Skyrim: The Secret to Lockpicking (Never Fail again)!

This video shows you a 100% success rate method to lockpicking in Skyrim.
This method will require practice and patience, if you do not have these virtue's you might want to watch the videos below for a faster approach.

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  • Michael Rockström

    It doesn't even work

  • Cesar

    I just quickly tap it until I see a slight turn. I've trained my eyes rather than my ears. I didn't know about this though.

  • Blue Jay99

    You my friend, are a fucking genius!!!!

  • EJ gaming

    I do it I have been prscatscing for days and ITS IMPOSSIBLE

  • SigmaTV

    What I do is usually position the lockpick right other one of the three screws on the lock and that works, either that or moving the lockpick totally to the right, totally to the left or just leave it in it's original position.

  • Saucine

    I just turn it slightly until the lock gives, find the other side of the clearance area, then pick the middle between those two edges, and boom, opened.

  • Octavius Galleon

    You know there's a skeleton key in the game you don't need lockpicks once it's in your inventory

  • Queen Aurelia

    When this doesn't apply to u cuz u haven't returned the skeleton key yet

  • Flo Suciu

    This video is not for pc

  • den den

    Just dont give back the skeleton key

  • Hectorilus

    To bad it's wrong and placebo

  • pinoy's copy

    It doesn't work with master locks

  • CreepMcJack

    Here I have been playing sinch release date and NOW I learn this? All those broken lockpicks...... and Time used to open dem doors 😒

  • ChunkyDork

    You can pick my lock

  • luzivras

    Would be easier to her the sound instead of hear you talking

  • Halloe 618


  • Fall Out 2017

    This will be so easy since I have 20/20 hearing... But got ear infection and now more like 10/20 hearing

  • Ron Strowd

    Doesn't do jack shit if you're playing with mouse

  • ZjebanyZjeb

    oblivion lockpicking, anyone?

  • Tom Riddle

    But my lockpick constantly makes a noise.. it's impossible to hear any other noise for me

  • Brian Vázquez

    Dude, thanx for this

  • hastenmar65

    opens consoleclicks on chest"unlock"There, a free and a good trick

  • Takukara Misomori

    all this fucking time... ya learn somethin everyday 😩

  • Eric Lin

    Made lockpicking legendaryReach level 70 again at lockpickingNever heard of the "tick" trick and has around 500 lockpicks inside my pocket.I have no life.

  • Jwheeh Hehehehe

    Wanna know my secret? Get the skeleton key and don't give it back

  • CloverGaming

    Why not use the lockpicking skill tree

  • Miranda Dick

    I used to be a horrible lock picker like you. Then I took an arrow in the knee.

  • TSprong

    well shit. hearing that THE way to lock pick is by sound is not a nice thing when you are hard of hearing :/

  • Os H

    STOP TALKING i wanna hear the damn click

  • J H

    Is it normal to be still trying this after 5 years? I hear a lot about skyrim but I don't know anything about it except it's about breaking lock picks and listening for a sound that I can't seem to hear even on max volume.

  • wayne stephas

    Wtf. You would think that everyone would know that

  • Jeanne Bolanos

    Im so triggered right now after loosing all my lock picks and its this easy..

  • Kaike The Humanhog

    1430 Of Carry Weight? And i can see that you're on Xbox. How did you managed to get to this high? I'm suffering here with 510 of Carry Weight xD

  • lenny

    OR:1) Get nexus mod manager2) Look up "Lockpick Pro"3) Download4) :)

  • ShadowScaleand ShadowPharoh

    Khajiit Has Wares If You Have Coin

  • Hank Murphy

    I call bullshit on that. I hear that click, I stop, lock won't rotate, lock pick breaks. Plus, half the time I rotate the pick I hear nothing.

  • pyro sans

    your mic has a sound problem

  • Conor Conor


  • Unerring 01

    I just always kind of forced it. You keep trying and making adjustments (once you're in the general place you need to be to unlock it) until it works. This much easier.

  • Casual

    if you are killed then you are dead and not alive anymore

  • veranya2074

    I FINALLY DID ITTHANK UU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😂😂😂

  • Stunt36

    Nintendooo Sswiiitch!!! I'm coming for youuu!!!

  • Naruto Uzumaki

    I still have headphones from my days in shooters. Soundhording was it called?


    damn that is amazing i dont need 10000 to go to every merchant in skyrim and screw over their day

  • ShadowScaleand ShadowPharoh

    I am level 52 and watching this gave me the ability pick Master or Expert


    he just saved my controller from utter rape and anialation

  • RLJG zr069

    Even without lockpicking perks I usually snag the loot first try

  • Jose Santillan

    I'm not gonna lie I always move it to where ever I place the pick and bam unlocked first try

  • Klavair89

    Or have your follower unlock it without picks...

  • Tyler Brandsma


  • Real Steele

    Skyrim hack...! Lockingpicking made easier now if only it were as easy in pickpocketing

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