Skyrim Mod: Moonlight Tales Special Edition - Werewolf Overhaul

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Moonlight Tales

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  • Doudynho Fofinho

    How do you howl like a wolf?

  • MeowTuber

    i had this mod and didn't know how to use it and you helped me thx

  • Teddey

    I love this mod, I hope someone whether from this mod or another expands on the Werebear side. I'd love some separate lore or quests to become one.

  • DragonWriterCat

    I just installed this for my game on the XBOX ONE version to make my character a werebear. I was curious, if the character is a werebear and not a werewolf are wolves still passive towards the players or would they be hostile and bears passive towards the player or NPC werebears? I was also curious if the 'feral' werebears in Solsthiem would still be hostile towards my character if she is a werebear in human form?

  • Wellowar Mcintosh

    Why can't I find the apex wolf in customization??

  • The Gaming Lizard 15000

    Hey guys, does this mod work for skyrim legendary edition?????Cause I downloaded the mod into that but the ring won't pop up in my inventory. Can someone please help. I really want this mod to work on me.

  • lonecourierjoeyV2

    I wish the infection stuff was available in this version, i was really hoping to make some followers into werewolves with me

  • Kay TrAnCe Ops LEADER

    WARNING: Vampire Mods and Werewolf Mods put together do not work with AFT (Amazing Follower Tweaks). Werewolf mods are COMPATIBLE with AFT, But as far as I know Vampire Mods are not COMPATIBLE with AFT yet.....

  • Charlie Clark

    Can you fucking wolf howl, you know howlmlike a wolf

  • Jacob ataddlety

    Can't wait to try out this mod! :D

  • Shadowdragon3310 Schuster


  • Mathew Porter

    can someone put this on ps4 pls?

  • TheLegendArrivez

    Love the way you review your mods but the roar that causes dragons to land is called Dragon rend not dragon bane

  • Pagan Frost

    Personal favorite mod

  • Glitched Limbo

    This Version of Midnight Tales is a shadow of the original, and since it looks like they arent going to make it better, if you have the original version of skyrim get the original Midnight tales

  • Leonardo Manhães

    Is there any way to customize NPC's werewolf skin??Btw can I "inffect" an NPC with lycantropy or 'bearcantropy' like in the first "Moonlight tales"?

  • wade the wallaby

    Wait a minute that's not the moon that looks like Mars

  • thatbraneyguy 675

    Does this clash with the heart of the beast mod?

  • Karthus Pentakill

    i have regulat skyrim, and i can't use the perks that tear open door/chest or feed on wildlife

  • Sr. Duns

    guys i have a problem. i have installed moonlight tales and i am able to transform normaly but when i try to howl i cant. i hit the howl key but the werewolf just wont howl, thus preventing me from using the roar perks. pls help.

  • Short Fuze

    To be fair, although they're rare, you might want to watch out for the were-bears there.

  • GameReview

    If your a werevear instead of a werewolf you roar and the roar is badass

  • knight ostrich

    Yes good but can you answer a big question that no one is answering, where is heart of the beast that supposed to be with moonlight tales and the alpha werewolf character for consoles??????????????????

  • Pablo Blidon

    Is this mod also for PS4?

  • FakeRedRobi RedRobi.


  • Men Have Class

    How do you have your perspective like that?

  • silentXVI

    Moonlight Werewolf overhaul mod - 300+ MBSacrosanct vampire lord overhaul - 5 MB

  • Kaneki Ken

    3:04 Aurora Borealis <3

  • Gabriel Reyes

    How did you go on all fours?

  • Adam Hare

    I wish they had this for ps4

  • Herbert Pervert

    how do you infect people??

  • Jeremy Immanuel

    Is this mod compatible with hybrid mod?

  • Carlos Marques

    i used this mod for a while back(in classic skyrim) and the only problem i had was with the "make wolfs friendly while in human form" feature, because it was broken and made ALL enemies friendly, even dragon, and it took me a long time to realise what was cousing this issue, one day when i started a new game e didn't active this feature and the game was fine, but when i did, every enemie started to ignore me :p then i suspected what the problem was and it was actually this feature of the mod, but asside that the mod fits perfectly in the game and works very well, at least for me i didn't had any other issue

  • Ketsu 2.0

    Can someone help me I have the hacked version all dlc and whenever I put this mod on active I go into my game and it doesn't work pls help

  • Rivaldo Macari

    How do I become a werebear?

  • Smol Snek

    Someone should make a mod where Argonians turn into Weregators and Khajiit turn into Werelions. Or just sdd every lore lycanthropy formation.

  • Thaedrax Games

    When i install my game dont open! How i fix that?

  • Ann Solo

    Where the hell are the Werewolf dicks

  • Bad Driving Habits Of Australia

    Is this mod compatible with any other werewolf sound effects? It’s just the roar after transformation is like vanilla so weak. Does anyone know if heart of the beast sound work with this mod?

  • MrEquinox2012

    I think it'd be really cool if the author added a WereCrocodile/Alligator skin for Argonians. Or perhaps a WereCat skin for Khajits? I just think it's odd how beast races turn into werewolves too is all. Like, morphing from scales/hide to fur must feel super weird in comparison to just growing the stuff.

  • Yuri Vladamir

    i had moonlight tales werewolf essensial by Brevi but if i dowload and use this mods will that make incompatibility problem ? cause when he said this mod not have SKSE yet so you can't figure in SkyUI like the previous mod! so can somebody explain for me i am wrong or i still missing something here ?

  • Damn son where'd you find this.

    I have it and don't regret it. At first I disliked the feature which has you transform on your own but actually it's immersive and fun.Vanilla werewolf is just too simple imo. Especially compared to vampire lord.

  • GUNNER-969

    can i remove the spontanious transormation?

  • Peven's Stenis

    How did you get the ring to change werewolf appearance?

  • Conor Gregg

    How the fuck do you become a werebear

  • Ian 617

    If only this mod was in the ps4 version

  • V K

    This mod is too f**king big ><

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