Skyrim Special Edition - Finding the missing follower

For a while i couldn't find my follower until i retraced some steps
  • FuriousWarrior05

    I asked my follower from a mod to wait somewhere then when i went back to get him he was gone.

  • DeathSkull535

    Not too certain, but I was fighting two mammoths and a giant with the ever so faithful Lydia at my back. We won the fight, collected the tasty loots then I headed to the nearest town to disenchant and trade gold. I then notice Lydias missing! So I head back to the giant and mammoths we'd killed and I cant find her, I think she's dead because all thats left of her existence is her shield on the ground with the option to "steal" not take. I looked around all the area where we fought, and then the hall of the dead in Whiterun and shes nowhere to be found. Bitch took my daedra hearts too! Is she dead or is she just missing? Haven't a clue.

  • Mr FattyBacon

    I can't find Lydia, I think i might've accidentally made her wait. She's not my wife and I don't have a house or anything. Any suggestions..?

  • Papavot

    When I'm playing normal skyrim without dlc's .I go to the Broken helm Hollow to get a stone of barenziah and I have lydia with me.There were some normal bandits.I can beat them with my bare hands.Then something happened I don't know what is it but lydia just dissappeared.And I can't find her outside the cave to!So I decided to just forget it.But some weeks later when I'm doing ''The Man Who Cried Wolf''mission with cicero then he dissapeared in cave and I can't find him .I can't even find his body .

  • Jaiden Skorup

    thought this was happening to me but about hours of gameplay into it I went to get a new follower and it worked, so now I have hours more I'm going to have to spend searching for a dead followers body, she had all my nightingale armour too -___-

  • Scott Vlogging


  • Vacant Head

    For fucks sake I lost Lydia during a mission in the dwemer ruins, Mzulft. Bollocks am I going through that cunt again.

  • connor greggs

    Thanks mate I lost her in the same place

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