Skyrim Mods - Make your World Map Perfect

Fully Colored Map Markers by loveltzzm:

A Quality World Map - With Roads by IcePenguin:

A Clear World Map - With Clouds by IcePenguin:

Player Home Map Markers by Volek:

High Quality 3D Map by Ethatron:

Remove 3D Map Camera Limits by xEightballx:
  • stodrac

    It seems that map mods remove the player and quest location markers from the ingame map (after patch 1.8?). Any fix for this?

  • Mhariz Saifuddin

    I've downloaded the Clear Map with roads mod but I didn't see the road in the map. Anyone knows why this happen to me ? Also I'm playing Skyrim form my laptop. Just a regular laptop with Intel core i3.

  • Dwayne Demontigny


  • I am the music man

    how the hell did you get mods for skyrim on the xbox 360?

  • FanFanatik

    he connected a xbox controller to his pc


    I have a glicth or bug in my map thats make the markers rlyyyy small any fix?

  • Dafoose


  • Arkan

    damn we need more people like you on youtube SUBSCRIBE

  • Dathien

    Love your videos man

  • Littleladyseraphine

    How did you zoom in that close??

  • Rogue

    found that the map pointer on where you are does not show up on the Fully Colored Map Markers.

  • MasteroChieftan

    Hey guys....did you know? It's extremely helpful. lololololol No but seriously nice video dude.

  • Activeterror

    Most of these dont work anymore :(

  • Leon

    finally a mod for road maps, i am tired of having to go mountain climbing to reach my destination because i couldn't find the road up

  • ping pong

    Get a new email address if you want to sign up with nexus

  • Hannes Nilsson

    why was this age restricted ? :P

  • Jace Harrison

    New to mods, any color indicator to show if you completed an area or not? Too many places to remember and completionist for gear, know it says completed if you go to it but quick to forget and rather have color to know if its completed.

  • DigitalBritGamer

    Don't really like the colours as we your map has pretty much all the icons it is harder to see where everything is because it's to colourful

  • JamoWaffleSponge

    you have done 150 hours and your already in 4e 205? you must wait/sleep alot

  • Thrashaero

    how do you get the ability to turn your view?

  • MasteroChieftan

    "chessboard miniature version" *cue game of thrones theme*

  • RetroGamer999

    fuck skyrim nexus, I tried to register becaues some mods were too large but it says: "That email address is already in use" this is a bad joke

  • destuctir

    the coloured map markers cant be downloaded with mod manager :/

  • dermatlmann

    Does this apply to Solstheim too?

  • xXGamermanXxX

    Hey man, you know what mod you should find but hey i mean you can download what you want to download but can you find like a mod that you can be a jarl of your own city or something

  • Joakim Carlsson

    but you have the Xbox Controls.

  • Lord Kek

    How did u get it on the x box

  • Butterghost

    Am I the only one who hates the ultra-reflective water?

  • Mr. Keeney

    Fully Colored Map Markerslink Quality 3D Map link 3D Map Camera Limits link

  • Joakim Carlsson

    How did u get it to Xbox?

  • FireXtra

    You can also put in "World Map in full 3D" mod to be able to zoom into a town with full detail.

  • NovaBladeGamers

    I found you just by typing "Skyrim Mods" on youtube, now i am your #1 fan ;) keep it up bro

  • WeekendGamingNerds

    Just fyi some of your links have gone bad so you might fix those if you get the chance. I know it's a super old video but yeah..

  • FetusGaming-Minecraft and more!

    Can you get these mods from the steam workshop?

  • RevanBladeZ

    skyrim supports controllers. i would use one too, i dont really like games that are mostly melee with mouse and keyboards

  • gabe hickey

    I play on console ,but mods still fuckin rule.

  • Dresden

    quite quite quite quite quite extremely extremely quite quite extremely... Seriously, look up some synonyms.

  • Parker Tuinder

    the rivers are clouds...

  • Phoenix Sosuke

    HQ textures with the npcs and monsters shown so you can see people walk in towns, dragons fly around etc...

  • stodrac

    Never mind, found a fix.

  • TheUnDeity

    where is the compass?? lol

  • Justin Head

    Sometimes I wish that I could go to Skyrim. It would make life more interesting.

  • Shaun Templey

    Can someone please make a mod with the whole continent, like Elswer morrowind hammer fell, solesiem and all the other countries in one, including cyrodil

  • WeekendGamingNerds

    This is great. I can't believe I never knew about the 3D map!

  • Saul Moses

    I really want to remove the fucking clouds

  • Samuel DiGregorio

    my mind just got blown you have a computer mod but your using Xbox 360 HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE!?!?!?!

  • cparks1000000

    What's your install order?

  • Taryn Garton

    The orange marks ancient Dwarven cities

  • YTBaldrick

    This is a very late comment, I understand, you probably know this by now, but just in case. There is a mod now that allows you to view the world in very high details from street level, just like Google street view. I think it is an overkill, but very very cool idea. I'm sure a lot of people like it. My problem is that I am using a laptop, so not a good option for me. However, I really liked this video, an excellent compilation. Also, I like your work, thank you.

  • Gustavo Bronner

    The way nexus works with its links has changed so all the links in this description are outdated and non-functional.Since it was pretty nice to see this video, as a thank you I've reworked your list.Just copy/paste it bro:Fully Colored Map Markers by loveltzzm: Quality World Map - With Roads by IcePenguin: Clear World Map - With Clouds by IcePenguin: Home Map Markers by Volek: Quality 3D Map by Ethatron: 3D Map Camera Limits by xEightballx:

  • djlee02

    looks like skyrim's google earth

  • Galimir Nund

    Does anyone know how to put a map marker where your character is? I am on the map now but when I click on the arrow where my character is no map marker shows up....

  • Saskeks1

    I would love if Bethesda took some ideas and made them over to console.

  • ZhaJiangLiu

    Technically xbox skyrim mods are allowed because skyrim has no multiplayer.

  • MartialArtsMaster

    Is it possible to use all six of those mods if you have something installed that adds places, such as the Moonspire quest or you've added a cottage to live in or something? Or will that make it impossible to use the map mods? Thanks in advance!

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