Skyrim - Great Battle Of Dawnguard

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  • Vivien Clausen

    I have a hard time believing Isran would have been okay with werewolves, but hate vampires. I mean a large portion of werewolves are feral and prey on people. Loved the video, though.

  • Aldo Guloy

    7:02 his face looks so ugly or more like an alien

  • WLgummybear

    4:17 They see me rollin'...

  • PhilZorias

    lol, was looking through my old bookmarks all the way back to 2010. found this vid

  • Nash Crawford

    Your Armor, was it modded or not? if Not where can i get it?

  • Bill Fletcher

    What is that armor for the companions called ? The fur/stormcloak/Nightingale one. Can't seem to find the mod.

  • Devin Coon

    Who’s watching this in 2017

  • Erica Stephens

    That was so good I don't even think it's worth it to finish the Dawnguard quest line anymore because it won't be like this.

  • Jo Engi

    7:31 after all this time I still crack up when I see Isran charge in with a pick axe

  • shadowfr0st

    even as a vampire, i still disagree with harkon and would gladly form a truce with the dawnguard to stop him

  • Pam McPherson

    I'm a vampire 😅😅

  • Dorian Roark

    At the beginning of the video, when Isran, Seranna, and the player are standing there... WHAT ARMOR IS HE USING. I NEED IT.

  • cospro 22

    Why the fuck is torvar athis, and fucking vignar graymane Werewolves?

  • Cease your existance

    11:24The who lived, comes to die.

  • Pablo J.

    What's the armor that is using the dragonborn?

  • Ankeet Gogoi

    Which armor is dragonborn wearing?

  • Lobo sombrio00

    Joined the vampires blasted every wolf and dawnguard with fireballs and explosions after that presented the head of the enemy to lord harkon and while he was praising me.......killed him and took all the junk i can fit in my pockets and go home to sleep

  • Zambie Slaya

    what armour does the main Dawn hard person have

  • That madScientist

    I only have one problem with this short harkon should’ve used Frost magic

  • Martin Drake

    This is more entertaining than I expected.

  • Emo Dude

    By Sithis good video BTW hail the night mother

  • Borotalko

    i like that isran just equips a pickeaxe 7:30


    I can’t believe Eva died.


    Dude, that's a pic from a online browser rp game

  • Bjørn Andersen

    10:12 they killed my wife ;(

  • Charizard Life

    I could win just give me a clove of garlic and werewolf blood

  • ItsYaBoiMoises 11

    Old video but... SHOTS FIRED BY DAWNGUARD

  • Dragonpig 10

    Do dawnguardandcompanions Vs darkbrotherhoodandvampires

  • New world of skyrim

    OMG how you done this all effects and other mods???

  • MothyGaming

    Vampire Lord turnedDragonborn : guess this gonna be hard(open console *tgm*)

  • Fuarian

    Wait the Dawnguard are Werewolves? I haven't played the DLC yet.

  • Progressive MGTOW

    Devil May Cry 4 theme

  • SnakeGamingYT

    Did anyone notice the grunting at 5:02

  • tyler grenon

    can this actually happen?

  • ShadeVision

    I wish someone would make a DLC-Type Mod for Skyrim that would add this in. Actual Vampires vs Werewolves wars where you choose which side to join and fight for, espionage, infiltration, assassination, invasions, all out war in the field, it would be amazing. Or maybe even a 3rd option to play as human and hunt both factions.

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