I just adopted my daughter, Lucia who is sweet. She is so sweet, I turned her into a vampire but then some messed up thing happen to her.

    Woah...that was barbaric m'dude

  • Will Starr

    give this man a world's greatest dad cup

  • Saitama

    This man is a god. You killed a dragon? Pffft. Whiterun guard? Ok..ok... Child? * O * n * e * G * o * d * l * y *b * o * i *

  • Jame Graal

    0:53 never should come here

  • We are one 5671

    You have problems bro

  • Dank Finn

    so why the dislikes? is it because she is a poor girl? how do you even call yourself a man?


    How do you get the follower Jessica?

  • A compy

    What did I just watch

  • Ace Off

    Gave the 1K like , asshole

  • LifeBeF#Cked Up

    What mod did you achieve this with? Not like I'm into sucking on little girls necks or something.

  • KaoSnax

    Feed your fucking dog

  • Scary Terry

    damn your house is small as hell

  • Connor Reilly


  • Lord Dracul

    What a jackass! LOL :D

  • James Bratten

    I know it just a game but, what the hell that was funny and fuck up at the same time.

  • Kostas Spirou


  • Mr Coals

    How you get the Vampire Shout / Power or....And is That the Desruction or......?

  • ReDirect

    That's...Oh Boy...


    Never should have come here SHUT THE FUCK UP😂

  • HoodieDaDog

    OMDG The funiest shit i have seen in a long time thanks for the content bruh!

  • Ammonia

    I don't care that he kills a cartoon character, wish it was one of those annoying ass brats around skyrim though like the jarls kids. What I do think is gross is his gratuitous use of the word "bitch" If you talk like that about character it most likely reflects how you treat and view women in real life...most likely from being a millenial who grew up on video games

  • John Marston

    How do you do this? Is this on PS4 or on PC?

  • kellan mcconnell

    Bruh me and you adopted the same kid


    Why even adopt the child????!!!!Bruh

  • Derek Villorente

    That was cold. Funny but cold.

  • Freeasabird

    Wow, you seem like a wholesome individual. :/ (Incredible sarcasm)

  • eileen cupqwake07

    Lucia's my daughter in skyrim!!!! And she's my favourite

  • Lander Senpai

    I'm dead xD At least I know how to kill those annoying kids who witnessed me kill the dawnguards that tried to attack me.

  • Spencer Rees

    When you think about it the dialogue and graphics are there as in Bethesda programmed this to be able to happen,dont know who's worse you or them!! Them,this was an option they thought of and programmed in,you just carried it out

  • DoIt4More

    Wish it worked without mods. I would've killed that bitch girl that says "I wanna fight" and picks on other kids. Lol, sorry that I would like to kill a kid XD

  • MakesYouSick

    Man, the people in this comment section are so fucking boring. It's a game, not real life, get over yourselves.

  • Yuri Ingram

    Please don't have children

  • Jonah Green

    Has anyone else pulled this off?

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