The Elder Scrolls (1994-2011)

Updated version - The Elder Scrolls (1994 - 2014)

This video is an example of development of video games as medium - not only games itself (technical progres), but also the presentation of new games (aka trailers). Originally, this video was created as an example for the course "Games and Digital Culture"

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  • MLGamer

    1997 looks better than 1998

  • Polar

    The first game I played was morrowind when I was 3 years old but I like skyrim better.

  • Pretzelfishes Gaming

    Ah, I remember when my dad used to play Oblivion all the time.And when I thought Oblivion and Skyrim were from two different franchises. Kid me knew nothing of the Elder Scrolls.

  • TheLetterFox

    If I had a PC back in 1996, Daggerfall would have blown my young mind.

  • Arwin Vatvani

    My favorites are skyrim and morrowind, morrowind for the world, quests and weapon varieties and skyrim for the stealth experience, attention to detail and creating weapons/armor.

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