Steve (Minecraft): The Story You Never Knew

Immerse yourself in a story of Minecraft legend, the tale of Steve. Understand this blocky dude's story, where he came from and how he became the cube man we know today. Uncover a true understanding of Steve, The Story You Never Knew.

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Macintyre Productions:

    What about the Ender dragon egg???

  • GrantedWalnut 52

    The intro stops at 3:12

  • James Jackson

    You guya know theres a dragon egg when you kill the dragon rite

  • Lorena Regalado

    sooo much nostalgia from this old video.

  • antivirus sans

    am I the only one who made a wood house on your first play through?

  • Pocoraven

    A N D T H E U N I V E R S E S A I D

  • James Powell

    I already new all that

  • Yaboy

    Is it not obvious that Minecraft is a real thing, in our own universe? Steve represents Man. Herobrine is his soul leaving messages to wake us all up.

  • Juliana Ejsmont

    I LOVE MINECRAFT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ovi the Gamer

    13:30 There is something moving in the mirror even if he is staing still


    YOU FORGOT THE WITHER BOSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AND YOU CAN ALS O CHANGE SKIN!!!!!!!!!!

  • rogue gamer

    I smelt ingots for ore like grant

  • President Gaming

    village isn't a biome

  • zombieskarf 97

    I like to think he is like some cloned superhuman made by Aperture (i think every storyless game is part of ap. Science)

  • ILiekCommenting

    whyd u miss out the wither ;-;

  • X0R Gaming

    "it dared to make visuals that make 90's games look like the god damned future"

  • Tuval Shaysh Weber

    and the univers sait to sub (:

  • _Dat Boi_

    "Montage time!"5:15 your gamemode has been updated

  • Malek Games

    Steve is not Steve is not lonely he has Alex

  • SuperPikachuBoy

    5:05 that montage was actually pretty awesome 😂

  • Greysmdl

    So dramatic, take it down a Notch.

  • MextranCZ 67

    The end credits are saying something about the player gets up

  • The OreFossil395

    The village is a structure, not a biome XD

  • lonestarwolf 2006

    i will not kill the ender dragon, shes a mother!

  • Steve The Miner Minecraft

    Thanks treecicle I really liked it!!!!!!!!!

  • UltraCraftingMC 2000

    Actually it's 29 million blocks

  • sammy the master criminal

    you can do all kinds of storys with minecraft. my friend did one he was a gengerbread man. and he built a basement and murderd baby animals. so its kind of messed up letting you make saw games with the mobs

  • Asriel Dreemurr

    Just keep swinging, just keep swinging, just keep, just keep, just keep swinging

  • OrphanCloud113

    Okay. Story time. I was playing with my brother on a world that I'd made in Minecraft. We were very early in the game, like we just survived the first night. My brother wanted to place his home in a different place than where mine was. I traveled a little but not so far that I wouldn't find home before night and I found a village. But on my way there, I noticed a cave off to the side and in a hill. I brushed it off since most caves I find are shallow and only are a few blocks long. After a game day or so, I decided to go check the cave out. It was massive and I didn't know my way back home. I had plenty of torches with me so I saw fit to discover more of the cave. I eventually found a ravine and started to build a bridge across to get some material when I noticed some stone brick. It was down on the same level as the stream in the ravine. I could only see maybe three blocks of it. I looked at my brother and asked, completely honest mind you, "Why is there stone brick there?" I thought that there was a bug with the world and it accidentally spawned in some stone brick. He looked at my screen and asked in disbelief, "HOW?! That's an End Fortress!" "Really?" I asked him, slightly stunned and elated. I normally stay at the base and make sure that it is well lit and that there is food or there's whatever the person I'm playing with needs. Going exploring isn't normal for me. So I didn't really know what an End Fortress looked like. He went on a rant about how you usually open a Nether Portal before you even think about looking for the End Portal. At this point of the game, we didn't even have a Nether Portal, either. He went on for a few minutes before he stopped. I asked if he was okay later and he told me that he was still upset (play upset, not angry upset… probably just more frustrated). But all in all, we had fun and enjoyed the game (aside from the frustrating deaths).

  • KirbyY151

    /gamerule keepInventory true deal with it

  • six path tails

    didn't you hear about the green steve

  • Acid Break

    OMG Steve is so awesome! :D

  • Zombiekid00

    Who came here just because it's Minecraft lore?

  • InkNimations

    Did you use a BFDI Snowball asset?

  • Louie Bossett

    What is Alexa's purpose , where did she come from, villages can't have different skin babies , unless their different job in the village

  • Denzyl the gamer

    5:12 top right of treesicles inventory! a zombie spawn egg??

  • Sonic The Hedgehog

    that's why minecraft story mode existed

  • Inviable 360

    You can /keep inventory true

  • Jordan Calhoun

    enderman:the story you never knew

  • Homie Pgcp

    the ender dragon is purple sheps mother

  • Lindy Dunn

    f u endermen are AMAZING!

  • JasonLake

    I still don't know how he destroys rock with his bare first... Is he THE ROCK!?! Duh duh DUH!

  • D Marionette

    2:14 You mean HER? It is actually canon that the Ender-dragon is female, so yeah... it makes me question wether or not I should trust this vide if the research was SO accurate, but I will persist.

  • Ebony Ember

    I love this guy's voice.

  • D0N8 PL0X

    Steve is one punch man

  • Evil Smile

    Well......unless you play creativeI HATE CREATIVE

  • Mj And freinds

    ok hey! soz i found out about treescile like when i first started yputube witch was like 2013. i was 7 !:) so technically. ive been watching him for 4 years

  • Dipper Pines/ Bloxykat2678

    Me: Master chief, you mind telling me what your doing on roblox? Chief: Sir, loving this game. Me: Rip you in have you little shitbiscut! :Chief well come get some old man! Me: come here you scaling fuck! Chief: I'm putting your computer down a rainbow! Me: No all these colors! dead Chief: Yeah that's right! teabags the ground

  • Randomize gameing

    this is very deep, unfortunately i already knew all of this since i am one of the miners in the ranks of, well.....Minecraft

  • Yuyu R

    cant handle his snowballs

  • Michale Barney

    Nuff said, Buddy. Nuff said

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