Skyrim - 5 Unique Followers

Sorry Lydia, but you're just a housecarl. Here, I list 5 Unique Followers in Skyrim. These include some of the best followers, and their locations. All followers have their own special something, whether it shares Skyrim secrets, or lead to secret quests. And certainly follower mods always add some ingenuity.

Now that I have a PC, I can't get enough of Skyrim's best mods - there are so many weapon mods and armor mods. And I really like the quest mods, or things like face mods. They make looking for unique weapons and armor, or unique items a lot more fun. And we know just how many secret locations and quests, or, rather, hidden weapons and armor scatter this world. It's great. I also do other Skyrim Top 5 stuff, if you're interested.

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  • That _One_Asian_0

    Dont worry we all tried to marry Serana i feel you bro

  • Lilian Soares

    Kharjo and Serana are the best for me. I always give either of them the ebony mail and specially for kharjo i also equip him with strong enchanted stuff since he levels up only until level 30 if i'm not wrong. I also make him join the blades so that i can easily find him back in case i need to do a particular quest alone.

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