Steve (Minecraft): The Story You Never Knew

Immerse yourself in a story of Minecraft legend, the tale of Steve. Understand this blocky dude's story, where he came from and how he became the cube man we know today. Uncover a true understanding of Steve, The Story You Never Knew.

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  • Russell Walkup

    I changed the name Steve into my name so.. am I still called Steve even if I'm a girl?

  • The Anonymous Cactus 98

    Steve is just the name of the skin your just talking about the player

  • Sarcasm Is My Language

    Minecraft represents life as meaningless

  • Greysmdl

    So dramatic, take it down a Notch.

  • Loopstar999

    4:12 this is starting to sound like a fan fic

  • kingcharl gt

    purixgg whwhqjh we'd she! you bsbsbsbwbwhshwvwvwv

  • emmie90

    I love your voice. It makes the commentary that much better.

  • copsage jones

    Do you mean the story I ALWAYS knew?

  • moon3124

    You littery just told me how to beat Minecraft...

  • Randomize gameing

    this is very deep, unfortunately i already knew all of this since i am one of the miners in the ranks of, well.....Minecraft

  • Miles Tails Prower

    I laughed so hard when that skeleton bowed him into the lave 😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹

  • Inviable 360

    You can /keep inventory true

  • Miles Tails Prower

    I play Minecraft and I love it! 😸😸😸Edit: I play on creative and im 8 please don't bully me 😿😿😿

  • cakecat10001 cringe

    Who died at 12:57 when he killed all the bunnies

  • hinchy gaming

    the video starts at 00:00 its only to save you trouble of finding it

  • Wyatt Ballentine

    Don't say s**t for the second time

  • GrantedWalnut 52

    The intro stops at 3:12

  • ahmed4363

    Yeah The Shelter Is Really Strong That It Has Muscles LOL Xd

  • Henrietta Lore

    The end poem legit made me bawl my eyes out when i beat the game. Like. I had to turn off my microphone because i was crying so hard :'(

  • Sientist kids

    Hes actually Not called steve.#NotSteve..Well i dontKnow his ActualName butIk its notSteve. :)GreatVideo!SuperFUNNYBtw ^^

  • Darius Works

    You copyrighted stampylongnose's video's!!!!!!!!!!

  • EdyCommentaries

    5:13 Nothing says hard work better than your gamemode has been updated

  • King Leo

    Minecraft vs. Survivalcraft.

  • Minecraft Steve & Alex'in Harika Şehri

    Minecraft may not be popular anymore but I still like it.

  • girexx

    why are you using ibxtoycat's account


    Next video : Trees (Minecraft) : the story you never knew

  • Miles Tails Prower

    And his dad: Those really useful YouTube videos to build peices of shit.five minutes laterMONTAGUE TIME!!!

  • diamoundtuber 427

    I laughed so hard when he showed the obsidian dick! :)

  • MextranCZ 67

    The end credits are saying something about the player gets up

  • sheeba jeeva

    Steve is not alone he's with alex

  • DragonMan14

    Anyone else notice he is using gameplay of ibxtoycat

  • Star Gaza

    Anyone else notice he has bren changing his gamemode frequintly

  • Shelled PRISMO

    Longest intro i've ever seen in my life!

  • SlimeGraal The 2

    6:23 is that a dick?

  • chilltrillgangtx z

    For once the ending is the best part

  • iRetardedPvP

    Shit stuff. Thought I would know what we did not know about steve! Like BULLSHITY STUFF!

  • Dino King/Gas mask

    Forgot about the ender egg

  • Fluffel

    Can you do Fairy Tail, since you did other animes?

  • Remy 131

    Bad things about minecraft pe Lag.... The pc version I guess was ok

  • ASpoonFul Hand

    When I saw Steve destroying a tree with his fist I try that in reality and it didn't end up good

  • YoBoy Nate

    No one cares about MineCraft Roblox is superior

  • Wyatt Ballentine

    Don't say f**k for the second time

  • Philip Oliver

    Hey treesicle do one on the guide in terraria

  • Wyatt Ballentine

    He's going to the nether not h**l

  • Rahul TRM

    5:22 get the f out of my room I'm playing Minecraft.

  • marku zeriom

    one time i played minecraft and within like 15 minutes i found diamonds......and i didn't hack cuz i was on Xbox360it was luck like if something like this happened to you on a game or real life!i don't know

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