Skyrim: The Secret to Lockpicking (Never Fail again)!

This video shows you a 100% success rate method to lockpicking in Skyrim.
This method will require practice and patience, if you do not have these virtue's you might want to watch the videos below for a faster approach.

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  • Siouxiside Slaotta

    holy shit.. success on the first try.

  • Jeff Bob

    I heard this and tried it, it worked for ages but seemed like it didn't happen every time, that may have been me but I'm not sure

  • Jonathan Bessett

    The secret to lock picking is putting points into the lock picking tree stupid

  • Tammy Hoover

    If you have the special edition, you can download a mod, that makes the unbreakable lock only cost 1 skill point, therefore, you can never waste lockpicks from lvl 2!


    ı move it like 1m/h and it still does that lock moving sound

  • TheWetPineapple

    when u realise the thumbnail shows a broken lockpick that failed tho

  • Reece Watson

    I've platinumed this game on ps3 and have nearly platinumed remastered version on ps4 and never knew this

  • Fukyeaiwanttodie !

    You need to boost the noise.

  • The Masochisto

    Says the guy who can barely unlock stuff

  • Christian Munoz

    Orr Orr you can just get the skeleton key and keep it for lock picking. Lol

  • Robert Wing

    THANK YOU SO MUCH (you earned a subscribe)

  • Samuel Denman

    i hear clicks the entire way no matter how slowly i move it...unlike in this video....

  • Gabriel Kendrick

    WAIT! USE MY... UM... MAGIC TRICK... | | \/Use alchemy exploit to make a enchanting 9000000 (9 mil+ is fine) potion and make a pair of gauntlets or perhaps a ring with lockpicking is 91782634% (<-- Random ass number) easier. Then your 'sweet spot' which is the small zone your lockpick needs to be in order to open the, well, 'desired' lock (definitely not Aiela's room in Jorvaskiir) imagine a solid ring shape... and it is mostly colored dark red but there is one point that is white or gold, and around that point the ring slowly fades into the surrounding red... that whit/gold is the sweet spot the fading, inbetween color is when the lock can spin but not open and red is "fuck your 30 gold lockpick" and this trick will turn all that red, even on master locks, to that sweet spot... easy thieven for noobs... although as skyrim is almost 7 years old if you dont have a way to break that pesky lock by now... that you suck ass at minigames... or you have no life and are only just now playing skyrim... so yeah... good luck...PS: THE BEND WILL SHOUT WONT MAKE AELA DROP HER ARMOR AND BEND OVER* unless you have mods of course, shhh

  • wakaweenie

    He has lock piking 100 the master Locke’s won’t open with this trick for me soooo

  • Craisins

    I'm really just doing the lockpick skill tree to make sure no one notices me and to make it so my lockpicks never break but anyhow this helps a ton.

  • Aramis Munoz

    Omg good thing I found this video before I invested in the lockpick tree

  • Kanade Suzuhara

    ur vid would be perfect if u didnt talk over the sound next time tone ur audio down

  • Muhammad Hamiz

    WTF, there's NO CLICKING sound for me!

  • Swardli

    Basicly same key AS for the oblivion lockpicking XD

  • Antonio Green

    Shut the fuck up so I can listen!! much?!

  • Jeffrey Poff

    Lmfao wow I never thought of that. Nobody really would cause most of us are rushing it. I don't even mess with lock picks unless I have to cause I hate spending time on it

  • HarvR87

    Well I wish I knew this before I spent all my points on it

  • Steven Bird

    Dude I wasted so many picks till now 😂 so helpful to a skyrim noob! Love the fallout 4 help too!

  • Negan

    less talky talky so I can hear clicky clicky

  • LopeZ_TrOLLZ Hi

    I just kinda see where it turns when trying for 1/4 of a second and the more it turns the closer I am. With harder ones once I've found the area I just take note of the pattern in graphics and move a tiny bit each time it doesn't work. Only break 2-3 on the hardest ones.

  • David Damasceno

    Meh... nothing surpasses the bad ass feeling you get when you find a master lock and you just laught at it and get it open quick and smoothly. The lockpicking skill tree is so much fun! And besides, that extra treasure you get is great for you money! You don't need to be a minmaxer all the time, try to roleplay a little!

  • Jo Sh

    Install Lockpick Pro. Never fail.

  • SpyroXX77XX

    I waisted over 7 lock pics on a master lock when I could have done this!!

  • Lord Skythe

    This is not how it works on PC because the pick makes sound while rotating ALL THE TIME. So yeah, nice fake news.

  • seppstarthebest

    i looked this up cause i ran into a ridiculously difficult adept lock in the tower of a castle ruin - maybe 1° tolerance... ended up sitting right in front of the diplay literally counting single pixels, still wasted 15+ picks! just hours ago i quite easily picked some master locks and felt confident in just using the analogue sticks very very carefully - did this happen to anyone else.i play on a ps3 and sadly this trick doesn't really seem to work for me even if i turn down all sounds but effects, at least it's not specific enough. i found that very very slow moving almost never gives you any sound, if you change speed it results in a click and if you move the analogue stick not only sideways but a little bit up or down that might also make a sound which usually results in several clicks all over the range after multiple tries.

  • SoulGaming

    The secret is GET THE SKELETON KEY

  • N1nj4L1nk

    I recently started playing for the first time in the switch, it works different there and I would imagine it's even easier. The vibration gets stronger at two points and to unlock you just need to be between them.

  • The Noob

    All these years I wasted all of my lockpicks for getting cool stuff.😭😭😭thank youuuuuuuuuu!

  • Warren Gouldthorpe

    How can we hear the click if your talking over it

  • matthew brown

    Lock picking increased to 40

  • Redneck Nerd

    I’ve always ever so slightly move the pick while I’m turning the key thingy and ya sometimes it breaks but I’ve always got it the second try regardless of difficulty ... may just be my game but it’s worked on all 7 of my profiles

  • KristaStarburd

    ..why do I feel like such an idiot right now... like, why couldn't I have figured this out on my own? ... haha, oh well, thanks!

  • Don't Ask

    Doesn't work on PC with Skyrim or Skyrim Special Edition with latest patches. I'm not convinced this ever worked on PC. I remember another video where he claims the direction the lockpick breaks is the direction you will find the sweet spot. That's bogus as fuck too. I'm thinking that this video was just random luck, or it only works on console.Also makes the claim in one of his videos that if you exit out of the lock pick UI, and re-enter, the durability of your lockpick will refresh. Also bogus.Is this just click-bait nonsense?

  • Jr. Jackrabbit

    What about with keyboard controls

  • UglyManateeProductions

    It’s not friking easy

  • Timothy Burrows

    No matter how slow I go my picks always make noise.

  • Matteo de los muertos

    Two options, get gud. Or go far enough into the thieves guild to get the skeleton key and never give it back

  • Muhammad Hamiz

    Can someone PLEASE TELL ME, has it been PATCHED?

  • Supergirl Gamer

    Better start training my ear because Lockpicking is one of my top skills to use.

  • King Dededinkleberg

    I'm not sure with other versions, but for the Nintendo switch version the joy con will rumble. it has HD rumble so it rumbles every time you go a notch to the left/right. so where the correct position is, it will rumble a bit more aggressively

  • Andy Zheng

    Oh........... ohNow I just feel like I'm a failure

  • Oni Akuma

    Skyrim lockpicking is a downgrade to oblivion's lockpicking who agrees?

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