Skyrim Special Edition - Finding the missing follower

For a while i couldn't find my follower until i retraced some steps
  • Jerry_the_Pennie Guy

    I did a glitch that lets me have 2 followers so I had Lydia and Serena and now Lydia has gone missing, and I have no idea if she is dead or not, but either way she has a lot of my stuff that I need

  • Bob Yeet

    I told my follower to wait in my home, then i was Gone a couple of days and When i came back he was gone

  • JacobTheKoala

    My follower serana she didn't go to slsteim

  • Ava Blood

    I lost my follower so many damn times it pisses me off I've lost one I had for years like Jesus🤦🏻😂

  • Imran Uddin

    For me I left Lydia in the Nightingale hall or whatever and I waited but when she came back I can't have any follower if u know how to fix this tell me

  • Beihan Co

    When I hired steward for my new house , that bitc* just left me with all the good stash with him while I was asking my servant to furnish the house !I had to play all over to know where I lost him ! Then it happened again ! So I followed him and payed a new 500 to get him with me again ! Damn stupid !

  • Ben Sherbundy

    have you found a solution to this, i lost serana and im pissed cause i want to get another follower ( i was in morthal and i was trying to become thane right, so i went to talk th the jarl and serana dissapered, wtf do i do) i havent watched this full video yet so dont get mad if its in there😂😂😂

  • Ashton Harden

    On god my follower was there too lol

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