Skyrim: All Master Spells

All master spells except for a couple from alteration and restoration.
  • julian fernback

    U forgot restoration?

  • ItzWazDog

    I have flame and frost thrall but i don't have enough magika

  • MistyEyedDragon

    Your frame rate dropped harder than my grades

  • jungle master red

    so you can get all these spells in normal game play for an xbox 360 right?

  • Ty Sevy

    can anyone tell me where to get the paralize spell? just like the basic one used in my time of need quest?

  • ComicBook Guy

    Who plays skyrim without mods?

  • Ibrahim Pakkam

    Alteration is great for people who are both rouges and mages in the same time

  • Trey Holton

    THANK YOU for posting this with just the game sound. <3

  • Oisin Cunningham

    Love the fugitive's immunity. To destruction magic

  • Köpeği Olan Gamer

    Amına koyayım Manyak kasıyo

  • Michael Pareja

    How does he have unlimited mana.... Did he do glitch..?

  • Johnathon Lee

    Fire storm master deatrution spell= drop it like its hot 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

  • Ahflaarin

    Dude, you left out multiple spells, I thought this was "all master spells"

  • Flyin .J

    I saw Fire Storm, and I just jazzed in my pants.

  • Connor philipe

    Just curious but how do you get the invisibility spell

  • Cuts-with-swords the argonian

    how do you get pacify?

  • Qxyz Zyxq

    i hate that fugitive bastard..sayin to me iwll kill you i mean it...who are you bitch ?i always want fuckin smash him to the ground from behind

  • 20starcombomaker

    QUICK QUESTION!!!: Does casting/using alteration flesh spells hinder/prevent/slow armor leveling? Please answer and reply (preferably with proof) asap -thanks in advance


    Your PC sucks no offence,My 5 year old Xbox 360 runs better than that

  • j.d. rookie

    i like how npcs think there all good then you destroy them

  • scar the furious

    2:24 Kame.....hame......HAAAA

  • Furry Scum

    Is it wrong that I managed to obtain the spell flame thrall BEFORE doing the conjuration quest? My character is a level 47 mage who has mastered Illusion and Destruction so far and is an expert in conjuration and alteration but only adept in restoration.

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