Skyrim : Oh Follower, Where Art Thou?

Belrand has evaded me for too long, i gotta track him down.
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  • Roman Sutter

    Same thing with me there stealing my stuff and then my follower runs away and then grabs my staff of fire and then i have to find marcurio

  • Daniel Cannata

    i lost marcurio when i had to go to the party. i hopped on the carrige and he was gone. he vanished with a shit ton of dragon scales.... is there any way i can get him back?

  • chiefy pooh

    I never had a companion, heck I just started, and now it says I already have one

  • toast

    Sammy, I know I'm late, but get the Adventurers Assemble mod to avoid this shite. Love you shekel whore ;)

  • MsJeniferDilan

    For those wondering, the music at the begining is 'Colorless Aura' by Kevin MacLeod

  • Ethan Thompson

    i replayed the part about the carrot several times

  • Strydar

    They bled on your rug?!! No way. It really tied the room together as well

  • Sgt GreySandles

    I lost belrand at the yngol cave when i last checked there he was gone, noWere to be found

  • INS1977

    sometimes is impossible to find idiotic follower... and need reload game from older saves grrrr

  • Ashton Drzewicki-Collins


  • archie perkin

    oh i love you sam. im a new sub but youre so funny, whem the vampires were in your house and they bled every where are you were ranting, i was crying with laughter

  • TrollMaster0001 4

    the way u got mad when they broke into ur home

  • Moises Mercado

    happened to me during my first playthrough. I went to the winking skeever and bam he wasn't there. never saw him again.


    what's the house ?

  • JOJOdaley

    The beggining music reminds me of a horror documentary, love it!

  • Carlos L.


  • Diego Guajardo

    That was one of the funniest episodes I've seen

  • Lane Hubbard

    Why you hate Khajitts?

  • GeneralEric123

    Wich Mod is that Sweet-ass sword from ?

  • gaston perea

    dude you had j'zargo for like 4 videos and you don't like him I like j'zargo I keeped him when I killed Lydia and vorstag. I don't like belrand he is not a mage but j'zargo he is a mage and he is my favorite so screw belrand he is a fuker. go FUCK your self

  • Blaze Dagado

    Hey just marry belrand so he won't ditch you I did cause he fucking ditched me against 12 fucking giants and 2 mammoths I killed them all but shit and I was on legendary mode so yea

  • Lord Kyurem

    Kharjo is a good follower

  • warriors_og

    What is the song at the beginning

  • Bad Fish

    "Why is everyone so boner for the Skull of Corruption!" Sam - 2014

  • Adam Jolley

    Sam that was so funny when u got back to ur house!

  • Dosily Smith

    LOL.... yeah i don't hae a MOD house ...but i am the THANE!! .. so the Jarl gave me one for the CHEAP price of 25K GOLD!!! ... so now my House Carl and Spouse are live'n it up in my house whilst I Cull the DRAGON population!!!! ... AAGHH...but I do have nearly a Quarter of a MILLION gold ... so it aint all bad

  • Databat123

    How are you seeing what the follower is casting on the top left corner?

  • Kamikaze Commie

    HEARTWOOD COTTAGE! Finally! I've been searching for that house mod for ages and you never put it in your mod lists, you fucking faggot.

  • Malgrith Gaming

    I was just watching this video because I lost my follower recently. I then see General Sam find his follower at the Solstheim and I think "Maybe mine's there too." Guess where the motherfucker was? Lol

  • AuntRhody

    what is the house called

  • bryce evans

    my follower is said to be dead which is lydia and she has all my important shit also i dont have a house all my shit is in the house where youre led to at riverwood i checked in the dargon plave for her and i cant seem to find her in the catacombs

  • Lane Hubbard

    J'zargo is my best friend you asshole!

  • Lincler

    so I lost my elf bow dude...on

  • Ricardo Arias

    General Sam's best video lol

  • Nick LaFoe

    Lol best video I've seen so far

  • The Chaos Pork

    I don't now where kharjo is

  • The Goat

    I'm sad, i gave khjargo a lot of expensive shit and now he has run away with my dwarven mace of reaping. Fucker...

  • TheShinyGallade

    Wow I forgot I was subscribed to you and I barely found this video lol

  • Mr Nye

    I left my follower (and wife) Aela in japhets folly after I completed the mission and now I can't find her or get her back HELP PLEASEEEE

  • James Buck

    I remember losing one of my Interesting NPC followers, I think it was Zora. She had my dragonbane so I was pissed the fuck off... Then a month later I found out she somehow got lost in the fucking cistern of Jorrvaskr.

  • snipaman45

    Is the menu he is using a mod? just curious.

  • BoomBo Bunny

    It's where art you? lol

  • EliteKnightAvery

    how'd he make himself sit on the flag pole

  • Chris Venere

    Actually the monk took zero years out of your day bc he stopped time like every time he spoke with you.

  • pyricexhoarder

    one of ur best!!!!! TFF

  • MikePlaysIt

    Probably in jail Captain Knobbles.

  • madscientist 666

    sam im asking. why u loved belrand so much ?. what special ability make u love belrand?. sorry for my english . :)

  • Lane Hubbard

    You can just use console commands on the PC to teleport to him.

  • connected123 - The Narwharl

    I lost belrand one time, I found him in a cave...

  • Kael Thibauult

    amazing follower mods and tweaks has a summon follower option

  • The YouTube Phantom Official

    player.moveto B9988, or moveto player B9988 (~ key)

  • Whiteraven Brotherhood

    The thumbnail changed.

  • obisgirl

    Okay, so I had the same problem after completing a quest. I use XBox 360. I tried looking for him again in the Winking Skeever and I kept checking for him, and he wasn't there. Where else can I look?

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