Skyrim: The Great Invasion of Skyrim

This is just a part of the Episode. Watch the full episode here:

This is a section taken from the Chronicles of a Sad Story. I decided to upload it separately for those of you who like this sort of stuff but dislike the Machinima nature of the episodes. Its also easier to favorite if you want to listen to the music only and watch epic battles.


Malukah (Malufenix) "The Dragonborn Comes"

Malufenix allows everyone to use her covers as long as you give her credit for the piece that you use. Check out her channel here: She is amazing.
  • Madara, Son of Alduin

    Is it just me or did one of the generals have cloud strife's buster sword

  • Leo Hayes

    he should make this into a machinima mini-series

  • Blazing Pheonix20-

    the great war!!!!the. dragon born is going to come

  • TheSexySlime

    I cried when i saw this

  • Cryo1147

    btw why do those in sovngarde kill normal npc ?

  • naim mosbahi

    PC PC PC PC PC bitch :)

  • Not Here

    There should be a mod that allows you to enter a skyrim where it all stays loadedbut there are no npcs or locations other than cities, villages and what you spawn yourself, it would take the toppest notch computer to rin but you could have a massive battle, 1000 death overlords, 10000 imperiasses and stormcocks, 10 alduins, paarthunaxes, duhrnevhihfsfnirrrrrrrs, odahviings, 250 mammoths, 500 gigantes (giants) 20 ebony warriors, 1000 dwarven spiders, 500 spheres, 100 centurions, ulfreak, rikke, tsun, 69 arngeirs, 1 beaten and raped corpse (courtesy of the forsworn), 500 briarhearts, 1000 forsworn ravagers (melee magic and archery) 25 forgemasters, every companion (minus serana) 1 magic anomaly, 69 uderfryktes, 100000 raging feminist heimskrs 3 scaly dragons, 4 grelkas, 10 skeevers, 60 torchbugs and 1 lvl 1000 mudcrabs (stronger than you) 1 braith, 25 ultra mega warthbonenen guys, 10 reapers, 20 harkons, 5 extremely gay gelebors (read the rule 34 comic), 1 futanari snow elf, 2 wood elves who get the wood put in wood elf, 200 hircine white stag beasts, 5 savos arens, 1,000,000 rieklings. legendaey difficulty at level 2000 (magic anomaly), on a military grade supercomputer.

  • shandon122

    @MrRhexx Can you share your pc specs with us? I'm curious what kind of monster pc you're using to get that many npcs into the game lol

  • Zachary Olson

    Why the hidden boxes man?

  • McSkeeto

    With all of the skeletons you could just Fus Ro Dah them and they would fall apart.

  • Mästare Kalk

    0:43 what axe is that?1:43 and the armor?sorry noob 

  • BuffCake Gaming

    Congratz you got one sub! oh... it was not ending just watch the Chronicles of sad story

  • buddyltd

    Epic! Especially with Malukah!

  • ThunderBolt4000

    Beat skyrim video yet

  • Amari Moses

    How can a bone dragon fly

  • Garnet Universe

    Yay! I <3 Malukah!

  • AWorthlessMaleApe

    Wait why would the Thalmor even give a damn about the Nords or even an icy wasteland of Skyrim.

  • zane brown

    i know its old but that was great use of the scripted scenes

  • naim mosbahi

    Best vidéo of skyrim EVER

  • Grace Stepek

    soooooooo......who won?

  • Denali Productions

    The Great Skeleton War has begun!


    Can I get this on iTunes

  • Thor's Hammer

    Winter is coming..."

  • Jipsy Jeepies

    Some people called this junk , me i called this treasure.

  • bitsbubba


  • Big Smoke

    1:48 I would've lived that fall, I have over 100,000 health

  • André Adolfsson

    What spell is that fus ro dah spell?

  • Daniel Plays

    The end was so sad 👼🏼😢

  • ThunderBolt4000

    Is that him dead at the end

  • Rick Marsh

    The thalmor are not the good guys and want to kill the dragonborn

  • chandler Bullock

    where did you get theses weapons please tell me please.

  • Scare Crow

    Hero of... Thalmors?

  • Thor's Hammer

    And that the was the tail of the Dragonborn where it began with the defeat of Alduin, how he created a army of undead to conquer Skyrim and began the war of winter... where he first conquered Whiterun, then the stormcloaks and pushed the empire back from Skyrim with his armies of drangrs, skeletons, dead dragons, and summoned Daedric warriors, he Sieged Markarth, Windhelm, and even Solitude, Even when the Dominion, the Empire and all of Tamriel went against him, he made sure that they would pay blood with each inch of Skyrim they took back it is said at the last stand of the Dragonborn and his undead armies he killed over 10,000 Dominion elves by himself while he and his forces were outnumbered 1 to 20 it was a great battle where all the Daedra and aedra watched even Sithis and Anui-el watched the conflict at the end 1/10th of the enemy remained, It is said the Dragonborn was buried in a tomb with his remaining undead forces somewhere in the planes of Skyrim. Where one Book closes another opens... The End.

  • Eric Seidl

    I literally clicked on this right after listening to this song. Wow

  • Gamer's International Agency (G.I.A)

    0:47I love how he just made the screen flash to hide the fact that you can't kill Balgruff without mods. LMAO!

  • AmazingLegit

    wow i remeber seeing this when the game came out the memoriesim still subbed to him today... XD

  • Valynaz Valkynaz

    chronicles of a sad story hir me in the feels

  • SheoGorerath In the flesh

    This is actually pretty good.

  • Jason Ashworth

    What is that giant sword

  • Jonuel Mendoza

    Love the music!!! U should make an extended version of the video ;)

  • Milek

    A true Skyrim/The Elder Scrolls player should Subscribe to this person, so im doing that 😃

  • Skyrim Fan31

    you supposed to be saving skyrim not invading it, with your tons of armies! and besides what makes it great, just to be honest!

  • Punisher

    Not gonna lie but this is some great work.

  • Saeraen

    I used to play Skyrim.. alas I discovered modding and now...I play, "Modding Skyrim: The Game"hah.. The Game.

  • Caleb Kopp


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