Steve (Minecraft): The Story You Never Knew

Immerse yourself in a story of Minecraft legend, the tale of Steve. Understand this blocky dude's story, where he came from and how he became the cube man we know today. Uncover a true understanding of Steve, The Story You Never Knew.

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  • Ahad Ahmed

    It's easy how to go to end watch a vedeo

  • jannett harewood

    do super smash Bros for dummies PLZ

  • LOLChickXD Chooknoice

    Your user name sounds like testicalls

  • Zer0Gravity21

    When i first played minecraft guess what i did. I didn't use the fucking internet. I made progress on my instinct and slew the ender dragon. I didn't boot up a wiki once.

  • Descovery26

    this is from 2017 pls back to minecraft storys

  • Christian Alvarez

    "game mode changed" XD

  • Jan Ty MLG

    Minecraft is for little kids now so..........

  • Cherry Bomb

    This video was very touching and was lovely. This story is like MINECRAFT: STORY MODE!!

  • Dawn Weed

    In other words...Minecraft is LYFE!!!

  • Cailyn Crockett

    And the universe said-

  • ashton plaier

    i once went to pornhub and found a video of steve and alex having blocky butt sex maybe thats why notch got tired of that shit and sold it

  • Nathaniel John

    At the end I'm all like, God damn I don't give a shit about what the universe said just shut the fuck up!!

  • xxRedRainbowxx Jamaa

    Wow, XD did anyone notice that he went into creative and back just to get the iron stuff XD

  • Descovery26

    steve has a girl named alex

  • Shykai 449

    Oh no, a Xbox was hurt by a PS4!!We must call a ambulance!!!Wiiuwiiuwiiuwiiuwiiu

  • Jonas Kong

    1:24 I thought he was going up and i was like "what, how?"

  • Dakota Sylvester

    he was on a misshin to kill all the mobs but his team got killd one had a boat and hero Brian came tock these botty noch sent him

  • Descovery26

    pls play minecraft and make survival videos

  • Kawaii Dior

    i guess you can say that you go 0-100 real quick

  • Dead Finn

    I need this damn ending song

  • Esmeralda Diaz


  • JulianCaesaro

    Lmao you got shot into a lava pit 😂

  • HuffleRuff

    BUT WAIT there's more ;)

  • Phresh Prints Ink

    what abot alex anw what if you change your name would it be steve

  • DomenicoAwesome

    did anyone see stampy

  • Kayden Hartman

    u kind of sound like markiplier but who gives a shit!?

  • The MoonDragon

    He deciphered the meaning of life at the end

  • Alex Bowlin

    lol i love mine craft


    Holy hell that got deep

  • Brave Doge

    i thought this thing was real...

  • Hector Vazquez

    How could you say shit 💩 to building in minecraft

  • PUGMANIA 285

    That was... DEEP !!!

  • LOLChickXD Chooknoice

    6:24 wow your so dirty minded that you have made a black penis >:(

  • Neko Catgirl

    how is this a "the story you never knew" because i already know this

  • Augustus Richbourg

    Am I the only one who thinks its notch and herobrine or god and your spirit animal

  • kai crenshaw

    Minecraft is the greatest game of all time.

  • Ryster Guzman

    FUN FACT:(which i can't even believe and is embarrasing to say)PUMPKINS ARE RARER THAN DIAMONDS THERE! I SAID IT!!! HAPPY!?!?!??!?!

  • Dennis The general gamer 1340

    Steve is a noob #stevesucks

  • Diego Martinez Vazquez

    I thought your name was testicle.

  • Fio Mandagi


  • MLG Kirby

    Doesn't Steve need to defeat the Wither too?

  • Dino Devlin

    And the universe said subscribe to Treesicle.

  • The Amazing Sky DRAGON

    So your saying that Minecraft is A FUCKING DREAM

  • Claudia Niemyjski

    minecraft is not popular anaymore

  • Shadow Likes Lava

    I don't think Grant understands keep inventory. It probably would've helped a lot...

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