Skyrim: The Secret to Lockpicking (Never Fail again)!

This video shows you a 100% success rate method to lockpicking in Skyrim.
This method will require practice and patience, if you do not have these virtue's you might want to watch the videos below for a faster approach.

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  • Thick Thighs Save Lives

    Lock picking is the first thing I got to lvl 100

  • Kawaki Is Already More Useful Than Sakura

    I'm not gonna watch the video just fucking grind until you get the unbreakable lockpick perk, unless you have a mid and donut right away.

  • Patrick ja

    I tried this but it won't work

  • Ed Muise

    I might have too restart.whats the best character for new player too Skyrim.

  • Blah Blah

    The secret to lockpicking is to let your followers do it

  • Lil Savage E

    And i was always raging over lockpicks for what? 😭😭 Thanks eso you always got helpful tips man


    This helps so much dose it work in fallout?!

  • Fool -_-

    Is it just me or does this not work whatsoever

  • President Snow

    Thank you very much for this

  • MakeTheInternet GreatAgain

    Damn this would have been useful if I knew this shit before I wasted 40 lockpicks n shit

  • rupinder kaur

    Perfect tutorial on breaking out of jail in skyrim

  • Jose Orozco

    I honestly had no idea what I was doing 🤣😂

  • Amy Helps

    I found the click but when I turn the bottom one it just breaks.i honestly don’t know what I’m doing wrong

  • Midare Toushirou

    Thank you! Now I won't waste lockpicks

  • Szőke Csaba

    WTF... I feel so dumb...

  • LeeTheDarkMage

    Shit doesn't even work unless your lockpicking 100

  • The Suicidal Plain Yogurt

    for some reason it doesnt work

  • Numb Snake

    Make a video on how to get the skeleton key. I really enjoy your videos.


    I never thought about using logic. I just tried and hoped for the bestP.S: does this work in fallout 3?

  • Ty Kralin

    Thank you works great

  • Dogmo Satchmo

    I feel so stupid...All that time wasted...This works fantastically...Thanks for uploading

  • Hriday Ranjan Bora

    i need to play again... skyrim..its very helpful..thnx

  • Julian A


  • 87Oscar87

    Or you could just get a follower to. They always do it.

  • Gaming Carrot

    Another great video eso!

  • Elite _fighter1000

    I didn't know that locpicking Is so easy without the tree you could just turn up the volume very high and Bam easy

  • Crushthegamer 77

    Does not work on Xbox One

  • nusabi1

    No longer subscriber because of this video

  • Zachary Hanson

    that's also called The Thing getting the Skeleton Key

  • eggfase

    Go fiddling with, ahh never mind.

  • MK-Dunn the goat

    I already knew this but thanks anyway I have low patients so I don't use the method that m7ch

  • Blake

    Shit doesn't work - gone through 50 for one lock.

  • Majoking Games

    orrr open the comand chat and klick on chest and type unlock :)

  • Reckless Troll

    Secret to lockpicking, never break a lock pick again. Lockpick Pro.

  • Andrew Boehmer

    So . . .ESO. Why do you suck at lockpicking all the time? I think you're just humoring us.

  • simonsimi -

    On the nintendo switch its with a stronger rumble then the others it is pretty easy

  • Pavel Jelínek

    Omg maaaaan :o you're awesome and saved me a looooot of picklocks.. These master locks are just .. Xxxxxxxx thanx again and thumbs up

  • Tyg Rahof

    I watched this and I can NEVER hear that "click" as described. Oh, well...

  • Raudel Camejo Zayas

    There is no fucking click eso

  • midnightsnowangelmnf

    ............. I am speechless

  • Jeff Smith

    This doesn't work for me.

  • Ahmed Falahy

    In the Skyrim SWITCH edition, the controller gently vibrates when you slowly move the lockpick to the sweetspot.

  • Iddoxi

    Thank you so much im a starter thief on skyim and now i know the secret

  • Julia Almlof

    how the hell do you not make a sound when u are movin the lockpick? my freaking lockpick is sounding like crazy as soon as i move it. :(

  • Pumpkin-Powered Creeper123

    There is another, faster way that takes so much less practice to use. You take the lock pick, and quickly try to unlock it ( tapping the d key on the keyboard quickly ) while also moving the lockpick, if it starts moving, try pushing it all the way, if you hear the jittering sound, just take your finger/hand off of the button. continue the process until you unlock it. Really easy and much faster than trying to listen for a clicking sound.

  • it's me

    Now it's time to bring back the sceleton key lmao

  • Edward D

    Or you could just get the skeleton key, its honestly not that hard

  • Arron johnson

    Probably would have been a better "Tutorial" if you weren't talking over the whole thing so that you could actually hear the clicking during the "Master" Locked chest.

  • Efe Onobrakpeya

    If only i could time travel six yrs back and tell myself this

  • bringoutthelegos

    Fuck that, just get the skeleton key.

  • Sock Dong

    I am trying this on ps4 skyrim and it's not working...

  • Ed Muise

    i am having so much trouble with lockpicking.

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