Skyrim - Great Battle Of Dawnguard

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  • American Lion

    Why does he look like a drowner from the Witcher 3?

  • Chico lol

    Boring and unfair bossfight but the Rest was nice

  • dovakiin# nirn

    I cry everytime i realize Elder scroll 6 is not even in early development....Sob 😭

  • Karl Pilkington

    I can hear your FPS crying itself to sleep

  • Red Drago

    What mods did they use I got to know

  • Cole Oakley

    What's the sword that the dragonborn has???

  • Enrico Volpini

    AELA NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • PsychoSwAg_Boi

    Omg it's still cool in 2018 -2019

  • SealStorm193

    The Dante's Inferno soundtrack fits perfectly.

  • Aaronmarq

    Didn't you notice Harkon's voice sounds like Emperor Palpatine's?

  • d e a t h

    Хорошая Машинима, но главная битва с Харконом какая-то слишком простая вышла. (Хотя всё равно ничего не поймёшь)

  • Mr Awesome

    This Kid Sounds Like Iron Man.

  • deathfolower 9

    I don't know why, but that just made me think of lord of the rings like when the last alliance of men and elves fought against Souron.

  • Fredi Shadow

    What is the armor and the sword called?

  • Skydragon

    Me encantaría saber con que hizo esta maravilla. El juego debería tener algunas que otras cinemáticas en ciertos momentos épicos. Como la derrota de Alduin.

  • useless thumb

    2:58 is my favorite sene

  • Shadow Assassin

    The horseman was Dragon-born ?? Awesome...

  • Mr. PABS

    It be cooler if you made vid of the hero of kvetch fighting the dragonborn

  • mrgameseeker02

    The God of war music fits so well to this

  • RWBY Fan

    Go vampires beat the dawnguard

  • neko taro

    Hopefully wish for subtitles on this wonderful video! ! ! !

  • Lucifer

    I wish i still had my ps3...

  • Just PlasmaX

    If the vampires combine their drain vitalityEdit: GOD DAMN FUCK!! AELA DIED?!!? SHES MAH WIFE!!

  • TheJudge 145

    5:45 "more than a match for their pitiful armies " dragonborn shouts walks in like bitch your armies are almost as bad

  • Philippe Blais

    where does that armor come from? (i assume from an armor mod or something.)

  • Mark Knopps

    Um bout that the werewolves can't be in such a big number

  • Help Me!

    wow look at how many years it has been since Skyrim came out

  • Jeremy S.

    Good video. But the final battle is entirely unrealistic. Serana would have gotten in the way and/or engaged in dialogue with you at least 90% more then she did. :) I hates Serana soooo much sometimes.

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