Skyrim Mods: Finally First Person Magic Animations + Enhanced Parrying

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Finally First Person Magic Animation

Enhanced 1st Person Parry


Lowered First Person

Immersive First Person View

Wizard Hat


Musical Lore - Nir Shor -
CC BY 3.0 -
  • Rich R.

    First Person Magic Animations are not currently in SSE

  • therealbahamut

    I can really appreciate that the parrying mod tries to make the animation perpendicular to the enemy's weapon--you know, like actual parrying??Some of the casting animations are an improvement, but some need tweaking. The cross arm animation for dual self-casting, for example, should probably be something of a lower stance, since it blocks so much of the screen.

  • Sman0909

    Is the immersive first person mod for the normal skyrim workshop?

  • fxxx7

    wish I could really use this's not there anymore for SE as always happen with many mods.I love your channel.

  • Apollo's Espeon

    I really love your videos! Whenever I go on an elder scrolls binge, your channel is my first stop. I was wondering if you were going to do a best mods of 2017 video, like you have in the past? I also thought it would be a cool idea if for the transforming skyrim series you did mod lists for specific builds. Like, a mod list for a pure mage playthrough, vampire playthrough, spellsword, etc. One of my biggest issues is way too many mods in my load order. Everything runs fine, but I think I might be able to have more fun, more unique playthroughs if different characers had different mod lists for better role playing. Of course, you can do whatver you want, and if you're taking a break that's cool too.

  • SgtFunBun

    i need to get a good pc damn it

  • Makayla Reitman

    Are any of these o Xbox one

  • Epic Gamer

    4:36 someone please tell me why that dance works so well with main theme XD

  • Angelo James Mordini

    Why do some of the graphic mods make the game look cartoony? I’ve seen so many better graphic mods that are super realistic and smooth but not cartoony and smooth like seen here

  • Brian's not my name

    Interesting dance at the end

  • Kitsudragon

    You mentioned Immersive First Person view in that review. Do you know how to get the first person spell animations to show properly? With IFPV loaded, the hands are still invisibly off the bottom, and it's frustrating. I think there's a disconnect between where IFPV's modded casting animation and the actual direction of the spells are. The net effect is that fire spells tend to curve UP, as if gravity was playing tricks on the user. Aiming more than about twenty feet is impossible. I'm hoping the FFPMA mod will fix this.

  • GoharGohar Law

    What spell did you cast on 1:00??

  • Ibo Bobi

    what is your graphics mod called?

  • Manuel Agra

    only served in the skyrim special edition?

  • M.F.H

    What enb do you use?

  • Yukimura

    Even tho i already left skyrim, i still enjoy watching your videos.I´m too old to get back, i no longer have nerves to find out which one of my 200 modes is crashing.

  • Ostfront Oscar

    What third person animations would go good with this? makes me wanna play in first person more

  • TheCrazyBritish

    it looks cool but as you guys said it just makes you look like your character struggles with magic. I can only think of using this in the first few levels of the game when you´re just a novice mage. or just other class characters that don´t focus on magic

  • BlueKnightTele

    What mods should I get on my ps4?

  • Alex Jennings

    link for the SE version is broken. Why was it removed from the nexus?

  • Luis Adrian

    Your magic looks amazing is that from animation mod? Or do u have another mod for it to look as beautiful as this

  • Kyle Wright

    This better be on xbox

  • CatBob

    1:09 what spell mod is that

  • ShadowblazorX11

    what is the spell from 0:57?

  • Carmen Scott

    What ENB are you using? PLEASE TELL US SOOn

  • Bruce Wayne feelings

    Like for the chicken <3

  • Jame G

    All the magic animations look worse than vanilla. the new healing spell animation looks more relaxed but the narrator said it was to show more tension.

  • Lenny Lynch

    I like the dual-casting for wards, but the others don't look very nice to me.

  • kJayy

    Will this mod also work with the mod that adds more magic spells in the game?

  • Mete Tural

    Don't know why I watch these mod showcases because I don't have PC that can run skyrim. But my old laptop could?

  • Vitor Melo Lopes

    Best magic animations were the ones in Bioshock, and a plus size, nobody had to fix them, the developers did it themselves...

  • hussar

    How hard is it to make parrys tht make the oppopnent stagger back when hit on time, the combat is still so clunky because it doesnt have the right reaction animations

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