Steve (Minecraft): The Story You Never Knew

Immerse yourself in a story of Minecraft legend, the tale of Steve. Understand this blocky dude's story, where he came from and how he became the cube man we know today. Uncover a true understanding of Steve, The Story You Never Knew.

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  • Maria Garcia

    14:56 Finally I defeated the game now let's blow everything up!

  • Chrisfragger1

    The Poem is Notch telling the player to get off their lazy asses and live life.

  • JJBlaze

    Or Steve? can descend upon the world as a godlike being (via creative mode) with the ability to do litteraly anything.

  • Nitro Shock Nitro Shcok

    Am I the only one noticing the fact that he did not talk about Alex.

  • Nova


  • Seth Salazar

    any one else accidentally found the portal to the void

  • Maria Garcia

    Here is a poem that is for Valentines DayRoses Are RedViolets Are BlueVideo Games Are better than you

  • korvenett

    He just called Notch Pearsson instead of Persson wich is pronounced Pärsson XD

  • Super Awesome Bros. SAB

    5:14 "Your gamemode has been updated!"

  • Sylvio Ninja

    5:58-6:09:When you get so many materials in Fortnite and then someone troll kills you

  • Superyoshie Logan

    Anyone else got a little scared?😰

  • stinky wizzleteats

    Steve is a fucking asshole

  • Manpreet Gill

    Plus you do now that there are two things two complete minecraft YOU HAVE TO FIGHT THE WITHER YOU no all most new YOUTUBER forget the poor wither T-T and you make a beacon and the dragon it’s called the ender dragon so done.

  • Rahul TRM

    5:22 get the f out of my room I'm playing Minecraft.

  • jackofspades Playzgamez

    He called villages a biome

  • LordOrange

    5:13 Nothing says hard work better than your gamemode has been updated

  • Miles Tails Prower

    I laughed so hard when that skeleton bowed him into the lave 😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹

  • Nick


  • Sarcasm Is My Language

    Minecraft represents life as meaningless

  • ahmed4363

    Yeah The Shelter Is Really Strong That It Has Muscles LOL Xd

  • girexx

    why are you using ibxtoycat's account

  • Aidan Dillman

    Lol its doki doki all over again

  • marku zeriom

    one time i played minecraft and within like 15 minutes i found diamonds......and i didn't hack cuz i was on Xbox360it was luck like if something like this happened to you on a game or real life!i don't know


    Next video : Trees (Minecraft) : the story you never knew

  • Sientist kids

    Hes actually Not called steve.#NotSteve..Well i dontKnow his ActualName butIk its notSteve. :)GreatVideo!SuperFUNNYBtw ^^

  • Gas Bunny

    Minecraft is bull$h*tIt makes children scream like hell For example:NO I DIED I LOST ALL MY STUFF F&@#!!!!!

  • ThE_random_thing s

    5:10 zombie spawn egg. I CALL CHEATS

  • Henrietta Lore

    The end poem legit made me bawl my eyes out when i beat the game. Like. I had to turn off my microphone because i was crying so hard :'(

