Skyrim : Oh Follower, Where Art Thou?

Belrand has evaded me for too long, i gotta track him down.
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  • obisgirl

    Okay, so I had the same problem after completing a quest. I use XBox 360. I tried looking for him again in the Winking Skeever and I kept checking for him, and he wasn't there. Where else can I look?

  • Christopher Lovett

    Where are you Serena :(

  • The Goat

    I'm sad, i gave khjargo a lot of expensive shit and now he has run away with my dwarven mace of reaping. Fucker...

  • Ashton Drzewicki-Collins


  • INS1977

    sometimes is impossible to find idiotic follower... and need reload game from older saves grrrr

  • Lane Hubbard

    You can just use console commands on the PC to teleport to him.

  • TWrecks

    I lost my follower but then i realized i left him at a giant camp. Whew, i had really good gear on him

  • Lane Hubbard

    J'zargo is my best friend you asshole!

  • snipaman45

    Is the menu he is using a mod? just curious.

  • Carlos L.



    what's the house ?

  • Joshua Perea BB gun

    dude you had j'zargo for like 4 videos and you don't like him I like j'zargo I keeped him when I killed Lydia and vorstag. I don't like belrand he is not a mage but j'zargo he is a mage and he is my favorite so screw belrand he is a fuker. go FUCK your self

  • Kamikaze Commie

    HEARTWOOD COTTAGE! Finally! I've been searching for that house mod for ages and you never put it in your mod lists, you fucking faggot.

  • Moises Mercado

    happened to me during my first playthrough. I went to the winking skeever and bam he wasn't there. never saw him again.

  • Strydar

    They bled on your rug?!! No way. It really tied the room together as well

  • soulprodigy

    my follower is said to be dead which is lydia and she has all my important shit also i dont have a house all my shit is in the house where youre led to at riverwood i checked in the dargon plave for her and i cant seem to find her in the catacombs

  • CrilbusBowling Stew44

    I lost belrand at the yngol cave when i last checked there he was gone, noWere to be found

  • GeneralEric123

    Wich Mod is that Sweet-ass sword from ?

  • KhamOn2K _

    the way u got mad when they broke into ur home

  • Malgrith The Great

    I was just watching this video because I lost my follower recently. I then see General Sam find his follower at the Solstheim and I think "Maybe mine's there too." Guess where the motherfucker was? Lol

  • Mr Nye

    I left my follower (and wife) Aela in japhets folly after I completed the mission and now I can't find her or get her back HELP PLEASEEEE

  • Lane Hubbard

    Why you hate Khajitts?

  • toast

    Sammy, I know I'm late, but get the Adventurers Assemble mod to avoid this shite. Love you shekel whore ;)

  • Roman Sutter

    Same thing with me there stealing my stuff and then my follower runs away and then grabs my staff of fire and then i have to find marcurio

  • Adam Jolley

    Sam that was so funny when u got back to ur house!

  • Realmodesty

    Someone needs to animate this. Please.

  • EliteKnightAvery

    how'd he make himself sit on the flag pole

  • Demon From Hell

    I lost belrand on console, I'm fucked. I wanted to marry that beautiful bald nord

  • Databat123

    How are you seeing what the follower is casting on the top left corner?

  • chiefy pooh

    I never had a companion, heck I just started, and now it says I already have one

  • BoomBo Bunny

    It's where art you? lol

  • Chris Venere

    Actually the monk took zero years out of your day bc he stopped time like every time he spoke with you.

  • Ethan Thompson

    i replayed the part about the carrot several times

  • The ChaosWolf

    I don't now where kharjo is

  • James Buck

    I remember losing one of my Interesting NPC followers, I think it was Zora. She had my dragonbane so I was pissed the fuck off... Then a month later I found out she somehow got lost in the fucking cistern of Jorrvaskr.

  • Kael Thibauult

    amazing follower mods and tweaks has a summon follower option

  • TheShinyGallade

    Wow I forgot I was subscribed to you and I barely found this video lol

  • Blaze Dagado

    Hey just marry belrand so he won't ditch you I did cause he fucking ditched me against 12 fucking giants and 2 mammoths I killed them all but shit and I was on legendary mode so yea

  • Whiteraven Brotherhood

    The thumbnail changed.

  • JOJOdaley

    The beggining music reminds me of a horror documentary, love it!

  • Ricardo Arias

    General Sam's best video lol

  • Daniel Cannata

    i lost marcurio when i had to go to the party. i hopped on the carrige and he was gone. he vanished with a shit ton of dragon scales.... is there any way i can get him back?

  • warriors_og

    What is the song at the beginning

  • Lincler

    so I lost my elf bow dude...on

  • Bad Fish

    "Why is everyone so boner for the Skull of Corruption!" Sam - 2014

  • The YouTube Phantom Official

    player.moveto B9988, or moveto player B9988 (~ key)

  • Lord Kyurem

    Kharjo is a good follower

  • AuntRhody

    what is the house called

  • connected123 - The Narwharl

    I lost belrand one time, I found him in a cave...

  • MsJeniferDilan

    For those wondering, the music at the begining is 'Colorless Aura' by Kevin MacLeod

  • MikePlaysIt

    Probably in jail Captain Knobbles.

  • pyricexhoarder

    one of ur best!!!!! TFF

  • Nick LaFoe

    Lol best video I've seen so far

  • madscientist 666

    sam im asking. why u loved belrand so much ?. what special ability make u love belrand?. sorry for my english . :)

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