What happens when you leave 2 rabbits alone?

A quick skit that I thought would be kinda funny. Hope you all enjoy!
  • Dominique Maeda

    heh heh silly rabbits, trix are for Dovahkiin

  • Legend of Zelda Guy

    How did u get lydia to change cloths like that?

  • LYT Gaming

    "I have a closet just like that except its filled with orphan meat" ,says Carl

  • Neo Noir

    Is that really what happen? Or did you use a prompt command? That's hysterical! @mrrhexx

  • Jaron Sims


  • Daily gaming/life challenges

    Ha ha ha ha mrRhexx that was funny. And the best ever I am pretty sure mrRhexx knew that

  • Dj ChrisyP Jones

    Rabbit for dayz.... lol i have to try that for myself

  • Imari Kurumi

    What happens when you leave Lydia and the Dragonborn alone?

  • Charlielegodude

    you killed rabbits!?

  • Dutch Gretzky

    How did you get raw beef from rabbits? Your videos are getting really stupid.

  • Young Fox

    spawn command _,stop lying

  • Eduardo Augusto Alves Ayres

    I've lol'd harder!!! xxxD

  • Ahflaarin

    But... They were both guys...

  • StingyGingy

    I hate to break it to ya... But that meat was human flesh not rabbit

  • Deadpool Dude

    at first, i thought the reproducing joke was stupid. then i saw all the rabbit meat and i started laughing. the last scene was where i truly lost it. praise to you Rhexx

  • lionesque35

    Oh my god that is so funny but twisted at the same time LOL

  • Machinator

    The divines frown on this, my friend.

  • Kelmo Kelmo

    good job that was funny :D

  • Alyssa V

    But... But... How did you get beef from rabbits?Either that or human flesh...

  • Winter Soldier

    Lost some respect for you rhexx, since your one of those skimpy armor mod guys.

  • Rye Bread

    at the end: rabbit stew!

  • n00b4liciou5

    Rabbits slaughtered: OVER 9000!!!

  • BlueNight

    haha very funny fading to black, then spawning in about 25 or so

  • Dj ChrisyP Jones

    Rabbit for dayz.... lol i have to try that for myself

  • Nickolas Turner

    How did you get so many rabbits???

  • Jimbo Bimbo

    That was predictable... but still funny.

  • _d1ff

    What mods are you using? Ive noticed lydias armor is different

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