Skyrim Mod: Heljarchen Farm

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Heljarchen Farm

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  • Philosophical Tech-Priest Engiseer

    Does this work with your windstad mode?

  • Kev Urbie

    LOVE this mod. Makes you feel more like a thane. I hope he does one for windstad manor next!

  • Psychotic Muffin


  • XSirAwesom3X

    Where is the clay deposit?

  • Gfhgfgfggfgggfbfg Hhhgggdfy

    If they did windstad mine and heljarchen farm did they ever do something for lakeview?

  • Love Nordahl

    dont show up on map :P or in the game at all :P

  • LuciferPC Gaming

    any other good mods that you can earn gold from?

  • Existential Squid

    if you hire workers do they do all the planting for you? i've had farmers and mead workers for like a week in game, and all the places on the farm and in the greenhouse where you can plant things are still empty

  • saana 456

    Can you vave this for ps4

  • Whiterun Guard


  • chaos lord

    at last a housing mod that doesn't have a fucking bathtub

  • Pál Benyovszky

    Can i hire my own followers to guard?

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