Skyrim Mod: The People of Skyrim - Ultimate

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The People of Skyrim - Ultimate Edition

The fantastic Musical Lore by Nir Shor -
CC BY 3.0 -
  • Lord Kroseviir

    So does this work at all on the Xbox? I tried to use it, but had some crazy graphic overhauls. I've read that the only way to get it to work was to only use Vanilla texture overhaul, but I did see that someone said they were using SMIM, SGO, and Skyland

  • Nick Simpson

    problem now is, this mod is no longer on the Nexus, unless it was moved to the steam workshop....I use the Expanded Town and Cities mod, plus ultimate Whiterun, complete Solitude and Historic Makarth, it is what I suggest people use, there are vids of the mods on the Brodual and BDmods, I hope it is alright recommend these instead.hope this helps people out. bye and regards to Brodual, keep up the good work.

  • Skeletorskittles

    Why does this mod just not exist anymore?

  • MrSofaKing

    Is this compatible with Holds: the City Overhaul?

  • Fatshine

    What happens to all the extra imperial posts if you side with the stormcloaks?

  • Paula Lang

    2:30 , that death star though...The only relic I need...

  • smes

    This is really nitpicky but shouldn't the cemetery have s statue to arkay and not Mara?

  • - ERR0R -

    I don't trust many mod showcasers. but Brodual is probably the one I do. much love my dude <3

  • Liam Lane

    The mod is no longer on the site, can you think of another one?

  • Gowine

    Ffs, why do all great mods require all DLCs now ?

  • Sarah Johnson

    how can you get the key for the place at 3:01

  • Derrick Bonsell

    Shut up and take my endorsement!

  • Freya Duckling

    How taxing is this on performance?

  • Tyler john

    the bloody mod is took off the site wtf ?

  • Sarbrean

    2:29 That's No Moon...

  • Mr Copycat

    It just came back for SSE!

  • The Marine708

    Does this clash with alot of tree mods?

  • Peter G

    Fuck this mod. Random portals on my fucken map

  • Punner

    is there a new edition

  • Cornelius Geekdom

    Really sucks that this mod was taken off the nexus... would love to see it patched with holds of skyrim... that would make an amazing combo


    Pretty sure that this mod is no longer available.

  • strudlekitty 442

    Is this mod ever coming back to Xbox or has the creator taken it down forever? I accidentally deleted it and can't find it. I've been looking for help, it was so dope, I miss it.

  • Anandah Bohl

    Now is this mod compatible with immersive citizens?

  • Darklock

    link too the mod is broken :/

  • What's wrong with this world

    Woah woah woah, wait, people want to increase the size of dwemer ruins?

  • Daniel Marrone

    Oh no, it's off the Nexus now :/ This was a mod I wanted again... I hate I removed it from my loadout

  • sariokero

    um does anyone know how to stop the crashes in this mod?

  • Erin The Pira

    I didn't like how most of everything they used were static objects. Also my game could crash when I ran into these objects. [Xbox One]

  • Gabriel Jackson Just posted today for skyrim classic. Cheers mates

  • Harry Long

    Is this mod no longer available?

  • Eternal Gamer

    The link in the description no longer works as it has been removed, the link others have provided earlier have also been taken down. You can now find the mod here, let's hope it stays this time.

  • Thunder Zephyr

    but how can you tell if this mod conflicts with some other city expanding mods ?

  • Łukasz Milewski

    Why this doesn't exist now?

  • The God you never knew

    Can't find this mod on the Nexus anymore. It seems like the mod author pulled it for some reason. Hell I checked and it used to be on SSE Nexus too but it has gone off the map.

  • Chris Manley the new link!!!

  • Kel Capiral


  • KingOfDragons Gameplay

    Will this mod collide with the dawn of whiterun, etc. Overhaul?

  • Davidmichle

    I have an Xbox and I was looking for this mod and then found out it was taken down but I found the mod XBOX THE PEOPLE OF SKYRIM ULTIMATE RELOADED VERSION

  • Nico Repetto

    its says on the nexus that its not in its data base anymore

  • Pharthrax

    Does anyone know where to get this now? It was removed from the Nexus, and i can't find it for the life of me!

  • Alessandro Paredes

    I wish this mod was still up, such a shame, this mod looks fantastic

  • Panic

    did this mod get removed from the nexus? i can't find it.

  • DeadlyDanDaMan

    This mod no longer exists because it was a completely buggy piece of shit that broke EVERYONE'S game. It added soooooo much shit that it broke many, MANY scripts and tanked virtually everyone's performance into the ground. Sometimes more isn't always better. And in this case, it most certainly was not. Also, the mod author was a bitch because they wouldn't admit that their mod was fucking ridiculously broken.

  • philyburkhill1

    been playing with this installed and its really good apart from a few iffy lore choices. sad he took it down.

  • Connor Bonomi

    is this compatible with expanded towns and cities

  • PogoDarnexx

    No longer available... sad world o:

  • Dominick Sigismondi

    And apparently it adds a Death Star moon.

  • BurnedPeanutButter

    0:45 logan paul vlog lmao

  • Mieska Borič

    Do you know if this could come to Xbox one ?

  • Mr. Soup

    Whats that camera mod hes using where it moves in a walking pattern


    I love skyrim very banyak.mood

  • SquareEyed

    Wish this mod was still around, and fixed.

  • Daniel Paška

    What mod makes your camera sway when walking?

  • THExxGAMER 102

    does this work with the Jk series

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