  • Mehmet Emre Temel

    Rather then "who is Steve ?" we have to ask "what IS Steve?" First ı have to mention is Steve dont need sleep to surviveSteve is just sleeping for thepass the night and respawn (orrematerialize because ıts not reseting time ) Second ı will say is water Steve dont have a water barSteve is seemingly dont contain any liquid as well think about it !! when Steve steps on stone it makes a ... (sorry English is not my first language )a sound that when stone and stonehits each other... A STONE !!! and when Steve steps on grass it makes a crunching sound just like crushing something so grass is dont contain any liquid as well !maybe all fauna and flora ...Steve dont have any eyelids and pupils Steve never blinks evenhe is swimming or sleeping Steve dont have knees or elbows Steve 's walking method is not like ours and interestingly fingers how Steve holding something ?? Steve has no mouth if you look close Steve 's eating style isunnatural (at least to us becauseSteve is living in different universeor dimension) just smashes it to his ( I cant call Steve as he because Steve dont have any reproductive organs or even a lean to it ) face and fooddisappears uh and ı forgot the nose Steve cant smell When Steve dies he turns into a dust maybe evaporates maybe breaks like a stone or crystal and what if all minecraftian lifeforms maded with same biology (because animals and monsters turns to dust as well) this means theres no meaning for water but you maysay " 'ahem'.explain farming with that genius " ı am getting hereMinecraftian flora needs sun light and except crops dont need watermaybe crops some kind of different plant lifeforms or maybe animals !? like sea spongeswhen Steve digs down to underground something stange is happening even deepest levelsof the caves Steve dont need any oxygen !!! in underground theres nearly no breathable air and tempature is high(this is also explains how Steve can survive hellfire ) but Steve ,monsters ,animalsand even plants can survivethese extreme condinitions so Minecraftian lifeforms dont dont need water (again except crops) and air ? NO ! Minecraftian lifeforms need airfirst little plants is cant survivein water and when Steve dives in underwater a air bar appearswhen it drains our health bar begins to decrease remember Steve is compeletely solid like a crystal or stone maybe he is dissolutioning in water !! like sugar or salt Steve has air pockets inside in his body to make his body stable but in water this air slowy comes out and whenair pockets fills with water Steve starts to dissolutioningbut when he is surface of the water ait contioniously refills and Steve wont dissolutionI wont explain lava Steve dont have ears as compeletely solid maybe Steveis hearing with his whole body you may ask "why a crystal being have to eat ?" I will explainSteve needs energy to move dig place shortly everythingSteve is eating by sink food to his face eated food becomesdirectly his biomass extra body mass appears as hunger baran slowly drains but when finishes Steve starts to make energy from his original biomass and whenSteve's minimum density to liveis passed Steve dies (starving)this seen as when hunger reaches to zero health bar decreasesjust like when our bloods PH levelreaches the 7.4 we die Steve can change his biology göra limited time via using potions you can ask how a Minecraftianlifeform generates energymaybe when they move, materialthat they builded fricting and generates energy but in friction extra or original biomass using as fuelat result : Steve is a crystal-stone based sentient lifeform that generates his life energy from food or himself and livesin minecraftia

  • Ikhmaly_YT

    XD "goddamn future"

  • Spring Gaming

    Good,You Not Give Up

  • fredbearGlich Gaming754

    Steve's dad HOW TO BUILD SHIT

  • koutaro playz

    The portal of hell is a dick

  • Drew Campbell

    Um, the ender dragon is confirmed to be female.

  • Barrack Obama

    at 6:21 uhmm,what was that???? isnt that was i was thinking for?

  • Manpreet Gill

    Oh finely the intro wow if you want the go 3:10

  • Juston Terry


  • Sophia Prodanova

    *she got killed her name is Jean?

  • Dino King/Gas mask

    Forgot about the ender egg

  • kingcharl gt

    purixgg whwhqjh we'd she! you bsbsbsbwbwhshwvwvwv

  • Jacob The NightShade

    In mc I'm Steve with weird different skins I make like he was a Zombie 1nce and cured 2 stop the appocolops so now red and blue eyes

  • Unknown

    Nothing says quality 3 hours like "your game mode has been updated"

  • Eric S

    Bra every one know this story that Steve has no goals the player makes his own goals and uses Steve to complete them every one should know that if you didn't well you ar ethe msot stupid person in the world

  • Monster man

    Minecraft is a good game but the fan base, alot of things, ruined it

  • Eren yeagar


  • Akumla Chang

    steve is the twin brother of herobrine they look same i think

  • Sickage [GD]

    7:3 I see that Duality by Dimrain47 (superbane2)

  • Ikhmaly_YT

    WTF "How to build shit in Minecraft"

  • The Anonymous Cactus 98

    Steve is just the name of the skin your just talking about the player

  • hypedmaniac

    Or to get to the nether you could just use water and lava to make obsidianNo diamonds needed

  • Rolling Roxanne.

    who else did not even realised he made a portal shaped like a penisland although u were very dirty minded? XD

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