Skyrim - Great Battle Of Dawnguard

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  • Lachlan McLaren

    who are the companion warriors?

  • Ethan Sonic

    i heard tf2 sniper death cry

  • Protometheus Gauntlet

    Dang, someone loves their Skyrim!!

  • andrea W1234

    *sees the Companions * It's about to go down.

  • Mis Mage Skillz

    anybody else hear the sniper death cry as the vampires in the coffins got torched?

  • Alex Gonzalez

    this does not happen right????

  • Andrew Martin

    7:31 ishran has a pickaxe

  • Chris Hochhalter

    What armor mod is that?is it available for Xbox 1?

  • Nec Divinos Mori in vitam

    now i know what to do.

  • 2398 Robotics

    That engine lag though

  • Crazychristilee Garcia

    Omg sear on a is hoot

  • Dark Angel Gaming

    guys the weapon i use alot is my ebony sword and my mehrunes razor ( btw mehrunes has a chance to 1 hit someone so if your doing a boss mid way switch to the dagger and use it on themalot with my dwarven warhammer

  • kaerouse48

    This would make an amazing movie. Screw Twilight.

  • Mister Snow

    Must be McDonald's cause I'm lovin it

  • Star Killer

    Nice God of War music! GoW is my childhood

  • bang yolo

    i miss these days of youtube.

  • Bryce Raymundo

    All the companions are not werewolves

  • Solutins Art

    whos PC would be able to handle this?

  • Revan The Grey Jedi

    how did you make this?

  • freddyxaa fazbear

    Hold on a minute... did I hear Sniper's Death Sound from TF2 at 9:31 and 9:32?What the fuck man?!?!?

  • Bo Woods

    that tf2 death sound tho

  • Lol Lol

    I love the thought of dawnguard teaming with werewolves

  • PeanutButter JellyGamer

    How do you get the crusader guys sword?

  • Sigurd Knade

    Perfektes Video. Richtig gut gemacht :)

  • Enthusiastic Peasant

    possible to become vampire lord then dawnguard?

  • erin russell


  • The Atheist Commenter

    Is it just me or do the vampires look like murderous Dr. Seuss characters?

  • Amie Johnson

    comment if you just joined to get a armored troll

  • Dr. Virus 129

    This is what Underworld should have been.

  • Adam Elafifi

    Does the dawn guard try to kill u if u were to join the companions

  • Cleveland Anderson

    that thumbnail is from bite fight 😂

  • Levi Martin

    this was way 2 one sided

  • GamaWhop

    5:44- holy shit he is definitely the dragonborn

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