Skyrim: The Secret to Lockpicking (Never Fail again)!

This video shows you a 100% success rate method to lockpicking in Skyrim.
This method will require practice and patience, if you do not have these virtue's you might want to watch the videos below for a faster approach.

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  • MeRRiner

    opens consoleclicks on chest"unlock"There, a free and a good trick

  • Jake Chafin

    Just get the fuckin skeleton key wtf

  • Crushthegamer 77

    Does not work on Xbox One

  • Electro RO

    i opened a master lock chest with gud items......who do i thank?...... ESO aka The King of Filthy Khajitts XD

  • Ed Muise

    i am having so much trouble with lockpicking.

  • Piratcraft Water

    Very helpfull! Thank you

  • arron johnson

    Probably would have been a better "Tutorial" if you weren't talking over the whole thing so that you could actually hear the clicking during the "Master" Locked chest.

  • MK-Dunn the goat

    I already knew this but thanks anyway I have low patients so I don't use the method that m7ch

  • Derek Mebius

    I have a high-frequency hearing loss. I never knew it even made noise. Oh well, I've been picking locks without a problem anyway since it's fairly easy to find the general area of the sweet spot and estimate the size of that spot by the level of the lock. Think I break, at most, three picks on a Master lock. Since lockpicks are so incredibly common in Skyrim, it's no big deal.


    I never thought about using logic. I just tried and hoped for the bestP.S: does this work in fallout 3?

  • Ryan Church

    I used to notice that the "sweet spot" had a little graphical glitch on it.. part of the lock had what looked like a little pixelated area and I'd just go straight to that. Perfect everytime. Although this is still good.

  • Blue Vortex

    My cousins out fighting dragons and what do I get nosepicking duty!

  • MasterChef Sanji

    I'm not gonna watch the video just fucking grind until you get the unbreakable lockpick perk, unless you have a mid and donut right away.

  • Zachary Hanson

    that's also called The Thing getting the Skeleton Key

  • Papertoon Link

    You are soooo cool! !!!

  • Ludox

    I prefer the die and retry one, faster and you get more lockpicking experience

  • Dead Prepper

    Its not difficult it just takes time. I pick expert and master level locks all day

  • kevinzzz 123

    I just wasting 10 lockpick for master

  • pyro sans

    your mic has a sound problem

  • Lief Ericson

    I would always just check if the far right or left bits responded, so I could pinpoint how far i needed to move. Would check left, check right, then reset the lock and check again if neither responded

  • JesterJesse Bitch

    Easy get Skeleton Key And done

  • Simon Howser

    Apparently I learnt this subconsciously XD the subconscious mind is so cool. You might have a skill you didn't even know you had

  • Isabella Cortez

    they showed a Shawn Mendes commercial about his perfume before this. I'm like idc about that ugly thing. he's ugly in my opinion btw.

  • Midare Toushirou

    Thank you! Now I won't waste lockpicks

  • just putin on my glasses

    for some reason it doesnt work

  • veranya2074

    I FINALLY DID ITTHANK UU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😂😂😂

  • MegaPhycoKiller

    Small note, this only works with controllers, mouse + keyboard doesn't work

  • Efe Onobrakpeya

    If only i could time travel six yrs back and tell myself this

  • Julian A


  • Cold Clutch

    I kept the skeleton key for a while and once I forwarded the quest I had so many lockpicks it didn't matter

  • Cloud 757

    This was sooo helpful dude

  • Qst3rr

    My secret: Download KenMOD from nexusmods

  • LeeTheDarkMage

    Shit doesn't even work unless your lockpicking 100

  • Jose Orozco

    I honestly had no idea what I was doing 🤣😂

  • TheBanjoShow

    Rip on pc, also, I just save before opening hard chests, most of the time I only need like 2 lock picks on adept and expert and I have nothing unlocked on the lockpicking tree lmao. The master chests are a fucking pain in the ass though

  • Blah Blah

    The secret to lockpicking is to let your followers do it

  • Kenneth J Ford

    Lockpick pro mod, problem solved!

  • Jeff Smith

    This doesn't work for me.

  • den den

    Just dont give back the skeleton key

  • neilnightblade

    Wow, all this time it was so easy. Thanks!

  • Benjamin Garner

    Also applies to fallout 3?

  • Stephen Walters

    For expert lock picking there are only 6 sometimes 7 places it can be

  • Ed Muise

    I might have too restart.whats the best character for new player too Skyrim.

  • Isabella Cortez

    they showed a Shawn Mendes commercial about his perfume before this. I'm like idc about that ugly thing. he's ugly in my opinion btw.

  • Luke Morgan

    Is this possible with a mouse?

  • Andrew Boehmer

    So . . .ESO. Why do you suck at lockpicking all the time? I think you're just humoring us.

  • Elite _fighter1000

    I didn't know that locpicking Is so easy without the tree you could just turn up the volume very high and Bam easy

  • Gaming Carrot

    Another great video eso!

  • Lil Savage E

    And i was always raging over lockpicks for what? 😭😭 Thanks eso you always got helpful tips man

  • Roddy Evans

    I always just kinda flipped it around trying at random points until I found a spot where it turned a bit, then mess with that area.I've unlocked master chests without any perks in the tree, I might have broken 20 picks doing it but it fucking works.

  • Some Kind of Nice


  • Numb Snake

    Make a video on how to get the skeleton key. I really enjoy your videos.

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