Skyrim Mod: Moonlight Tales Special Edition - Werewolf Overhaul

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Moonlight Tales

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  • Coffeepaw

    Man I sure wish I had Skyrim on the computer 😂

  • Richie Ratcliffe

    Does it change the sounds. I'll be kinda disappointed if it doesn't.....😞

  • Child Of God

    Is there a video detailing all the skins?

  • xXxAlmightyForcexXx

    You dont need heart of the beast if you have this mod right? I'm trying to werewolf up my skyrim. Looking for every cool werewolf mod I can download before starting a character.

  • Disciple Toki

    Being a werebear does not go against the companions quest line anymore than being a vampire does. :p You just refuse to become a werewolf because you are already a werebear. It would be cool if Brevi could add a script to let the companions recognize that though, I think that would be a nice touch.

  • FireRedLion101

    I want to get the beasts of tamriel mod and play as a werelion but does it work with moonlight tales

  • MrFabulousDolphin - -

    So when i change the skin of the WW will it apply to all WW's in skyrim?

  • Ttherockinrebel

    I'm having trouble turning into a werebear on Xbox, anyone know how?

  • SteadierNut499

    Do you know if you can make your followers werewolves too?

  • James Benedict

    can't u install this MOD on Xbox or PS4???

  • Xavier Hill

    its been so long........😞😞

  • Reaginic Wolf

    with better vampires it is possible to be a vampire werewolf hybrid

  • Thomas Wightman

    This is my favourite mod

  • SavageCabbage TNT

    Werewolf or vampire?

  • Zzarcon1

    Will I be seeing multiple variants of werewolf enemies with this mod. I don't want every werewolf to be generic.

  • BoopsIsHere

    Is it weird that I can't get special eddition On Nexus mod Manager.

  • seavonn wren

    can i get this mod on ps4

  • thedoubledeus

    if love to see this on the Xbox be the only way is want the Xbox one version

  • Naimad Bro

    that doesn't work this mod i do everything god EVERYTHING AND monlight mod doesn't work god

  • TD Pablo

    too bad they couldn't add the power to turn npcs into werewolves

  • Justin Jeffries

    Does he keep the functionality of the Ring of Hircine?!

  • Aquatic Blaziken

    Brodual, you should do growing up in skyrim mod!

  • J.T Tokona

    How do you get the ring and get started???

  • Mr. Man

    I really like this mo

  • lXBlackWolfXl

    Can you change the default sounds though, like you can with the werewolf sound and texture overhaul?

  • Havoc

    Is this mod safe to use? When I checked the mod page there were 72 bugs reported. Yes, 72!! When I see that many bugs I always choose to skip it and shed a tear especially if it was a great mod

  • Jason Wade

    Guessing you need dawnguard for this?

  • Axel Dwits

    I don't like werewolves. I mean I think the idea is cool but whenever I think of a strong and powerful animal I think of a lion or a bear not a wolf. Wolves I see as stealthy with keen instincts and great speed and always finding strength in numbers, especially in the actual game where wolves are like the weakest enemy. Yet for some reason everyone always sees werewolves as great, strong, powerful, and fast. It just doesn't make sense to me.

  • Henry Lechowich

    Really wish we could get this on PS4

  • Mike Moder

    This might be a dumb question but what does 'sheath your claws' mean? I just don't get how i use the roar system 😂


    By any chance, does anyone know if the oldrim verison is compatible with Enhanced Skyrim Factions- the Companions, and Heart of the Beast?

  • James Wilson

    Is this mod lore friendly???

  • Lowbowski

    But how do you become a werebear?!? There's no bear companions quest!!!

  • Dropdead gaming

    How do you become a werebear on console?

  • Tyler Paine

    so I'm debating on whether or not I want to but SSE on pc. i already own it on console but I love to get a bunch of really good mods, andpc has a vastl ysuperior mod selection. i love skyrim but i would probably have to upgrade my pc to play and spend 40 dollars on the game itself to have good mods. what should i do here?


    anyone know why my wolfkin alliance isnt working? everything else is working perfect

  • John Arredondo

    When will this come for PS4

  • Spino Raptor

    Werewolf or vampirelord please tell me which one you like better.

  • mo fo

    Is it only for skyrim special edition ??

  • Kayla Boo

    Isn't there a mod you can get to allow you to contract lycanthropy in the wild so you don't have to always go through the companions quest line? And if so is it compatible with this and other werewolf mods.

  • FireRedLion101

    I doubt that It does

  • Brother Pleiadian

    Do you plan on doing more mod reviews for Special Edition?

  • MrShadowMan

    This might be a stupid question but can you use this mod's currant update on pc or is it just for consoles?

  • Mateus Folletto

    The author made a port of this mod to the Original Skyrim, thing is, he forgot to add the MCM. Also, the roars could be seleceted on the Favorite menu, just like the Vampire Lord selects his spells and the revert form power. We could select roars and a revert form aswell as werewolves.

  • Alex

    can any one help, the ring has vanished for my new characters and when ever I turn on my old character's werewolf form I can't get out? I play on xbox one and even when I have the mod enabled on its own it still doesn't work

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