10 Video Game Endings That Were Profoundly Insulting

Oh, you wanted to see how this ends? That'll be another £10 please.

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  • Jessy York

    Fucking death threats should never be ok what the hell is that fuck PC they are ruining everythingPS I mean PC as in political correctness not personal computer


    I loved Halo so much back then that the ending to 2 made me just feel stoked for the next one tbh lol

  • Charlie King

    spoiler alert.. it wasnt

  • Christopher Coleman

    I literally disliked this good video just because he dissed MGS5, like you don’t do that, MGS5 was a very good game and will always have a place in my heart with MGS3.

  • Reaginic Wolf

    You showed dlc from the first force unleashed instead of the second. Its like you guys don't know fuck all about video games

  • Shadowtheheartbroken

    Asura's Wrath had apparently run out of space on the disk. Though I wouldn't put it past capcom.

  • Splatoon Fan123456789100


  • WatrDragn

    I️ feel like the dour ending to Mad Max was appropriate. Max is in a shit situation in a shit world and through his shitty actions ends up alone. Granted, I️ would’ve like at least one more person live, but it worked thematically.

  • SirWoozy

    Both Vaas and Hoyt were briliant characters only problem they both had about 10 minutes of screentime.....

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