10 Video Game Endings That Were Profoundly Insulting

Oh, you wanted to see how this ends? That'll be another £10 please.

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  • Bob Clover

    Heavy Fucking Rain better be on this list. That shit pissed me off so much I still get angry to the point I want to punch somebody whenever I think about it.

  • Chris Martindale

    You said it about Force Unleashed 2. I LOVED the first one. I HATED the second one. In the first, you could beat any enemy with the force or your lightsaber or any combo therein. In FU2, you have to defeat your enemies a certain way, it's like playing rock, paper, scissors. If I want an expanded version of rock, paper, scissors pokemon can handle that and has a better story and ending.

  • Meme King

    I thought the ending to mad max was a good one showing how few fucks he gave about anything besides going to the fields of solitude or whatever it was called and that shows how crazy he really is

  • fiqx87

    dude you gotta stop clickbaiting. its annoying as fuck

  • Al Ghazi

    Far cry 3 is the best 1st time around i killed my friends and i was hurt to see what happen to me at da end

  • TheSpojak19

    Asuras wrath is one of the most profoundly underrated games of all time, all because capcom was running out of street fighter money

  • Jared Lewis

    You can add Gaijin to the #worst WANKERS list for screwing up WarThunder for the reason of the worst rules in the world shitty kick bann rule.

  • Jared Lewis

    Who plays WarThunder agrees.

  • Le Kashi

    I would say fatal frame 5, but it falls under "not so good plot" as well.

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