Skyrim Having a family 2 kid a wife a dog a vampire and a store and a big Home!!!

Skyrim Dlc that game is so awesome
Having the most beautiful wife + 2 kid + a dog + a vampire lord to protect them
a nice and fully upgrade / fully equip home
  • GM Steelhaven

    I was wondering if the moose was part of the deal.

  • Lenus_ Jaguar

    Wife: Back from some adventure my loveMe: Yep, killed like 100 bandidsWife:Hello my loveMe:WTFWife: Fine LOVEMe: Ok i get it you love meWife: Goodbye my loveME:....Wife:This is your share loveMe: FUS...Wife: good day my loveMe:ROWife: LETS FUCK LOVEMe:...................K.

  • xRazmast x


  • Oshaoxin

    Great, put them all together and you got a female vampire puppy!

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