Skyrim - Great Battle Of Dawnguard

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  • CrashAttackJack

    Is that modded armor

  • tinyminecraftvideos Hannah

    Did anyone hear Sniper's voice at 9:31 from TF2? 😂

  • Liam Clements

    I am speechless however why was harkon speaking the dragon tongue

  • Roberto Fusco

    Wait Why the true battle isn't like this?

  • godoftheabyss


  • Bennett of the lands of steel

    What mod gives you that awesome knights armor?

  • mehdi gülbetekin

    go to hell son of bicht asshole bastards

  • Topazline Seven

    I still am amazed at how well done this is after first seeing it a while back. Awesome work!

  • DevilDog 1999

    How do you get that heavy armor the MC wears

  • Nicholas White

    I like how Isron pulls out a pickaxe

  • Giant Dad

    I love this dlc even more than db but there's only one problem falmer...fucking falmer;(

  • Sully The Man

    Now I'm pissed we were cheated out of a Companions vs. Volkihar battle. I mean come on Bethesda you have werewolves and vampires in the same did you not make a scripted scenario where they fight?

  • Jon Hunter

    Why can't this be a real thing?

  • Dzhon Lichinka

    Скайрим - параша! Графа дырявая!!! Программисты-разработчики - дятлы!!!!

  • Media Dragon

    Is there a Actual fight?

  • Connor Sullivan

    Dawnguard vs stendarr vigilants vs werewolves vs vampires vs companions vs castle volkair vs hircine vs molagbal

  • BATEman420

    A bit too similar to Harry Potter, but a fantastic video nonetheless.

  • Daniel Graff

    wow that was good i am quite impressed

  • Matt Farrell

    who else remembers when machinima fucked so many people over

  • Jasim Ayad

    new that a great work welldone

  • bacin14

    Should have taken the part out where there's like 50 sleeping vampires for no reason

  • EastSide Monkey

    Whos watching in 2017

  • Ivar Teuben

    It seems the companions got some new members...

  • Horatio Cornblower

    Man, if I turned a corner and saw that many werewolves together, I'd shit myself.

  • tinyminecraftvideos Hannah

    Who's watching this in 2017?

  • Hylife Gt

    Welp im a Werewolf, cause i like em... then i watched a movie bout this.. i want to be a vampire now :/


    i like how you used god of wars music because skyrims was shitty and repetitive

  • Max Wolf

    Epic battle! Gothic armour) It's remind me this video

  • tekkara

    All you kids complaining about battles not being this big in the vanilla game would complain they are too crowded eventually after you get sick of reloading your save after accedently hitting a guy on your side and then both sides trying to kill you

  • Psycho Killer

    is there a list which mods had been used i want some of them (like the abilty to go through the cages door)

  • Commander Xananymous

    Lol why does it says battle of dawnguard and vampire while there's another one the werewolf at the back of castle volkihare

  • Allan Stevenson

    they copied the soundtrack off god of war 3

  • Victor JDordan

    Wait the companion says: one bite and ull end up like one... but in game if ur a werewolf u cant become a vampire

  • Plasma_shot_45 21

    Who's watching in 2017

  • Cici352 H

    Seriously a god of war soundtrack in a skyrim vid :p

  • XxHarleyTheFurFagxX XxWildArtistxX

    I can just see the lag

  • 420 King

    Are the giant skeleton spider things and the big headed red eye vampire thing and the red ware wolfs in the game or do u have to hak it or something

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