Skyrim Mod: Moonlight Tales Special Edition - Werewolf Overhaul

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Moonlight Tales

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  • John Arredondo

    When will this come for PS4

  • xXxAlmightyForcexXx

    You dont need heart of the beast if you have this mod right? I'm trying to werewolf up my skyrim. Looking for every cool werewolf mod I can download before starting a character.

  • Azazel

    how does this mod work with the ring of hercine ? does equipping the ring stop you from transforming at night or whenever the mod is full or some shit and let you transform when you want or does it just ignore the ring?

  • thatbraneyguy 675

    Does this clash with the heart of the beast mod?

  • Zzarcon1

    Will I be seeing multiple variants of werewolf enemies with this mod. I don't want every werewolf to be generic.

  • V N

    If only this was on PS4

  • Thomas Wightman

    This is my favourite mod

  • Killacboy755 2.0

    Can someone help me I have the hacked version all dlc and whenever I put this mod on active I go into my game and it doesn't work pls help

  • Yuri Vladamir

    i had moonlight tales werewolf essensial by Brevi but if i dowload and use this mods will that make incompatibility problem ? cause when he said this mod not have SKSE yet so you can't figure in SkyUI like the previous mod! so can somebody explain for me i am wrong or i still missing something here ?

  • TheLegendArrivez

    Love the way you review your mods but the roar that causes dragons to land is called Dragon rend not dragon bane

  • FireRedLion101

    I want to get the beasts of tamriel mod and play as a werelion but does it work with moonlight tales

  • lucky player

    how can I sheathe my claws

  • danny5551000

    can you turn followers into werewolves with this mod?

  • Pablo Blidon

    Is this mod also for PS4?

  • Smol Snek

    Someone should make a mod where Argonians turn into Weregators and Khajiit turn into Werelions. Or just sdd every lore lycanthropy formation.

  • J.T Tokona

    How do you get the ring and get started???

  • MrEquinox2012

    I think it'd be really cool if the author added a WereCrocodile/Alligator skin for Argonians. Or perhaps a WereCat skin for Khajits? I just think it's odd how beast races turn into werewolves too is all. Like, morphing from scales/hide to fur must feel super weird in comparison to just growing the stuff.

  • jaxon ramsdell

    They should make a were chicken

  • Tyler Paine

    so I'm debating on whether or not I want to but SSE on pc. i already own it on console but I love to get a bunch of really good mods, andpc has a vastl ysuperior mod selection. i love skyrim but i would probably have to upgrade my pc to play and spend 40 dollars on the game itself to have good mods. what should i do here?

  • knight ostrich

    Yes good but can you answer a big question that no one is answering, where is heart of the beast that supposed to be with moonlight tales and the alpha werewolf character for consoles??????????????????

  • Coffeepaw

    Man I sure wish I had Skyrim on the computer 😂

  • Mathew Porter

    can someone put this on ps4 pls?

  • Disciple Toki

    Being a werebear does not go against the companions quest line anymore than being a vampire does. :p You just refuse to become a werewolf because you are already a werebear. It would be cool if Brevi could add a script to let the companions recognize that though, I think that would be a nice touch.

  • Wellowar Mcintosh

    Why can't I find the apex wolf in customization??

  • sean salas

    I think a useful option for this mod is to allow the Ring of Hircine to control your transformations. For example, one way to control it would have to obtain the ring before allowing your customization of the mod. If that's not a good idea, then obtaining the ring would halt forced transformations as long as your wearing it.

  • Kay TrAnCe Ops LEADER

    WARNING: Vampire Mods and Werewolf Mods put together do not work with AFT (Amazing Follower Tweaks). Werewolf mods are COMPATIBLE with AFT, But as far as I know Vampire Mods are not COMPATIBLE with AFT yet.....

  • Brother Pleiadian

    Do you plan on doing more mod reviews for Special Edition?

  • Rivaldo Macari

    How do I become a werebear?

  • SteadierNut499

    Do you know if you can make your followers werewolves too?

  • Kayla Boo

    Isn't there a mod you can get to allow you to contract lycanthropy in the wild so you don't have to always go through the companions quest line? And if so is it compatible with this and other werewolf mods.

  • John Aquino

    Recommended spot for load order please, i am having the biggest headache trying to organize my mods and im not sure where to put this since it's a very large mod

  • SavageCabbage TNT

    Werewolf or vampire?


    anyone know why my wolfkin alliance isnt working? everything else is working perfect

  • Kiera Phillips

    I wish this mod was also for PS4 :(

  • Aquatic Blaziken

    Brodual, you should do growing up in skyrim mod!

  • Shadowdragon3310 Schuster


  • Mr. Man

    I really like this mo

  • MrFabulousDolphin - -

    So when i change the skin of the WW will it apply to all WW's in skyrim?

  • Johnny Rotten

    Where the hell are the Werewolf dicks

  • FireRedLion101

    I doubt that It does

  • Jason Wade

    Guessing you need dawnguard for this?

  • Conor Gregg

    How the fuck do you become a werebear

  • mo fo

    Is it only for skyrim special edition ??

  • pumastrike2123

    Actually the wearbear could work if you think the wolf blood doesn't mix with your blood, so your genetics made you into a wearbear instead?

  • Pagan Frost

    Personal favorite mod

  • DragonWriterCat

    I just installed this for my game on the XBOX ONE version to make my character a werebear. I was curious, if the character is a werebear and not a werewolf are wolves still passive towards the players or would they be hostile and bears passive towards the player or NPC werebears? I was also curious if the 'feral' werebears in Solsthiem would still be hostile towards my character if she is a werebear in human form?

  • FakeRedRobi RedRobi.


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