I just adopted my daughter, Lucia who is sweet. She is so sweet, I turned her into a vampire but then some messed up thing happen to her.
  • Yuri Ingram

    Please don't have children

  • ‍ ‍

    I'm seeing a lot of pussies in the comments who are crying over a virtual child.

  • eileen cupqwake07

    Lucia's my daughter in skyrim!!!! And she's my favourite

  • Sam Pooley

    The DaddyOfive of Vampires.

  • imin pain

    why does Lydia's armour here look like ser Mercedes in dragons dogma

  • Paloma Mendez

    Why even adopt the child????!!!!Bruh

  • Paloma Mendez

    Woah...that was barbaric m'dude

  • James Riot

    dude you just made your daughter get slaughterd in cold blood :..D still laughing

  • Great Titan

    SOunds like you are turning the kid crying in the background into a Vampire... WTF make it stop crying!

  • Spencer Rees

    When you think about it the dialogue and graphics are there as in Bethesda programmed this to be able to happen,dont know who's worse you or them!! Them,this was an option they thought of and programmed in,you just carried it out

  • Zelda Legend

    Your supposed to do it while shes asleep you asshole

  • Pimp of Hell

    What mod did you achieve this with? Not like I'm into sucking on little girls necks or something.

  • jay hatch

    WTF DID I JUST SEE BESIDES VAMPIRE MOTHER CHIKD ABUSE XD u may call me a lamo but it's 1 am

  • uvuvwevwevwe onyetenyevwe ugwemubwem ossas

    1:38 "rekt"

  • Nephi Henry

    I like the mix of comments lol

  • Partysnax

    Feed your fucking dog

  • GhANeC

    No only you seem to be a detestable player you're also a really lousy one lol.

  • Flavor

    lol what the fuck hahahahaha

  • Ferrum Kalium

    Damn. Her parents had no remorse.

  • Jame Graal

    0:53 never should come here

  • ikaEr32

    I don't care that he kills a cartoon character, wish it was one of those annoying ass brats around skyrim though like the jarls kids. What I do think is gross is his gratuitous use of the word "bitch" If you talk like that about character it most likely reflects how you treat and view women in real life...most likely from being a millenial who grew up on video games

  • Daniselle Lopez

    Woooooooowwwww..... it's... sorta amazing that she had a home for no more than a minute and she gets to turn into a vampire and die... best parent in the history of parenting....

  • A compy

    What did I just watch

  • Edgarallen666

    lmfao @0:53 i cant stop laughing!!!!!

  • Perla Marte

    hey why do you turn her into vampire lets 1v1 in skyrim

  • Dank Finn

    so why the dislikes? is it because she is a poor girl? how do you even call yourself a man?

  • Vatos locos

    Never should have come here SHUT THE FUCK UP😂

  • Brothers HE 2003

    "do ur chores, I love her so much."

  • Dalton Cooper

    This was hilarious😂 I dont know why this offends everyone in the comments below😂

  • HighTime 6661

    They should use him as a spokesman for birth control.

  • Austin Hogue

    Damn Seal Team Moms jumped in and took her out

  • We are one 5671

    You have problems bro

  • Knightwolf217872

    Dragonborn:"yeah you better sweep that blood!"girl takes out spell Dragonborn: "HOLY SHIT!"girl screamsgot me dying😂

  • X gamerguy704 X LeL

    'What a trust worthy father'

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