SHE'S BACK - Skyrim Mods - Week 223

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Zim's Immersive Artifacts by Zim
M'rissi's Tails of Troubles by KreaQ rim/mods/83063/?
The Kids Are Alright by triptherift
NobleSkyrimMod HD-2K by Shutt3r
UNP Ranger Armor With UUNP UNBP 7Base Support by Alecu
  • xxXExmitter23Xxx LIKE A BOSS.

    I love that I nitro song. It's the best.

  • Moesha Brown

    Is the kids are alright mod just for computers or is it for console as well? :)

  • the hatred 94

    what a fucking bitch...someone fucking find her and trow here into a freaking cave!..what rape her day and night?....come on that's just pure savageri, we're all civilised just fill the cave with itching powder

  • Narrowseeker

    A cat... And a girl...At the same time.

  • dragonslayer2000

    holy shit noble skyrim is 2gb

  • Dylan Thompson-evans

    Is is just me or does he sound like pewdiepie

  • Ben Velasco

    did he use the dragon age inquisition theme as backround music

  • Alyssa Bass

    Kinda annoyed with the cat girl mod because, uh, there are khajiit that look like that. Khajiit have multiple `breeds' that have a ton of differences and absolutely dont require you to break lore by making beast races and non-beast races breed.

  • Kitt Gorman

    Yup I was right she's a bitch

  • emmar gue

    I like how during the noble texture pack he was playing the dragon age inquisition theme

  • Chris Raven


  • biomegamechdude

    wtf going to court for showing off hard work so more people see and use it and your work was not a waste of time? O_O hmm maybe shes blonde


    i disagree its not furryfurry is the attraction to anthropromorphic animalsshes is a girl will cat earsthats kenomini (attraction to people with animal features)

  • Long hair, leather jacket

    She's a girl. And a cat. AT THE SAME TIME.

  • Someone

    Don't take it badly,but if a clickbait youtuber that has naked women mods wanted to feature one of my mods,i would't like it very much.Just my opinion. \_(0³0)_/

  • Kazuto Kirigaya

    Wait so the person tried to take you to court for copyright when you were saying the MOD was good

  • Master Of Masters

    Young tight and dark... hmm

  • Jeff Williams

    That M'riss'i mod though x.x first time I went through and read that book hit me right in the feels.. But yo dose anyone have a good list of compatible mods?

  • creepy terror

    wtf the title is in portuguese

  • Quest Hunter

    show me that bitch \! i eat her starting with pie! ... why she is mad? fuk her...ur great MXR!

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