Skyrim Mod Sanctuary 29 : Monster Mod, SkyTest, Sustainable Spells, Einithars and Wearable Lanterns

Mods covered in this video:
1. Skyrim Monster Mod (0:14) :
2. SkyTEST - Realistic Animals and Predators (4:25) :
3. Einithars Lantern (6:17) :
4: Wearable Lanterns (7:35) :
5: Sustained Spells (8:34) :

Mods used in taking this video:
1. Immersive HUD - iHUD :

Visual mods used in this video include:
1. DYNAVISION - Dynamic Depth of Field :
2. RCRN v3 HDR - Realistic Colors and Real Nights :
3. RCReN - RCRN Enhancer :
4. Skyrim Flora Overhaul :
5. Lush Grass :
6. Lush Trees :
7. Static Mesh Improvement Mod - SMIM :

The music playing is the Sons of Skyrim from the official trailer.

This video is in no way associated or approved by Bethesda and is intended for non commercial educational purposes only.

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  • BonkoMcSwag

    I would love to play the Monster Mod, but, as sad as it may be, it is removed.

  • Abdel Hamid Shehata

    Love your channel Gopher. Thanks for all the help with modding :D

  • Gabriel

    Use "Skyrim: Immersive Creatures", it's amazing and does more or less the same.

  • Bluu Dreeme

    apparently the monster mod isnt on nexus anymore

  • Iron Alpha

    Aaaand I just found out it's also back on the Nexus. It's been uploaded by Ironman1000. Great news as far as I'm concerned! Go get it everybody!

  • Iron Alpha

    The Monster mod is available at moddb(Dot)com(Slash)mods(Slash)skymomod-v12(Slash)news(Slash)skyrim-monster-mod Thumbs up so people can see.

  • Aleksandar Arambasic

    Can i use monster mod and Skyre together? Will it cose any bugs?

  • Xeldryd

    personally i feel that the ogres and trolls should be swapped round, but thats mainly because i am a fan of lotr and warhammer

  • ThatKidMilezHigh M

    i hate ogres -_- Got enough of them during God of war

  • FinalOmega97

    Hadn't gotten to your encore video yet xD sorry

  • Seth Daneil Buenviaje

    Minotaurs are extinct in the Elder Scrolls Lore, they went extinct a few years after the Events in Oblivion

  • talotway

    i wish i could pick and choose what monsters i add to the game :/

  • Dread Beat

    I have downloaded the Monster Mod v12 and installed it, but the creatures won't spawn. I will RARELY see something that comes from the SkyMoMod, but that happens once in a blue moon. The new mobs are in the game, I can use the console to spawn them just fine, and they attack and behave like you would expect, but they refuse to spawn in the wilds, dungeons, etc. Can someone please help? I have tried manually installing the mod, using NMM, and even tried different versions, but I still encounter the same problem :/

  • Geralt Grey-Mane

    is there a mod wich remove the annoying etc bears close to the roads.... very annoyed with rideing my horse around and be forced to jump off alot its a small thing but i would love it that animals were more "in woods or in the wild" and staying away from the roads atlist the lager once

  • Dave Randall

    The link to the monster mod isn't working. Has this mod be abandoned or just moved/renamed?

  • Gabriel Garcia

    They should make a mod where some of them can be maybe tamed somehow along with some of the other normal skyrim creatures similar to a way that u had armored trolls in dawnguard but instead like a pet ogre where you tame it and train it to follow u and defend you. Or maybe a pack of pet wolves that help you take down draugr in dungeons. It would be so awesome if you can tame undead and dremora more and more powerful as you excel in conjuration and the same for other types of creature

  • TheDustyMuffinsss

    Is the monster mod compatible with Requiem? Please tell me yes ;-;

  • brony knight

    why was the monster mod takin down??

  • Firegodot

    Yo Gopher do the lanterns warm you in frostfall?

  • MyPchacker

    So should I get monster mod or immersive creatures or both?

  • Caleb Bass

    1:31 is a troll from the witcher, not an ogre.

  • FinalOmega97

    There is a lore friendly version of the monster mod btw :)

  • Gary the Hypocritical Skeptic

    I feel like a time traveling having Dragonborn DLC while Gopher is getting excited about the Dawnguard trailer...

  • Patrick Waldeck

    I hope they can bring this mod to Skyrim remastered

  • Namgr191

    Skyrim Monster Mod was DELETED!

  • november13december26

    isn't there a mod around that adds a actionbar like feature. I like the mage-spellcaster aspect of the game, but im annoyed that I have to go to favorits menus or hotkeays to change spells to be able to cast the spell.? as it is now, a spell feels like an object I have to equip, and not flames manifested by my mage wisdom

  • RokuroCarisu

    When I want to explore dark places, I would usually just equip a helmet with permanent night vision enchantment. The advantage is that enemies won't be able to see you in the dark, but you can see them.

  • Kalijey the Muze

    Ah, Wearable Lanterns good mod, either way around, very helped if your using enbs and/or lighting mods/overhauls.

  • Coroner3089033

    Link for Monster Mod doesn't work... was the mod removed or something?

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