Skyrim Mod Sanctuary 82 : Immersive First Person View and Dragon Priest Circlets

Skyrim Mod Sanctuary 82 : Immersive First Person View and Dragon Priest Circlets

Mods covered in this video:
1. Immersive First Person View :
2. Dragon Priest DragonBorn Circlets Aetherial Crown :

Mods used in taking this video:
1. Immersive HUD - iHUD :
2. SkyUI (with MCM) :

Visual Mods used in this video:
1. Phinix Natural ENB :
2. Project Reality - Climates Of Tamriel - Weather - Lighting :
4. Pure Waters :
5. Skyrim HD - 2K Textures :
6. Static Mesh Improvement Mod - SMIM :
7. Dynavision

Thumbnail is 'Approaching Whiterun' courtesy of Kilen9999.

Skyrim Mod Sanctuary - Nexus page for posting images:

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  • Michael Robertson

    Really I just like the ability to see your feet.

  • bens

    enhanced camera is so much better, less unnecessary fiddling and no nauseating head bob

  • WillShackAttack

    I wonder if this mod would work with an Oculus Rift?

  • tizian weisensel

    how can i uninstall immersive first person? because it always doesnt work

  • Gregory Greenwood

    Other than that its genious! :)

  • Chuck Norris

    i really like the immersive fp mod but dislike not seeing my weapons in first person i cannot tell what im doing. also the aim seems to be off when firing spells

  • waypastcool

    the first part of the video made me very nauseous


    What planet are all these people who get motion sickness without even moving from?

  • Ahmed Abd Elatif

    can you make a tutorial on installing perma and pamaive been having issues with pama its not fixing the armor values the imperial armor has got 133 !!!!and it even changes my enchants my alchemy fortifies health and smithing fortifies armor ratingi have no idea what im doing wronga bit of help?

  • Robby Potter

    you probably wouldnt have so much clipping of you took the fov down a little bit lol. I remember how bad this mod was when it first first came out xD wasnt playable at all. Love your videos tho

  • Logan Sniper

    Hey Gopher I know you get a bunch these but Please check out my new mod Rusheeda, she is my real life Wolf and I made this as a Tribute to her. nothing else just download her and have fun, she really is a great wolf follower, I'm still working on other things for her they'll be upcoming soon I hope, but by now most will know how hard it is to work with CK and all it's aggravation LOL.Thank You in Advance!!!!!

  • DanDraco

    I think the Open Dragon Priest masks look better since you can wear those, see your face and wear your favorite hood or helmet.

  • Krieg The Psycho

    You spent over 18 mins talking about two mods? It took you a minute and a half to finally start talking about one of them. WHY DO YOU TAKE SO FUCKING LONG?!?!?!

  • Exalerion Gaming

    Hi Gohper,! This has nothing to do with the mods in this video, but I'd like to know what INI tweaks you use to get those nice and highly detailed distant trees??? In my Skyrim the trees almost look like paper in the distance, and when I come closer they suddenly pop into more detailed trees :/

  • DocFlamingo

    So, the best thing about Immersive First Person View is that you can turn turn off all its terrible functions?  Those effects aren't at all realistic anyway.  Try looking around while bobing your head about.   The only thing you'll notice is the edges of your vision changing, noting around the objects in your field of vision. Your brain corrects for head motion so you don't notice it to any degree.

  • Gregory Greenwood

    The only thing wrong with this mod is the weapon visuals I should still be able to see the weapons just as much as the vanilla first person. I could barely see the bow,or the sword when gopher drew them out.

  • Wing Hang Li

    Okay, now we have graphic bobing while our head bobing

  • Thiems Theam

    is this mod now compatible with dynamic field of view?

  • blot455

    IFP has gottem way better in 2016

  • Araedi

    I use immersive first person and i love it

  • RoxyLuffer

    Those of us who play minecraft are immune to some of these disconcerting effects =O

  • Bonnie Prince Charlie

    Enhanced Camera is better, without that head bob. You get just the first person weapons etc, but with a third person body.

  • nick woody

    i think enhanced camera is better. cos it doesnt replace the third person view

  • Arkoryon

    This really is a great mod, but for some reason I'm not getting the MCM menu for it. It works for my other mods but not this one. I appreciate anyone's help with this problem, Thanks

  • G Meister

    Immersive first person view is a really nice mod, but I think that the author should really focus on sneaking.And apparently Google doesn't acknowledge the word Immersive. Love ya google.

  • Gebirgsjäger

    why didnt you mention that the IMFV mod sometimes destroys saved games? if you try to lead them, your camera and the time gets stucked, you cant do anything except loading a game where you hadnt this mod loaded/activated

  • Illya

    better than enhanced camera because so many bugs in that one when I used

  • matto

    Camera zooms out ludicrously far"Did you notice the FOV change?"

  • mase lane

    tip, you can change a setting that allows your character to turn where you look. Also, it can be set to only turn at a certain degree. For example, my head can turn 89 degrees before I auto turn, since my head can turn 90 degrees in total. You also auto turn while fighting. USE PROFILE 2 WITH SMOOTHING ON 1

  • Frederick X.

    Just need a parkouring mod and we'll have Mirror's Edge Skyrim!

  • Yiglic Persfactious

    Headbob is so annoying in games.

  • thatdearguy

    I keep expecting a 'yaaay!" after the 'welcome to Skyrim Mod Sanctuary'.

  • daugintas ratkevicius

    someone feels sick by this? wtf i dont get it

  • Sci-Fly-Guy

    No problems with the head-bobbing, but the moment the FOV changed I almost vomited.

  • Orian McCoy

    pukes within first 2 min Oh god I can't do this mod...

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