The Elder Scrolls (1994-2011)

Updated version - The Elder Scrolls (1994 - 2014)

This video is an example of development of video games as medium - not only games itself (technical progres), but also the presentation of new games (aka trailers). Originally, this video was created as an example for the course "Games and Digital Culture"

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  • Elayna Goals

    None of my Friends are gamers so when ever I said fus ro dah they were like "wut ·_·"

  • Don Julio-Mendez

    that opening song was off its head

  • Steve Hoff

    thats crazy it looked like doom in the 90s lol

  • Skydoxe Gaming

    That‘s a revolution.

  • MrJibsIV

    Go play ESO while you wait for VI.

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