How to get two followers in vanilla Skyrim!

This is a tutorial of how to get two of the greatest followers in vanilla Skyrim. Aela the Huntress and Serana. Werewolf and Vampire. Why would you not want this? It sounds sick just typing about it. I hope you enjoy the video and please subscribe for more content!
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  • Miguk Moonpark

    Nice glitch! Though is there a glitch that allows Tank the Dank Orc to have multiple wives, like that of Orc culture?

  • webhead3685

    Thanks for making this. I'm going to try this out using a Serana companion with a fully complete Dawnguard quest line.forgot to post earlier but now i have an update: it works so far. I just completed the companions guild questline with Serana already as a companion and Aela has joined me as well. I can also trade with both and slept two days to make sure one didn't leave

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