Skyrim Mods - Hammet's Dungeon Pack

Skyrim Mods - Hammet's Dungeon Pack

Nexus Description:
Eighteen (18) new added Radiant Quest enabled dungeons all over Skyrim and Solstheim to discover and explore. New unique enchantment weapons, armors, conjuration spells and two followers. I made these dungeon as lore-friendly as possible and diversified for you gamers out there to enjoy and have fun.

Skyrim (Original):

Skyrim (Special Edition):

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Outro Music:
  • Akshay Prakash

    Wish you get more subscribes

  • Glenn Danzig

    I played these dungeons and they are Awesome man. Wish many modders be doing things like these, so few of em. Lots of Follower mod which are pretty useless and so easy to make.

  • Venj Hammet

    Thank you for featuring my mod on your channel.

  • Edvin Grönquist

    Dude your videos are awesome. Quick/informative and nice camera work.


    Awesome vid, whats the outro song?

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