the dead her body is in riften on a path

  • Jared Allen

    I'm still in denial of her death on my character. I have dead thrall so I've kept her as a zombie ever since.😭

  • Raymond Mormile

    I went to liers retreat I got the tavern clothes then she went missing checked hall of the dead empty made checked house and dragonserch empty made that lady my fallower became my fallower cleared liers retreat nope scoped out the area around it found her on a mountain

  • Vortexes ღ

    i killed lydia lol rip

  • Sirijan Thakur

    We were climbing the grey bear's mountain and suddenly a frost bite poped out trying to hunt us down, I thought we could take him down but as he hit me once.. my health ran down to half (I was playing in master difficulty) Lydia stood bravely and caught the beasts attention but her damage did nothing much to him.. the battle went on and then I realised that I could make him fall down the mountain so I used my ultimate shout on the beast but suddenly lydia came between the path and they both flew down the mountain.. I will never forget that animation as they fell.. her last words were - "Anything for you my Thane".. I miss her

  • Julianna Carlon

    Omg stop calling them the champions there called the companions

  • izzy marsino

    bro shes always getting lost its annoying

  • Cindy Bronkhorst

    she died infront of me, and i dont see her in the catacombs

  • kristof1018

    lydia died somewhere in Saarthal and i didnt give that much of a shit. well i did feel kinda bad.

  • Harris Leopold

    The champions ( head palm ) the companions

  • Pumpkin Head

    and after j went back and she wasnt there

  • Cyborg Pony

    I told her to wait somewhere but then she disappeared and I don't own a house I can't find her please help she had all my dragon bones

  • SonnieDae

    I find her a slow follower, always getting stuck on the terrain. uhhg Poor Lydia, I am forever leaving her home lol. I have the archer right now from Riverwood. he is awesome. train archery with him too :O)

  • kitty lexi

    I lost lydia when i fast travelled

  • Solicity Music

    One time I lost her for years (in real time) and she came back out of nowhere scared the shit out of me. (She came out of the bushes)

  • Satans Fetus Legs

    "king"IT'S JARL, NIGGA

  • DAN

    cry cry cry! I lost Lydia, and she's not in the catacombs. LOL waiting it out is my only option now. ;,c

  • electrabot

    Lydia's been missing for like 4 years ...

  • LbG14

    Lydia isn't at the table in dragonsreach

  • Razib Mahmud

    i love her so much that i could not leave her for a sec

  • Roy Ramos 3

    She disappeared and I couldn't find her and they say she's with me but she isn't

  • Gevorg Chobanyan

    At first I thought you loved her, but you just wanted your stuff back you greedy stone-hearted Lizard.

  • Crazy Ducky Gamer

    I smack Lydia in the face with a axe and she died and I look every were you said can't find her 😖

  • OnlyMorris123

    Lydia was death when I saw her the last time. I were in the catacombs of whiterun but her corps wasn't there

  • Rampage Cube

    Once I was a really low level fighting a dragon priest it went on for like 30 mins kept on dieng the second I killed him Lydia came facepalm

  • Brett Kurtz

    Lydia had all my daedric armor and I was so scared

  • texasdee slinglead

    she had 2000 worth of your stuff. she's got near 15- 20,000 worth of mine .

  • Greanwolf Gaming

    Yes she not dead thank you

  • FaZe FaZe

    i accidentally pressed my shout key and the guards went after me, i ran, lydia protected me and there was that stupid guard who shot an arrow through lydias face and killed her, now i wish i couldve saved her...


    um uh i did every thing i even waited 3 in game weeks she did not show I'm legit freaking out i gave all my expensive stuff help me pls

  • Scree72 Carpe Diem

    COMPANIONS Not Champions!

  • Bike Man

    i have over 2 mill gold thx to the glitch i found

  • Johnathan Armstrong

    he said jarl wrong and he kept saying champion instead of companions

  • it's me

    I just tried a few spells on her nothing too bad and then she started shouting at me and warped away and now she is gone x,D

  • 21086dl

    my disappearance happened in solsteihm while fighting ash spawn. also the chillrend sword is a game breaker.

  • BrodyIsAGamer

    In my game I was fighting a snow troll or whatever they are called. And I was a super low level. So the fight was so hard. So I kept shouting fus or dah at him and Lydias health was low. Then I shouted again and the snow troll and Lydia took the force. Then Lydia flew in the air then landed hard on the snow... I thought she was gonna get up... but she did not. I still had to deal with the snow troll. So I ran for my life and kept trying to slow down the troll so it could not catch up to me. I finally destroyed it. Then i returned to Lydia and I figured she was dead. So this was my second account and I was gonna join the legion so I did and then the mail guy came to me and it was about lydias death.... the Lydia in my first account is still alive ( I think ) so I took her armor to remember her

  • TrollMaster0001 4

    my Lydia got killed by a bear and she wasnt at the hall of the deaf

  • Niv Cohen

    The jarol of whiterun

  • wither craft

    im a terrible person. Lydia got stuck somewhere and wouldn't follow me. I killed her. to find her in the hall of the dead

  • Adam Probert

    giants cant kill your follower

  • Nemes Sebestyén

    You saved my Lydia's life. Thanks

  • The Omega

    Mines dead and she does not show up in the hall of the dead

  • dipto sarker

    thanks bro u r the bro

  • Tom 007

    mine died by lightning

  • killah QB

    I was in Altun Cathedral just about to go out the door into black reach , and realized Lydia wasn't with me. I hadn't killed her because she was fight behind me. so I finished the quest and went back to where I saw her last but she was there no dead body nothing. I waited and she's nowhere to be found.

  • Jeremiah Rodriguez

    Its not "champions hall" its the companions. They are like the fighters guild from past elder scrolls and its also how you can become a werewolf. The place is called Jarrvaskr

  • Chopstick Cuber

    I just finished killing alduin and when i came back i cant find here

  • Issa Hamam

    I waited a day and she's back thanks dude ur the best and I'm subscribing.

  • Gamer From Asia

    WTF that's companion not champion!

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    go get a job jobless

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